Today’s story about a little dreamy self exploration comes to us from the lovely, and twisted Monica. Enjoy it after the jump:

The steam swayed, swirling up into the beams of moonlight pouring through the oval window above my bed. I’d chosen this to be my bedroom when I was young. It reminded me of another time, another place, something magical.

I took another sip of my tea and flipped the page of my book.

“Creeeeeeeek”. I heard the old floor boards flex under pressure. My heart threw itself into my throat. 
Was someone coming up the stairs? I wasn’t expecting company, plus it was 1:30 in the morning. Everyone in the house should have been asleep. “It’s probably nothing…” I thought as I returned my focus onto the page I was just about to start. It was hard to tell what it said under candle light, and since gazing into the darkness toward the attic entrance I had made my sight blurry. I cuddled up into some blankets and continued reading.

‘His touch was warm and moved up to her inner thigh. Reaching over she killed the lights and pulled him down…’ I sucked in air and shoved my fingers down to the crotch of my boy shorts. Romance novels always made me wet. Didn’t they do that to every girl? Just like horror films and cheap porn. 

Well…maybe every girl wasn’t into that…but I was.

A bit of a hopeless romantic and always up for a sexy one night stand. Though it didn’t happen often. Actually, really at all. Guys didn’t look at me much, so reading about some beautiful dame getting laid was enough dose to keep me satisfied. 

Feeling the warmth radiating from me was amazing. I had no shame. “Mmmmmm,” I moaned as my cheeks started getting hot and I opened my legs slightly. I grabbed my vibrator from my night stand and kicked the covers off the bed. I was exposed to the darkness and all I could see were the pages, all open like a fan next to me. I had successfully made myself all bothered. I knew what had to be done.

Starting out slowly and imagining the hero from my book advancing on me…I stuck the tip of the vibrator into me…I could hear the wet sound as the lips of my vagina moved along the sleek plastic. In and out…in and out…I pressed my fingers down onto my clit and rubbed it…when suddenly in my ecstasy I heard creaking. No…Not just creaking…footsteps! Someone was in my room! I quickly threw my vibrator down and the candles went out. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I thought to myself. Was it my roommate? Had she SEEN me !? I could make out a shadowy figure approaching. The closer he got I could see features in the moonlight. He was beautiful. “Back the fuck up,” I shouted. “I have a knife!” I tried finding it amongst the clutter on the floor. No such luck.

“I’m not here to hurt you. You should know this.” Something in his voice wasn’t scary though, it was alluring…seductive.

“How did you get in and what do you want?” I asked. Silence. Then he moved forward and leaned over my bed, where I was up against the head board still half naked. “Don’t fret. You called for me. I am your dream…” He was. I wanted him. Whoever he may be. He started touching me and pulling me in, stripping off garments he revealed his penis. Which was large and erect…rubbing it along my thigh I noticed myself pulsing. He shoved himself inside me. Fucking me for a few minutes until I came. The thick sticky mess covering his cock…I started to moan…this was unreal…and so so good.


Well good morning to you too Mr. Alarm Clock. I was thrown out of my dream and back into reality. My vibrator was still in me and I was all sweaty. Once again I had fallen asleep getting myself off to “Midnight Romeo”…Dammit.