This sexy coed fantasy comes to us today from Sweet Lady Kisses. It’s about a chemistry study session that quickly morphs into an anatomy lesson.

I could feel the breeze against my face. It was a beautiful warm day, but I was late to meet you and had just gotten out of the shower and didn’t have time to dry my hair. I had to rush to to get coffee and meet you in the library on campus. You were there waiting to meet me and we immediately began chatting. I love your face and the way your eyes dance. I hoped all semester that you would take me seriously, because I’m terrible with Chemistry and especially Organic Chemistry. I loved the way you’d say “O Chem” Your lips are so…Oh.

You made it a point to get to know me before each session. When we were done with our coffees we decided to go to a lower level of the library where there were comfortable lounge areas that were free from distraction. You sat next to me and smiled. We began where we left off last time.

Finally we got to a point where you had missed some of the class and I finally could show you a thing or two about o chem. Excited I turned to grab my book and accidentally hit you in the face with my wet hair. You winced and said it was okay. I showed you what you had missed, and close to the end I looked up and you were listening so intently, that I stopped, for no reason.

I want you so bad.

I continued reading through the class notes when I felt your hand gently move my hair out of my eyes. Your eyes met mine, searchingly back and forth. I couldn’t take it anymore. I moved in closer, set my hand and book on your knee and scooted closer, smiled and your cheek met mine. I put my nose to your earlobe and your lips gently kissing my neck and face, sending shutters down my spine my mouth opened. We kissed finally, laughing a little I looked around, seeing no one I encouraged you more by biting your lip.

Your hands slowly moved across my smooth skin at my waist as you caressed my skin slowly, stopping to kissing my shoulders, I brought you close to me, encouraging you to a horizontal position, you moved your lips down to my chest as you un strapped my bra. My eyes closed as you kissed my stomach, I let out a satisfied half chuckle, unable to help it. Your hands caressed my around my nipples. You removed your shirt and I could feel your chest glide up against my nipples and lips sail into my neck, the hair on my neck stands on end.

I draw in a breath, I can feel you sense my pleasure, wanting to prolong it, you stop for just a moment to caress the goose bumps on my arm. I’ve never been so turned on, my hips sway with yours as we make out. Finally, kissing every inch of the way down, you kiss my navel (I’m so glad I wore a skirt). Gently move my panties aside and kiss my labia, slowly circling my clit with your thumb. Gently you begin massaging my clitoris, slowly and then picks up the pace until I have a small orgasm. I shutter as you stop and slowly insert two fingers, feeling for my g-spot. Again circling until I climax, all the while gently kissing my inner thigh and navel.

You move to my clitoris again and this time you move a little faster, watching for any signs of excitement. You stop to kiss my lips, neck nipples, navel…oh, deep breath. I let out a silent scream of pleasure as I arch my neck. Up until this point, Ive never had multiple orgasms. And you haven’t even taken your pants of yet. I can’t take it, Ive never wanted more so bad, I pin you to the back of the lounge love seat and you pull down your gear.

I move my panties aside. (How am I going to be quiet for this, we would be caught if someone came down to this section of the library) I reach behind me and grab your cock. I can feel your heart beating and I slowly guide it deeper until I….

“‘Oh’ Chemistry” I jokingly say. You’re so hard…. I ride you slowly, quietly until feeling every bit of pleasure you feel, as all my nerve endings are on fire. I think we feel the same thing, I slowly start to cum. Reach my hand around and grab your balls pressing just below. Its as though the thought of getting caught turns me on. I bounce slowly while I can feel you getting harder and harder reaching my g-spot if i thrust my hips forward just right, I can feel your head expand as i lean over and whisper in your ear, “cum with me” nearly right after I say this I feel you beginning to pulse and gush forth as I shutter, rubbing my clit the whole time, my neck arched back I have the most intense lengthy climax and judging from your face I think I treated you right.

It lasts for several seconds as I rub my self slowly, with you kissing my neck, tits and lips all the while. My whole body goes numb and we lay in ecstasy, gently caressing each other. After a short time we realize we need to pack up our things. I wonder if anybody in the stacks heard us or even saw us. I bite my lip as I tell him “thanks for the oh chem session, see you in class” Who’d thought we made such good chemistry anyway? Walking back I thought to myself, my hair is dry but I’m still all wet. I haven’t even gone down on him yet.

I wonder what will happen in next weeks session?