Today’s story of a naughty school girl comes to us from a young lady with a very vivid imagination, online she goes by Cicabel. In this bit of role playing she is being encouraged with a bit of light punishment from her stern professor to earn some ‘extra credit’.

“Cica.” His voice cuts through the chatter of the room, hitting my ears and rousing me from my work. The professor is standing beside my desk, I hadn’t even noticed until he spoke. I quickly take in his appearance, admiring it as I do in my own way. His short hair is dark, growing out just enough to spike on its own. He wears glasses over blue-green eyes that change colors throughout the day. Right now, they were on me, sporting a lovely shade of green.

“Yes, sir?” I ask, dimly aware that his eyes linger on my legs. I ignore the patter of my heart, and gaze up at his bespectacled green eyes. While he talks, my hands are fidgeting with my skirt, socks and pencil.

“I need to see you after class today to discuss your grade in here.” He frowns, but his gaze strays to my ever-moving hands.

“Is there a problem, professor?” I ask, my eyes falling to his worn suit that is slightly too small for his frame, but only really noticeable when he crooks his arm.

He places a paper in front me, my name spelled out in large letters across it with a big letter ‘D’ circled in red on the top. I can’t help but feel surprise; my grades are never that low. “After class, please.” He walks away from my table, and I return to my work.

Throughout the rest of the class, my mind is elsewhere. I can’t help but wonder why I did so terribly on the paper before me. I adjust my knee socks, pencil in my mouth. The class feels much longer than usual, I suppose due to my anticipation of correcting my grade. As the hour slowly passes, I complete my work before time is up.

After he dismisses the students, I stay behind to talk to him. “So, what happened with my paper, professor?” I’m standing behind him, possibly too close to him as he moves a few steps away.

“Well, I noticed recently a few inconsistencies with your grades that I would like to correct, Cica.” He smiles at me, as he takes a seat in his chair. The final student leaves, closing the door behind them. I can’t help but feel nervous, though I don’t fully understand why. “Now, what do you suggest we do to remedy this situation?

“Is there any extra credit or something that I can complete to bring some extra points to the table?” I ask, and from his expression I know I have asked the correct question.

“There always is, Cica.” He smiles at me, taking off his glasses. “Bend over my desk for a second.” He is still seated in his chair, gauging my reactions to his every word.

I pause, barely able to breath. Is this real? I can’t help but question the sincerity of the situation. Ah, fuck it. I move closer to his desk, place my hands on the hard surface and lean forward. My skirt rises considerably, allowing him a full view of my garters and thong. I’m blushing; I can feel it as the heat rises to my face. Without a word, the professor stands up. He reaches a hand out, caressing my ass before giving it a slap.

I gasp, and he pauses. I can almost hear him smiling when he says, “Did that hurt, Cica?”

I shake my head quickly, not wanting him to stop. This is the kind of thing I fantasize about without saying a word. He continues to administer his spankings, carefully and meticulously working my ass over. I can feel myself growing wetter as he continues. When he stops, his fingers brush over my slit.

“Oh, wow, you’re really wet.” He sounds surprised, his fingers slipping into me. He works his way through my pussy easily, fingering me quickly. “You’re not allowed to cum by the way, not until later.” I nod my head fast, agreeing because I don’t want him to stop.

“Does this feel good?” He asks, pushing his fingers deeper into me and causing me to groan and shake.

“Yes, professor,” I gasp, arching my back upwards. He doesn’t answer, instead moving his fingers quicker inside me. He quickly finds my g spot, torturously bringing me to the edge and back with his hand. I hear a zipper; I feel his cock against my opening. “Yes, professor,” I almost beg.

“’Yes, Professor’ what?” He asks me quietly, his hands gripping my hips, brushing his erection against me. Each touch elicits a moan, gasp, breath and my fingers are white against the desk top.

“Fuck me, Professor,” I whimper, wriggling my ass against him. My skirt has been flipped over my backside, allowing him a full view of my lower body.

“No, I don’t think I will yet.” He slides to his knees, thrusting his tongue into my wet slit. I let out a moan, and receive a swift slap on the butt.  He explores my body with his tongue, drawing lines in the folds of my trembling cunt. He sucks, licks and nibbles me until I’m more collapsed against his desk than bent over it. Once I’m no longer able to hold myself up, he stands and enters me swiftly.

“Now, be quiet, Cica,” he mutters into my ear, as he begins to thrust into me. Students mill around in the hallways, rushing to classes, while my professor has his hand around my neck. He holds me down to the desk top, enabling him to thrust quickly into me. His other hand clasps my mouth, holding back the cries and moans of ecstasy as he fills me up with his member.

He thrusts faster, whimpers escaping me as the desk digs into my waist. He buries himself deep inside my cunt, and spurts his liquid inside me. Once he’s pulled himself from me, he smiles at me. “Well, I think that is sufficient extra credit for today, Cica.”

“Thank you, Sir. I’m very thankful for the opportunity.”