We’ve got something a little different to present today. It’s an erotic poem from a girl named Cyn to her Master. It’s called ‘Come to Me’ and we very much hope you enjoy it. Cyn’s also provided us with a great author photo:

My soul has been cleansed, 
My body prepared for my Master’s touch 
Washed in the waters of adoration 
Waves languish and lick my form 
Tasting me
A prelude to your lips 
A cistern of delicate oils has poured forth 
Over the length of me, cascading in a delicate flow 
Slipping sensually across my skin 
Embracing each round curve with a lover’s knowledge 
Warm oil awakening my flesh 
My hands slide softly into the warmth 
Dancing across my flesh in anticipation 
Gliding across my neck 
Caressing my breasts 
Lingering on the supple tenderness 
Running across the soft porcelain of my stomach 
Sighs escape my mouth forming your name 
Draped in jewels of the sea I lay on silk kissed by the sun’s gold 
On my bed of desire 
I await you 
Come to me 
Glide across my skin with your form 
Enter the warmth of my silk, let it caress you 
Taste me with the bow of your lips 
Graze them across the breadth of my breasts 
Sink your fingers deftly into my round curves
Catch my moans in your mouth as my soul surrenders itself; breathing life past your lips as we kiss 
Take the pearls and tease my heated body 
Run them the length of me 
Wrap them tightly around my throat 
As you bring me to ecstasy 
On my bed of desire 
I await you 
Come to me