This submissive submission is from a girl who goes by K8Bites online. Do enjoy reading, because it seems as if Kate enjoyed writing. She signed off her submission with, “Never felt so hot in my life typing that.” Since there’s no direct link to her profile she’s been kind enough to supply us with an author photo…

I’ve always wanted to be in a situation where no matter what I said, a man would have his way with me. If I say, “no” or “stop” he will continue to do as he pleases. Essentially, he knows somehow that I really want it. Perhaps by the taste and wetness of my tight pussy. Or the way that I scream or cry with satisfaction of his weight on top of me not being able to move.

As I am pinned down, hopeless and helpless, I’ll turn my head so I will not be looking at him but he will take the palm of his hand, smack me, and place my head facing his, looking directly into his cold dark eyes. He will then make his way up to sit on my chest, forcing my mouth open. Not with his hands, but poking his hard throbbing cock on my lips.

I crave him but I can not let him know that I want it.

I will want it really bad at this point. With every tease, my soaked pussy controls itself not to thrust upwards to let him know what I really want. With all of his force, he eventually opens my mouth with his cock, fucking my throat as hard as he can. My eyes start to run.

I don’t think that I can control myself any longer.

He makes way to my panties, takes his hand and slips it into my pussy. He starts off slowly but eventually he craves me, and sticks his wet cock from my mouth into my pussy- bare. Now he’s fucking me. Deep, slow, pulling his head out each time and jamming it back into me. I am so uncontrollably wet there is no need for anything but my cream on his cock. I moan so loud, I think he can tell I am enjoying exactly what he is doing to me.

He takes his cock out, jerks it off a little, proceeds to make way to my mouth again and I can taste myself. I taste it all. He grabs me with all his might then, and places me standing up, facing the wall. My hands are palming the wall, with his hand gripped tightly on my nice huge ass. He jiggles it a little bit with his hand and grabs it, smacks it two times as hard as he can and giggles. You can tell he is really really enjoying what he has done and is continuing to do. He grabs one hand on each cheek and spreads my ass wide.

I can guess what he is going to do next.

Surprised, after the forcefulness of what he has already done, he gently places his cock inside of my ass. In and out, in and out. I moan some more. I start to move my ass towards his dick, grinding on it as I am standing up. I think I fucked up. I think he knows now for sure. Momentarily I am alerted by my own contention. I slowly turn my head to the side of my head to look at him and he stops with his cock inside of my ass, and says, “Do you like what I am doing to you, you little slut? Do you fucking like it? Are you enjoying it. I know you are,” and without answering, he continues to satisfy me. I moan so loudly and he grunts over and over questioning if he is fucking me well. One of his hands is now on my side with the other fingering my pussy and clit.

I cum for a number of times, I tell you. I can’t even remember how many times exactly.

It all feels so fucking good around my pussy and ass. I lose control. I literally almost fall to the ground, but just as I am about to collapse of feeling so good. A feeling I don’t think that could ever be multiplied, he cums all over my ass and somehow reaches my face. His hot cum feels so good inside of me. I want more. I wish I could have more.

He gets up, wipes his cum off of his still hard cock with my shirt that is now tossed on the other side of the room, walks over to me, gives me an extremely sloppy kiss, says, “Thank you,” and exits the room.