Jellyfish introduces us to her fantasy: “I’m a simple girl, generally, and the only thing I’ve ever really wanted is to be tied up. I want to be bound so tight that it is impossible for me to move. I want to be terrified and the only sense I would make use of would be smell and hearing.”

Geez, hope she has a safe word!

Check out her fantasy in detail after the jump.

The next thing I know, you touch me. I’m not sure where you are, or where the sudden contact came from, and it makes me jump. You laugh, and I am so nervous and excited and wet. All I’m wearing as a black lace bra and matching panties. Your rough hands run over my body, slapping my sensitive inner thighs. You make sure to put your hand in my bra and roughly pull my nipples. I feel your breath on my neck.
It takes everything I have to moan, but I know that it is obvious that I want more. The next thing I know, you are removing my bra, and paying rough attention to my tits and nipples. You roughly bite and suck every place you can reach with your talented mouth, and you don’t stop until I’m arching my back and moaning. While this is happening, your hand finds its way down to my panties.
First you fit one finger inside me, and you slowly pump my pussy. It’s too much for me, and I throw myself onto your finger, as you add another, almost driving me to cum. Much to my excitement, my panties slide down next.
You position me in a way that will benefit you more than it will me, and you slide your cock into my tight pussy. I moan; your girth always seems to stretch me every time.
This is not for me, this whole set up is for you. There is no starting slow to get me comfortable, you ram me hard and fast. I’m moaning, the whole time I’m moaning and I’m getting so close to cumming. It’s your grunting that pushes me over the edge. With my wrists bound, I clutch to the sheets as I cum.
After all of this time I have spent with you, I know that you, too, are getting close. I meet you thrust for thrust, no longer holding back my moans.
“Deeper! Fuck me harder!” I scream, and you are more than happy to oblige. You’re so close to cumming, but you don’t let yourself, not yet. You collapse on top of me, but you’re not through. You pull out, and I’m disappointed. But I know that whatever happens next will please you, so I prepare for whatever it is. Next thing I know, you pull me up about an inch, and I feel my head recline. Your thick cock is on my lips, slick with the juices from my pussy.
I open my mouth, as wide as I possibly can. The second your dick slips in I wrap my lips around it and suck as hard as I can, all the while licking the tip of the head. This goes on for a minute or so, until you start fucking my face.
You force me to deep throat you, and I’m gagging, choking on your pulsating cock. I take it as deep as I can, and when I think I can’t take any more, you prove me wrong. I suck your dick as well as I can with my hands bound.
Soon you’re thrusting down my throat at a steady pace, and your moaning is getting me hot. I know that you will cum soon and I’m prepared to swallow your sticky load. I feel you pull out and I open my mouth, eager for my reward.
Soon, I feel it… the thick, hot strands, and I swallow it all.

You leave the room with me bound to the bed, only coming back when you need more.