Kandy Kye calls her submission to the camgirl erotica archive “Stranger In The Dark” where she shares a very secret desire.

We met online in an unassuming chat room.

One used by your typical variety of night owls who aren’t quite ready to face the long night ahead. I was there looking for an outlet to my desires. The ones we all have that we keep bottled up. The little fantasies we play out in our minds during those secret moments alone. He was there looking for much the same, though at first we didn’t know the other’s purpose of being there. My photo caught his eye, a dark amateur photo of me facing away from the camera. His photo was just of a field, nothing particularly interesting. He sent me a private chat request, and so it began.

Our connection was instant, our chemistry electric. We talked for hours, my fingers flying over the keys with each response. I decided to be brave, brazen if you will, and tell him the truth; I wanted a man to come to my home on a pre-arranged date, let himself in while the entire house remained dark. He was then to come to my bedroom, where I would be waiting in bed, and have passionate sex before leaving, neither of us having seen the other’s face. I typed out my fantasy and waited with baited breath for his response. Would he laugh? Refuse? Agree? Which scenario was I more worried about?

He accepted.

I had to collect myself and stop my hands from trembling to continue typing. We exchanged our basic physical descriptions and discussed the intricate details at length. I still didn’t actually expect that either of us would go through with it. That is, until he suggested the very next night. We were in the same city; he was only a short distance away and knew the area well. Tomorrow? I asked myself; could I do it? What if I said no and this opportunity never presented itself again? So I agreed, and gave him instructions to my home and of what I wanted from him.

I spent the next day a bundle of nerves. I tried reading but would simply stare at the page without really seeing the words. I cooked dinner on auto-pilot and ate not really tasting my food. The only thing I could think about, focus on, was what was about to happen after darkness fell. Realizing the time I then hurried to shower and prepare myself.

I spent a great deal of time in the shower, washing my hair twice to be sure it smelled sweet and clean. I left the hot shower to move onto my hair and makeup. Even knowing he would never see my face I was still vain enough to want to look nice. When I finally had nothing left to scrub, shave, pluck or apply, I went into my bedroom. It was getting late now, the sun starting its decent behind the horizon. I was then posed with the question of what to wear. We hadn’t discussed it. Did he prefer satin over lace? A simple nightie over a garter and stockings? I finally settled on a sheer black nightie with red satin panties and no jewelry. Climbing into bed I was fraught with anxiety over whether or not I’d made the right decision. I finally decided there was no other choice but to go through with it as I had no way to contact him to cancel. So I laid back, turned off my bedside lamp, and waited.

It seemed like hours, but was probably only about thirty minutes before I heard a car pull up. Followed by footsteps and the front door opening and closing gently. The rustle of him removing his jacket and shoes, and then the very soft patter of his feet walking down the hallway to my bedroom, where I’d said I would be.

I froze then. Unsure if I should greet him or remove the blankets that concealed me. He was not as unsure as I and walked directly to the bed where he stood and removed his clothing, which I heard drop to the floor with a soft thud. Then he lifted the covers and climbed into my bed, lying on his side facing me. I could see his silhouette but not his features. He seemed about the build he had claimed to be and I was fairly certain he had thick dark hair. He smelled of soap and very light cologne. Then he spoke. “Good evening my dear, don’t be afraid,” he said with a rough, husky sort of voice, as he reached for me. His touch felt like fire against my skin. He pulled me gently by my shoulder so I was closer and facing him. He then leaned down and placed his lips just above mine, where he stopped. His breath smelled fresh and sweet like toothpaste and was warm on my face. Just as I was about to speak he pressed his lips gently to mine and instinct took over.

That first passionate kiss deepened and carried on for some time before he lightly ran his hand down my side, causing goose bumps to rise up on my skin. He began to kiss a trail down my neck toward my breasts but stopped at the neckline of my nightie. He grabbed my hands and pulled me up onto my knees so he could pull the thin layer of fabric from my body. Then he came forward, pressing his entire naked body against mine as he kissed me deeply once again. His skin felt as hot as mine, yet rougher and the hardness of muscle underneath sent another little shiver down my spine.

When he laid me back on the bed again he lifted my hips with one hand as he removed my satin panties with the other, growling with pleasure at the dampness of them. Neither of us spoke. Words weren’t needed now. Our bodies guided us to what we both wanted. He kissed each of my breasts with a soft wet tongue, teasing each nipple until they were fully erect. His hand slid down over my stomach to my now soaking wet pussy and began to circle around it, never quite penetrating the silky folds. I could feel my most intimate parts throbbing already, begging for his touch.

His mouth then followed his hand, slowly, painfully slowly. When he was finally positioned between my legs I could hear him inhale deeply and a barely audible moan escape past his lips. He bent forward and every so gently flicked his tongue up one side of my mound and down the other, before using one hand to part me and expose the wetness within. Then without warning he put his mouth fully over my aching clit and began to swirl his tongue in circles around it. I moaned loudly and bucked my hips upward instinctively. He held on tight and put more and more pressure on my sensitive little nub, working me into a complete frenzy. Before I knew it my body was tensing, that familiar feeling building deep inside of me, my hips rising up, and suddenly I exploded. As I writhed and moaned in my pleasure he continued sucking and massaging my clit with his tongue. My juices exploded into his mouth and he lapped them up like a starving man. Over and over he circled with the flat of his tongue until I could take no more and let myself fall back into the pillows with a sigh of relief.

He then used his tongue to trail a path back up to my mouth, paying attention to exactly the same places he had on his journey downward. When he leaned over my face I could see the moonlight shine on his wet chin, wet with the nectar of my orgasm. I rose up and kissed him deeply, tasting myself on him. I put a hand to his chest and tried to push him onto his back, but he whispered against my ear “Roll over”. I started to protest but he placed a finger over my swollen lips to silence me. I did as he asked and rolled onto my stomach.

I thought at first he would massage my back or kiss along my neck, until with a sudden swift movement he had pulled me up onto my knees, his other hand pushing my shoulders down into the bed. I spoke then; “What are you-“, but my words were cut off as he suddenly plunged his hard cock deep inside of me without a word. I gasped loudly at the size of him and the sheer unexpectedness of his entry into my still quivering pussy. He filled me completely but wasn’t so big as to make it uncomfortable. I could feel his cock throb inside of me as he didn’t move for a moment and wondered if he was already about to finish. That thought was quickly put to rest and he began to move inside of me, long slow strokes in and out. Each time he pulled back I could feel myself pulling at him, and each time he’d thrust forward I could feel myself welcoming him. He began to pick up speed, and with speed he gained a bit of force. As I was adjusting to this new rhythm he reached around and used his hand to massage breast and pull at my nipple. His thrusts became harder and faster as he was now driving himself into me, as deeply as he could. I grabbed the headboard in front of me to stop from falling forward and let him use my pussy for his needs. Let him pound into me again and again. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back a bit, just enough so I was unable to speak and drove his cock into me as hard as he could. I cried out at this, but not in pain, in sheer ecstasy. He felt amazing slamming into me over and over, completely using my body to satisfy himself.

Just as I felt another orgasm begin to build he stopped and pulled away from me. I moaned in displeasure only to find myself being dragged to the edge of the bed where he flipped me onto my back. Throwing my ankles over his shoulders he pulled my hips down until my ass hung just over the edge and with one swift stroke plunged back into my hot pussy. He reached down and started swirling my clit with his thumb. It was still so sensitive I almost couldn’t take it. As I was about to try to crawl away I felt my orgasm build with alarming speed and explode in a powerful tidal wave of pleasure. I grabbed onto his thighs and pulled him tighter into me as I sensed his own orgasm near. His cock began to throb harder inside of me then bulge right before he shot spurt after spurt of hot gooey cum into me. He held my hips tightly and moaned, pushing himself as deep into me as possible, filling my pussy to the limit with hard cock and cum.

As both of our breathing began to slow finally, he pulled away and lay down on the bed next to me. I turned to look at him, this stranger in the darkness of my bedroom, and realized I didn’t even know his name. I opened my mouth to speak but he beat me to it and said quietly “My dear, that was absolutely amazing, and I will cherish this memory for years to come. Now I must go,” and with that he stood up. He walked around to the side of my bed and put his clothes back on, then leaned back across to kiss me one last time. “Goodbye my dark lover,” I whispered against his lips, and he was gone.