This submission is a very simple intimate description of a very intimate act by young, fresh camgirl Rad Reii. She details exactly what it takes to get her “there” in sexy, specific detail.

She splayed her legs open, looking down at the brown haired man, now, comfortably in between them. She watched as his lips dragged up from her calves to her inner thighs with kisses. His lips were warm, soft and wet, making the air between her legs feel humid and full of lust. He was teasing her; his tongue danced and swirled against the indent of her joint where the line of her thong resided.

As his tongue tantalizingly licked against the ridge – pleading whispers began to fall from her mouth.

She tilted her head back and closed her eyes wishing he would just put his whole mouth on her pulsating clit. She arched her back with frustration and clawed at the cold white sheets, however, she enjoyed the touch of his tongue sending shivers throughout her body – not even beginning to indulge in her sweetest part. He slipped his arms through her legs, grasping onto her torso, and pulling her crotch directly in front of his face. He pressed his lips directly on her clothed mound and set a single kiss, letting her groan with anticipation; she could feel his cool breath slip through her panties and irritate her clit even more.

Finally, he took his finger and slipped it through the edge of her thong and lifted it to the side. He revealed a wet, beautiful swollen vulva begging to be touched. He lowered his face into her feeling a subtle heat radiate from her swollen vagina. He inhaled her musky aroma, testing her out with each and every one of his senses. Finally, his cool, moist tongue slid against the lips of her vagina. Her body flinched, feeling a chill over come over her. She pursed her bottom lip as he slowly lapped at her pussy. She was so wet she began to feel it drip down, setting between her ass.

His tongue vibrated against her clit, making her gasp for air. Her chest rose and fell violently, trying to compensate for the breath absorbing cunnilingus this man was preforming. He suctioned his lips onto her clit, swooping the whole of it into his mouth and locking it in tightly. He pulled her clit lightly away from the rest of her and moved his head side to side swiftly, creating more pressure and friction to the swollen organ. Her clit mimicked her heart beat as he squeezed her clit harder. She placed her hand against his head smashing it roughly against her pussy. In response, he slid two thick fingers inside of her, sending her ample amounts of pleasure all throughout her body.

She opened her mouth releasing a loud scream, feeling her pussy fill up with two firm fingers.

He pushed them in deep, submerging them in the depths of her inflamed walls. Her cunt was hot and slippery, nearly choking his fingers as he made his way to her g-spot. He liberated her clit from its suctioned choke hold and began to lick it fast, as his fingers rubbed and hit against her ever growing spot g-spot. Her back arched, feeling the sensation take over her body. Her breaths became deep, echoing whispered screams as her walls began to clench down on his fingers. Her body trembled feeling him thrust his fingers in one last time. Warm fluid filled her cunt and exited with his fingers, soaking the white sheets. 

She came.