Roxanna penned this sultry tale for us, which she’s titled, “Lonely Night at the Office.”

It was just another lonely Texas summer night for Dr. Hansel, the engineering professor. Everyone had long since gone home, so he had the whole engineering building to himself. Or so he thought.

Dr Hansel’s classes and research together were demanding, so it wasn’t uncommon for him to spend his evenings at the office. It was a tough area of research, but it was extremely satisfying. Using only some text files, some processors, and his brain, he could be creator of a powerful tool that could simulate complex physical interactions. The predictive power of these tools was extraordinary, but nothing could have predicted what happened that night. It began with a knock on the door.

Dr Hansel was startled. Who would be knocking at this hour? No one ever stays this late.

“Who is it?” he asked.

Much to his surprise, a girl’s voice responded, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I have some questions about c++.” A girl’s voice? What’s going on? He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. And she knew c++? No way could she be attractive. Regardless, he was glad to help a stranger.

”Sure, come in,” he responded.

The door opened, and Dr. Hansel couldn’t believe what he saw: a beautiful little Hispanic girl, with a tight body. After coming inside, she turned around to close the door. Luscious jet black hair streamed all the way down to her waist. It was as if it were trying to reach into her jeans, and when Dr. Hansel followed her hair down, he could see why it would be pulled in that direction. He was in the presence of a perfectly crafted ass, one that demanded his full attention. And it certainly got what it demanded. She turned around with his eyes still in the wake of her unfair apple bottom. Dr. Hansel quickly darted his gaze upward, trying to find her face before she realized where his eyes had been, and hoped his inappropriate thoughts about this student were not obvious on his face.

He couldn’t tell, but she didn’t seem to notice.

He got up to introduce myself. “Hi, I’m Dr Hansel. Nice to meet you,” he said, shaking her hand. It was a dainty, soft little hand which aroused him with the sudden idea of having it wrapped around his penis. He quickly sat down to hide the growth in his pants.

“Hi, I’m Roxy,” she said. She had a cute, innocent voice. “I’m having some problems.”

“Ok, like what?”

“I get some sort of error when I try to run it.”

“Did you bring your files with you?”

She paused while casting her eyes down and replied, “No, I forgot them.”

Dr. Hansel thought he saw her begin to blush before she turned her face away. He was beginning to think she was there with ulterior motives.

“Well… can you write the code that produced the error?” Dr. Hansel asked.

“Maybe,” she replied, reluctantly.

“Ok, give it a shot then.” He got out of the chair so that she could take it.

She slowly sat down in the chair, and Dr. Hansel stood behind her, looking over her shoulder at the computer screen. He was close enough to her that he could smell her hair, which smelled wonderful. He looked down at her while she worked the computer. He still couldn’t believe that there was a beautiful girl sitting in his office. His eyes drifted toward her chest. Her breasts were cute; they weren’t huge double D’s, but they appeared to be a good handful. Perfect.

She quickly turned, and this time Dr. Hansel was certain she caught him looking because she stopped mid-syllable when asking her question. She didn’t acknowledge that she caught him though. She just tried her question again, “Um, what program do I need to use?”

“Oh, just use Notepad there,” he said, pointing to the icon on the taskbar.
Dr. Hansel hoped that she turned around before his face got red. He was determined to keep his eyes on the screen this time, but he could have sworn he saw a smile out of the corner of his eye. She opened a file and after thinking, typed “print ‘Hello.”‘ He was guessing she was just having trouble compiling any programs.

“’Print’ isn’t any standard function in c++… If you want to print something to the screen, you write…” He typed a short string.

It was becoming very clear to Dr. Hansel that this girl knew absolutely nothing about c++. He was trying very hard not to think about the possibility that she came into his office this late at night to fulfill a fantasy that he has had for years.

“Are you sure you’ve used c++ before?” He asked, even though he knew the answer.

“No, I haven’t used it before. I need to learn it though. Could you teach me how to use it?” He jumped on the opportunity but tried not to show it. “Sure, I guess I can help you with that. Pull up a chair, and I’ll show you some things.”

“I’ll just stand, thanks.” They switched places, and he opened up the unix terminal and began making a basic c++ script. She stood watching as he wrote a script to print a simple message on the screen. She began leaning over his shoulder, still staring at the screen.

“After you finish making changes to your code, you compile it,” he told her.

“Ok!” she said enthusiastically.

He compiled the code and said, “And now we’re ready to test it. Ok?” He was about to hit the enter key, but stopped when she didn’t respond. He turned his head and found that hers was not but an uncomfortable few inches from his. She wasn’t even paying attention to the screen. She was looking directly at him. He panicked, pulling his head away and repeated, “Ok?”

“Yeah, sure.” She turned her head back to the screen, and Dr. Hansel did the same.

As he started another file, he saw in his peripheral vision that she had turned her head back toward his. He tried to ignore it and continued typing, nervously. Then he felt her graze his shoulder with her hand. He rationalized that she was just readjusting her hands on the back of the chair. He kept coding, but felt his massive erection growing, and it was starting to show. He hoped it would go away before she noticed; otherwise he might end up risking his career by doing something taboo with a student. Suddenly he felt her hands again. It definitely wasn’t an accident this time. He couldn’t help but freeze. He stopped coding, but kept his head and eyes forward. She slowly moved her hands down his torso, to his thighs.

“I think,” she started, moving one hand inward along his thigh, “we should test this.” And her hands found what he had been trying to conceal, and began massaging it firmly. He was speechless and rigid, in every sense of the word. With her other hand, she turned his face toward hers.

Then it happened.

She pressed her mouth to his and began an assault on the inside of his mouth. He fought back. She fought harder, continuing massaging him between the legs. He had had enough. To hell with his career; he had tenure! He got up out of the chair and rolled it forcefully toward the door. Then he grabbed the side of the desk and tipped it, sliding the computer and everything else onto the floor. He dropped the desk, grabbed the girl, and propped her on the edge of the desk, facing him. He unbuttoned her shirt quickly and opened it to expose her breasts, held together by a lacy hot pink bra. He popped open her jeans and unzipped them, squeezing his hand inside the front, under her panties, which were already drenched. His fingers continued down until they found what they were looking for. It felt like heaven to touch. He shoved his face into her cleavage while rubbing her clit forcefully with his fingertips, and she began moaning. He kept going, getting faster as she got louder, while she began digging into the back of his head with her fingernails.

He pulled his hand out and took his shirt off. Then he gripped her pants and pulled them over her ass and down her legs. Dr. Hansel pulled them free and tossed them aside. He stood back for a moment, admiring her tight ass and firm thighs. Then he pulled her damp panties down to the ground, leaving them around her ankles.

He spread her legs and dove his head in between them. His tongue followed the outside of the lips, glazing over all of the hair, and then finally went inside her. As his tongue worked her from the inside, she began to show it on the outside. She began tensing up and moaning more and more, and she squeezed her thighs around his head tightly, to prevent him from stopping. He could barely get any air, but he wasn’t complaining. He buried his mouth in her and put his tongue as deep as it could go, pulling it in and out repeatedly. When she relaxed her thighs, he pulled his head out and pulled his pants off as quickly as he could manage. He threw his clothes and her panties behind him and grabbed her. He picked her up firmly by her ass while squeezing, and turned her around, putting her back on the desk. He took her shirt off and finally snapped open her bra. He pushed up against her from behind, relishing the anticipation of pushing himself inside of her. She began to squirm, still moaning, and he could feel the juices dripping down her legs.

After a long pause, he slid his cock inside her, slowly. He grabbed onto her hair with one hand and her thigh with the other. He slid into her tight vagina so easily due to how wet she already was. Slowly, he pulled himself in and out a few times and then started bringing his hips into her ass more forcefully. He continued, and the slap between his thighs and her ass got louder. Her moans turned into screams, and she began shouting in Spanish. Dr Hansel couldn’t understand a thing she was saying, but she seemed be enjoying herself. He pounded her harder and harder, and then suddenly he couldn’t hear her at all. She was gasping for breath, but he kept going. She would get out a word every now and then, but he didn’t pay attention. She was begging for mercy at the point when Dr. Hansel felt it coming. He pulled out and flipped her around to face him again as fast as he could. He wasn’t sure that he was going to make it in time, but by a miracle, he got his cock inside of her mouth before he finished.

“Fuck yeah…” he managed to whisper. He had never felt the ecstasy he felt at that moment. A feeling of pure bliss came as he pulled his cock out of her mouth and watched her let the semen out of her mouth and onto her chest, where it dripped down, following the contour of her breasts.