This is the third or forth submission we’ve gotten that is about a workplace seduction, perhaps we should add a category specifically for co-worker on co-worker erotica! In this one Punkie fantasizes about a male co-worker that has a very tight hold on her loins.

He always had a cigarette in his hand and a smile that could warm the coldest of hearts. I would catch a glimpse of the muscles on his back while he was slugging boxes and shiver wondering how it would feel if he held me in his strong arms. I was probably slightly delusional. Working nights does that to you. However, I was convinced he was the most perfect human being I’d ever seen. 

My car broke down one morning, and the mechanic wasn’t open yet. The graveyard shift had more cons than pros. I didn’t want to switch shifts though. He compelled me to stay. Although he had no idea of his influence on me. When my car wouldn’t start he offered me a ride home. I blushed, and refused half-heartedly but he insisted. How could I say no to such perfection? He opened the car door for me and I got inside. His car was messy. Empty coffee cups all over the floor, cigarette burns in the seats and way too many CD’s jammed into the console. Despite the neat freak that I am I loved being in that car. So close to an angel. 

He drove like a maniac, but I felt safe. Secretly I wondered how his hand would feel inching it’s way up my thigh as he raced through those dead streets while the sun rose gently for our tired eyes. He pulled up in my driveway too soon, and I turned to thank him. He was watching the way my mouth shaped around the words “See you at work, John.” I wanted to invited him in, upstairs, to my bed to stay for now, for ever. But I didn’t, I couldn’t. Instead I made my way into my house, and into my bed. Alone. 

I fell asleep with a mind full of filthy thoughts, starring him. In my dreams we were listening to records and chain smoking cigarettes. We were naked on dirty sheets. Stained with sweat, love, and passion. He began to kiss my neck slowly, gently. His kisses moved downward. Lingering on my collarbone. Slipping between my ample breasts. His kisses only fanned the fire his presence sparked between my legs. As he inched painfully slowly towards my nub I took in a sharp breath. He looked up and laughed gently, knowing he was driving me crazy.
Finally he kissed my mound of pubic hair and I knew what came next. I was shaking as he spread my thighs. I saw his eyes fill with lust and pure desire as he took in my glistening soaked folds. His tongue began to work my clit, steadily and strong. I was in pure ecstasy, floating high above the bed. Then he flicked his tongue inside of me and I came back to reality. He began lapping up my essence as if he could never get enough of me. I couldn’t help it I started shaking, convulsing. He didn’t stop, he didn’t slow down. I grabbed his hair, I clenched the sheets, I screamed, moaned, and finally I exploded and in that moment I was his. He was mine, we were one. Floating, falling, swimming in ecstasy. When I came down he was still between my legs watching me, smiling and more perfect than ever.

Suddenly I had to taste him. Our eyes locked together and he could see my need clear as day. He flipped on his back and in an instant my face was parallel with his swollen member. I traced my tongue up his shaft from his balls to the tip of his penis. Then I closed my mouth around the head and swirled my tongue around it, tasting his precum. He let out a soft deep moan and pushed my head down gentle. 

I accepted him into my wet, warm mouth. I began to caress his member with my tongue while I continued to suck creating a vacuum seal with my mouth. I moved my head slowly up and down his penis, swirling my tongue as I went. I found my rhythm quickly. Sucking as I moved down his shaft, and massaging it with my tongue as I brought my head back up. His hands locked in my hair and I felt his body tense. Knowing he was so close to cumming, I started massaging his balls while sucking him. He let took in a sharp breath and I slid his cock down my throat accepting his sweet warm seed into my throat happily. 

He lay there trying to catch his breath as I kissed his member gently. Silently thanking him the gift of his essence. I heard an alarm in the distance, and suddenly I jolted awake. It was my alarm clock! It was just a dream. I turned it off and fell back in bed with a sigh. I closed my eyes and willed him to be beside me. But when I opened my eyes again he wasn’t there. I guess the man of my dreams will always be just that, the man in my dreams.