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Today’s update is from a blonde bombshell with a flair for fiction who goes by the nom de cam Poppy Piper. Her story is titled “What a Night With Mr. Lucas”.

Smoke filled the air from the vanilla candles that just smelled so comforting in our small lakeside cabin. He is in the shower. I can see the steam rise up from under the bathroom door. I lay my head back down on the plush pillows. As my hair fans out around me and I close my eyes I see the night that Shawn ruined me. And I remember everything…

He was dressed in his suit and tie, just home from work. I was 18 and very attracted to Mr. Lucas. He had that way about him. Like everything he said was with a bit of humor. I thought that he was such a handsome older man. I had never been with anyone older. Never been with anyone at all.

Mrs. Lucas was out of town and Shawn had hired me to babysit the twins while he went to a business dinner. I had just put them down to bed when he walked through the door with a present and a smile. I was so surprised that he was that thoughtful. When I opened it I found the most beautiful silk nightie and a matching robe. It was blue and just my size. I looked up and Shawn had that smile on his face. He asked if I liked it and I nodded with glee. Then he asked for me to try it on to make sure it fit.

Once I slipped it over my head and smoothed it down my body I knew I loved it. The fabric felt amazing against my skin. Shawn called from the bedroom and asked for me to let him see before I changed back. When I stepped in he was sitting on the bed taking off his tie. I wanted to test him. He was so attractive and different.

I walked up to him and twirled. He laughed. Then I bent over just far enough for him to see I was not wearing any panties. He reached out and skimmed the bottom of the nightie with his hand. Then he pulled back. I grabbed his hand, reassuring him that it was okay. He leaned into me and our lips met.

Then it was like a firecracker went off. His hands were moving up and down my body. He picked me up and put me on the bed and began kissing me everywhere. I didn’t expect all of this. I only wanted to see if he would try to make a move. He then spread my legs and began to kiss his way to my “Lucy”. I was completely shocked from the way his breath felt on my most intimate area. He looked up at me with a twinkle in his eye as he stood up and slipped off his shirt. He un-buckled his belt and his pants slid to the floor. I was swallowing hard as he finally slid off his boxers to reveal a very swollen cock.

He climbed onto the bed and pushed himself on top of me. He teased the outside of my virgin pussy with his cock. Then, he began to coax his way in. He did not know that I was a virgin and the initial shock showed on his face as I cried out with a searing pain. He then began to fuck me. Slow at first. Then faster and harder. He was breathing so fast and heavy. I started to enjoy the feeling of him inside of me. My body began to shake as he held my hands up over my head. I squeezed him with my legs and started rocking my hips against the weight of his body on top of mine. I bit into his chest to stifle my moans and cries. He began to really pound into me. Then, with one final motion, he shot his load inside of me. What ecstasy. What an explosion of juices. I was in love. I was in love with a married man.