This mysterious piece by Apt No 7 is called “Secret Love, Life and Lust.”

The days are long, muggy, and hot. The sun dances among the sweltering roads and roofs. The evenings bring a cool breeze and fresh autumn air. A girl wakes when the sunsets. Dusk is her dawn. The moon speaks louder to her than the sun. Watching the rat race of the day to day, there are no humans she envies. Believing some had lost all faith. Adapting a life to suit her style, the world still turns.


She didn’t feel that. Peering into lives from a glass window, understanding humanity from what she has put away on file. The nightly day always left her wanting more: the love, the lust, and a life to adore. Happiness is not frugal its locations are near and far. Pleasing the body to her should just feel like less far from a bore. The masochistic tendencies grow more and more. Seeking more pressure more gust and passion, knowing no one could match the scene by scene image that plays more and more. Obsessed with the night time, she is heavy with habits.

The one night comes when she makes the opportunity her choice, leaving the lair. She goes seeking for him, she knows he is near. The one she was made for, the one whom would make it all clear. Boarding the evening train with a single bag in hand, she knew it wouldn’t take long. Landing in a small station with only a small café across from a field, she confidently carried herself across the hard tiled floor inside. Sitting across from the soda bar, she felt a slight brush against her neck. Almost as cool as a cube of ice, it sent chills down her arms all the way to her toes.

Goosebumps covered her body as the hair on her neck began to rise.

It was right it was him; she felt it in her gut. Turning to see the face she expected all along, not saying a word. He offered a hand, an ear and more than love, or lust. Boarding back on the train, they made their way to a private room. They ordered champagne and talked all the rest of the night.

Morning comes all too soon, already warm in each other’s company her lair became their cave. Knowing the passion and lust was soon to near. Making it through the day, another night comes soon. He wakes with luster and love in his gut. Desiring passion he knew things would never be the same. He would make his transition over her. Firm hands woke her naked body that night soft on her supple hips moving up the nape of her back to the rib cage.

A rush came over her whole body; the blood was flowing inside of her. Almost boiling and pulsing, he felt it rushing through her veins. Their chemistry was like no other. The scents themselves were intoxicating. Using a long rope he binds her arms and thighs. He wanted more, he didn’t want inside. A blind fold deprived her sight. Completely calm, she knew it wasn’t hers all along. He warms each ass cheek one at a time watching it turn from every shade of pink to red. The skin becomes flush tingling and bright red. He could see the blood throbbing in her now, her veins begin to bulge. Then teasing her neck with his cold smooth lips, the chills took hold of her. She couldn’t resist. Making his mark and taking her too; his breath was cold on her neck as his teeth made their way through her. Her body going limp, fuzzy, and cold, she felt him flow through her.

Then nothing at all, the world came into focus and she was more satisfied than ever. She had the love, lust, and life she couldn’t have ever imagined.