This submission is absolutely our most explicitly fantasy, in the best possible sense. It’s from a girl who calls herself Neonn:

The story is called “Vigilantes” and reveals a startling amount of detail…so tell us Neonn: cam girl by day, vigilante hunter by night?

I’m sitting atop an old warehouse by the ocean. I lick my lips and taste the same salt that infiltrates the air on my tongue. I look up. Above me a mass of stars sparkle like raindrops on a spiderweb. I’ve been sitting here for about 2 hours now, and I expect I’ll be here for at least 2 more. There’s been sightings of a masked vigilante around here– busting coke deals and breaking into gang houses. It’s my job to make sure he doesn’t get in the way. Tonight a shipment of illegal weapons are being brought into the harbour for some big crime organisation. I didn’t ask who they were, I just took the money and the job.

I suppose it’s kind of funny– a masked vigilante. That would technically make him… what? A superhero? I guess so. Then that must make me the supervillain. I don’t pick sides when I’m working but the thought of being a villain is somewhat thrilling. I wonder if my foe will be decked out in spandex… now that would be a treat. There was a time I considered spandex. It was a short time, and it may have involved aerobics. I look down at my choice of work clothes now– black skinny stretch jeans, a black leather zip-up vest, boots and utility belts here and there. I bring my goggles down from my forehead over my eyes and check my guns are in the holsters that I left them in.

I hear the ship come in, and I start stretching to warm my body up. I survey my surroundings and make sure I’m alone before heading to the edge of the roof to watch the ship open it’s cargo doors slowly, carefully and as quietly as it possibly can. Some men walk out and meet a couple of others who had been waiting. They talk briefly and then all go into the ship. They don’t come out for a while and I start to yawn before I see a shadow move out of the corner of my eye.

If I were a dog, my ears would have pricked up and each of my hairs would be on end. I look around the area I saw the movement and sure enough a dark figure moves swiftly underneath the light of a lamp post for a brief second. That’s him. That’s the vigilante.

I jump from the roof, bending my knees as I land to absorb the shock and run in the direction I saw him. I can’t see him anywhere now and I stop to look around and get my bearings. The men are unloading the ship now and I bite my lip as I wonder where my little superhero could have disappeared to.

It doesn’t take long for him to make himself known. I hear one of the crewmen cry out and the next thing I know 2 or 3 of them are down for the count and 2 others are firing guns at him. Godammit, I think. Men with guns that don’t know how to use them– just what I need. I run towards the commotion, taking two guns out of my holsters and firing them at the armed gang members. They go down instantly. The vigilante turns towards and me and is suddenly upon me, trying to tackle me to the ground. I use my elbow to hit a nerve by his neck and he moans in pain and staggers, giving me a chance to get my footing. I aim both of my guns at him.

“Don’t move” I say, as the shock from the slight nerve strike starts to wear off on him.

I manage to finally get a good look at him. He’s wearing a skin-tight suit but it’s definitely not spandex. Finely woven kevlar maybe? He wears a domino mask and his dark hair is messy. I can see his abs and biceps through his suit, and his chest heaving up and down as he catches his breath. I lower my guns.

“Change of plans, let’s get out of here,” I say. I know there are more men in the ship and if I can lure him away from here by pretending this was all a grave misunderstanding between two good guys then I have both done my job and… perhaps gotten myself something extra.

“Why would I go with you?” He growls, watching my hands which are still placed beside my gun holsters, “you shot those men. You’re not a good guy.”

“Tranquilizers,” I say, and stare him down biting my lip. I can’t help but imagine what a superhero would be like in bed, and I accidentally let my eyes wander towards his crotch before catching myself and making eye contact again.

I see him relax a bit, and think.

I decide to let him figure it out himself and I start walking away. He doesn’t follow.

** ** **

It’s been 3 days since I saw the vigilante and I once again find myself on a rooftop. I don’t have work tonight, I just want to see if I could find him. But I’ve been looking for too long now with no sign of him and I’ve pretty much given up. I lie down on the concrete of the roof and close my eyes. I imagine him, his hands grabbing me and his hard cock peeking out from his costume pressing into my clitoris and teasing me. I almost feel compelled to reach into my panties and indulge myself in my imaginary fantasy… but then I hear a noise.

There’s someone behind me. I jump up and immediately attack. They attack back, matching my hits blow for blow before pinning me to the ground.

Then my heart skips a beat. It’s him.

“Hey tiger,” I manage to say, and hope to God that I said it in a sultry manner. “Guess you changed your mind.”

“Who are you?” he asks me, his lips so close to mine that it would take almost nothing to lean my head forward and kiss him. I decide to play with that.

I bite my lip, and trace my eyes from his downwards to where our bodies nearly meet.

“It doesn’t matter,” I say, and then I kiss him.

It’s not for long; he immediately sits up and releases me. I try to hide my disappointment as I sit up as well and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand.

“Oh come on,” I say, my fingers reaching for the zip of my leather vest. “You look like you could use a break.”

He watches as I slide the zip down to reveal my cleavage. I stop below my breasts and look at him invitingly.

“I don’t have time for this,” he says stubbornly, his eyes still on the zip.

He watches it as I slide it down all the way and my breasts bounce free of the clothing.

“Then we can make it quick.”

I move towards him and climb onto him, he doesn’t protest as I push my naked breasts agains his chest and kiss his neck. His breathing gets deeper the more I kiss, and I start stroking my fingers against his side and down the V of his pelvis. My hand rests against his cock; hard and throbbing through his costume. He grabs the back of my head and our lips lock. He kisses me aggressively and I grind my pelvis into his. He grinds back and his cock rubs again my crotch and I can feel my wetness coming through my panties and soaking into the material of my jeans.

He flips me over so he’s on top and straddles me, his hands squeezing my tits.

“How do we–?” I don’t even have to finish my sentence. The vigilante finds a zip down the back of his suit and undoes it, peeling it off just below his cock allowing me to finally see it. It’s as big and thick as I thought it would be. My mouth almost waters thinking about it against my lips. But for now he’s in control and has other plans.

He strokes his cock with one hand whilst unbuckling my utility belts and unzipping my pants with the other. I help him slide my jeans and panties off and he puts the tip of his penis against my clitoris and starts rubbing it in circles as he masturbates himself and squeezes my right tit with his other hand. I start to moan as he slides his cock from my clit to the tight hole of my pussy. He lets the head of his penis enter me and then slides back up to my clitoris. His cock now dripping with my wetness.

His rubbing becomes more frantic as he strokes himself faster, and I can’t help but cry out.

“Oh.. oh.. god… oh…” I can feel the familiar sensation of orgasm creeping through my thighs, making my pussy throb and causing myself to thrust with each of his movements. He then slides into me, and I feel myself open for him. He grabs my ass with his hands and pulls my hips upwards so he can take me as deep as possible.

He doesn’t take it slow. Instead he pounds into me, making me moan and gasp in pleasure.

“Faster…” I manage to breath and he does as I tell him. I dig my nails into my back and he thrusts in and out of me, his thick cock challenging the limits of my tight pussy.

Then I start to shake and orgasm starts to take me over. I’m thrusting with him as my back starts to arch and I yell out into the night. He pulls me tighter towards him and I feel his cock start to twitch inside me. He pulls out quickly and his cum shoots out from his penis and all over my tits, and some on my face. I lick some from the corner of my lips as I start to come down from my orgasm.

He immediately starts getting dressed again, and doesn’t say a word.

“So, I’ll come looking for you again some other time?” I ask him, his cum still thick and dripping from my tits.

He zips his suit up and looks at me, smirking.

“Maybe next time you can pretend to be the bad guy,” he says and I smirk back.

** ** **

He leaves me on the rooftop and I’m lying there for god knows how long. My jeans and panties in a crumpled heap beside me, his cum still on me. I run my finger through some and place it on my tongue. Then reaching down between my legs I feel how wet I’ve become again just thinking about what had happened tonight. I start to rub my pussy as I throw my head back and close my eyes, thinking of the vigilante.