Today’s submission is a voyeur sex fantasy from the POV of the one being watched, not the watcher. A very cute young MILF who calls herself CosmoGirl tells us all about her fantasy of teasing and taunting her peeping neighbor.

I knew he was watching me, He always watches. I used to be freaked out but this time I decided to have a little fun with it. I took my time. I opened my double closet doors slowly, standing there admiring all my clothes. I walked in and grabbed my black lace nightie. I turned off the light and walked back out. I left the doors open to the closet and walked over to my bed. I stood at the foot of the bed, my backside facing the window.

I started to undress slowly. I took my pencil skirt off first, leaving on my pink lace panties. I turned around, facing the window and started to slowly unbutton my lavender button up shirt. With each button coming undone, it revealed more and more of my matching pink lace bra.

As I reached the last button, I turned around and had my back facing the window again.

I reached behind me and unhooked my bra. I then, turned back around as I took each strap off, I held the bra against my skin with my hands. I walked closer to the window and dropped the bra on the floor, revealing my perky, 36D breasts. Then, I bent down and took my panties off. I stood in front of my window for a few seconds and ran my hands down my chest. I wanted to be a tease. I pretended like I didn’t know he was watching. I walked back to my bed and crawled up on top of it.

I laid on top of my pink silk comforter. It felt so good on my naked skin. I tossed my long dark brunette hair behind my back and just laid there for a few moments.

I then decided to really give my neighbor a show.

I slowly rubbed my hands down my chest, grabbing my nipples, making them hard. I then slowly ran my nicely manicured hand down my flat stomach and over my clit. I slowly ran my fingers over my clit a few times, until my pussy was swollen.

I did this for a few minutes, Then I sat up slowly and just sat there, rubbing my breasts for a minute.

I decided I was no longer comfortable in my bed, so I flipped my legs off the bed, stood up and walked over to my desk, opened the drawer and grabbed my silver bullet vibrator and grabbed my desk chair. I sat next to the window.

I wanted him to know that I knew he was watching me. I put my legs up on the window sill, spread my legs and inserted my middle and ring finger into my pussy. I slowly took them out and then inserted the bullet.

My pussy was already swollen and dripping. I wanted to give him the best show I could.

So, I kept the vibrator inside my wet pussy as I ran my fingers over my clit over and over again. I threw my head back and touched my breasts with such intimacy. I ran my hands over my entire body, not wanting to stop. I played with myself until I reached total climax. I screamed a bit, not realizing how bad I really needed something like this.

A way to release, have fun and feel sexy. After I reached climax, I sat there, continuing to run my hands over my body, I then stood up and smiled a devilish smile.

I then turned my back to the window and walked away.

Making him think I was done.

I walked back to my bed and sat on the bench at the end of the bed. I sat there for a minute, playing with my swollen clit, I then leaned back, ached my back and put my bullet into my tight ass, I left it there while I continued to play with my clit. I reached climax faster than ever before.

I laid there, breathless. I wasn’t sure if my legs would allow me to stand. They were like jello. My body wasn’t used to having so much pleasure all at once. I was so turned on, knowing someone was watching me.

I laid on my bed, completely naked, uncovered the whole night.

I knew he watched for hours as I slept. This became a weekly thing with us.

We’ve never spoken and I don’t know his name, but I still come home from work and put on a little show every once in awhile. I do it to keep myself entertained. I love teasing him and pleasing myself. It’s alluring, sexy, mysterious and makes me feel like the sexiest woman alive. I can put on any kind of show I want, whenever I want.

Each week I try and add something new, something that I think he will enjoy just as much as I do. I really want to add another sexy lady to the mix. Maybe a girl who doesn’t mind putting on a show. I bet he’ll go crazy.