Today’s submission is from an author who calls herself Sexy Minnie. It’s a bit more extreme than some of the other stories I’ve featured so far, but it’s one of the best, most vivid and fully formed fantasies yet.

My heart is racing as I pull into the hotel parking garage. I park at a spot near the top of the three story garage, kill the engine, and take a deep breath. This place appears deserted and I’m still having second thoughts about this arrangement. He said that someone would meet me up here so I slowly slink from my car and begin walking, my 6-inch heels clicking with each step. I’m wearing a tight, black mini-skirt and a white blouse that hugs my skin like cellophane. My thigh-high black stockings wrap my freshly waxed legs, and the absence of my bra and panties remind me why I’m here. It’s already cold here in October, yet he insisted that I not wear a coat. I turn the corner and there are four men standing in a group. As I fully come into their view, they all turn and stare my way.

“Miss Stratford…?” the tall, dark one asks.

“Yes…” I answer very meekly. My heart starts to race as they advance at me. I take one step backwards right into the arms of a previously unseen fifth man. Instinctively, I scream and almost immediately, he covers my mouth with a powerful hand. He begins walking, dragging me towards a van. Complete panic washes over me as multiple sets of hands pull me into the van, and not two seconds after the door slides shut, I find myself blindfolded. Almost simultaneously, my hands are zip-tied, and something else binds my ankles together.

The van lurches forward and I’m thrown face first into one of the men. “Trying to get started early are ya?” he says with a smile in his voice.

“Open your mouth,” he says coldly. I obey and my mouth is immediately filled with his cock. He grabs ahold of my head and holds me there until I’m gagging and I feel him get hard in my throat. He finally pulls my head away which allows me to steal a breath of air, and before I’m able to fully fill my lungs, he jams his now rock-hard cock down my throat. The next breath of air I was allowed was followed by a different cock. For what seemed like at least a half an hour, I was passed around the van, my mouth repeatedly filled with cock.

Finally, the van stops and the door slides open and I am passed outside. My shirt is already ripped open and my skirt is pulled above my waist. I am dragged through a noisy place that smells of smoke, and down a set of stairs to what I think is the chilly basement of a bar. I am tied naked with my hands high above my head so I am standing on my tippy toes. A large gag is shoved into my mouth and tied tightly around my head. And suddenly I find myself alone, unable to see and unable to speak.

Time passes and my arms ache and begged to be released. My whole body is throbbing and drool is dripping from my mouth covering my chin and tits. I can hear the commotion of the bar, and as the minutes pass, I am overwhelmed by panic and start to regret my decision to partake in this.

After what seemed like an eternity, the noise upstairs quiets. I hear the basement door open and a group of heavy-footed men and a few heeled ladies head downstairs. My legs are shaking from the strain of being in this position for so long. Someone steps up and takes me by my chin and says, “Would you like to be let down?” I nod my head quickly and he laughs as he rubs my sore shoulders. He then pinches my hard nipples so hard I cry out beneath my gag and squirm. I hear laughter as I try to pull myself away from him, but his fingers hold tight and my nipples begin to throb. Finally, I am released from his grip. But just as quickly I feel the cold pinch of a pair of metal clamps as they bite into my tender nipples, and again, my cry is muffled by the gag.

“Let’s hear your cries, slut,” a man says, and moments later, I feel hands on the back of my head unfastening the strap holding my gag in place.

I then hear the cord that is binding my ankles snap and two men grab my legs and hold them far apart. Moments later, I feel the sharp, familiar sting of a crop against my inner thigh. I cry out, which only prompt several more hits against my thighs. He then focuses the crop on my tits and stomach. I feel tears streaming down my cheeks and by the time he started on my pussy, I was shaking in pain. Special attention is then paid to my previously unmarked backside, and with every blow, the crowd was laughing and calling me names.

“Good girl,” a man whispers in my ear, as he slowly starts to rub my clit. I feel myself instinctively grinding against his fingers. “What a fucking slut! She loves it!” a voice says. My body is aching, but I hear myself moan as I feel myself get wetter by the second.

The two men let go of my legs and someone else finally unties my arms and I feel myself fall to the ground awash with relief. I’m grabbed by a powerful arm and dragged to a nearby couch. Still blindfolded and so happy to be sitting on something soft, I am unconcerned with the unknown torment that awaits me. I can hear several people talking and one comment in particular stands out: “I can’t believe I’m going to miss this.” I listen as I hear footsteps moving away from the crowd, up the wooden stairs, and across the upstairs floor. Judging by the noise level, the crowd has greatly diminished.

My pulse starts to race again and I can feel myself shaking and breathing heavily. Someone puts a hand on my knee and whispers, “A bit nervous are we?” His fingers work their way up my thighs and push my legs apart. I know what is coming, but am unprepared as he forcefully shoves his fingers in me. I cry out in both surprise and in pain, and suddenly I become aware that my voice is the only one in the room.

“Open your mouth, slut, and please my guests,” a voice whispers in my ear. The fingers in my pussy start thrusting and as I open my mouth to moan, I am rewarded instantly with a cock my mouth. Hands grab my head and force me to take the cock into my throat. I am gagging and trying not to struggle, and when he finally lets me take in some air, I find myself just as quickly gagging on a different cock. I’m close to orgasm, and with a cock down my throat, I am unable to ask for permission. The men take turns burying their cocks in my throat, and all the while, I somehow manage not to cum.

I am then pulled to my feet and led across the room and bent over what I believed to be a wooden sawhorse. I feel my wrists and ankles tied to it and soon enough I found myself unable to move. I’m so horny I can’t stand it, and my desire is fulfilled as a hard cock slides effortlessly into my dripping cunt. I cry out as he picks up speed, pounding my hole. And then my mouth is filled. I’m ready to cum and I try to cry out to ask permission to cum, but the cock is only shoved deeper into my throat. I’m trying so hard not to cum, but I feel like I’m about to explode. Every muscle in my body is tense, and finally I just give in and experience a mind-blowing orgasm, my whole by shaking as torrents of euphoria surge through me.

The thrusting continues as the orgasm subsides, and I feel a drizzle of cool liquid against my asshole. I feel the cock glide from my pussy and press against my asshole until it gives way. As it sinks further and further into my ass, I let out a cry and feel tears welling in my eyes. After I minute, I feel myself relaxed enough to enjoy it and I can feel another orgasm building. He then pulls out and someone larger instantly takes his place inside my ass. The cock in my mouth is withdrawn, and the one that takes its place a second later tastes of lube and I know the man who just had his cock in my ass now has it in my mouth. The men keep taking turns rotating for several minutes and just as I’m about to cum, everything stops and I feel myself being untied from the sawhorse.

I’m then pushed to the ground and pulled on top of a man with my back against his chest. He guides his cock effortlessly into in my ass and then grabs my knees and pulls my legs wide open. I feel the heat from the second man as he climbs over me and guides his cock into my pussy. The two men start to pound my holes in tandem. A hand closes over my throat and a third cock is forced so far into my throat that I cannot breathe. In that moment, I feel that I am being used in the most perfect way, with all my holes filled at the same time.

It only took about a minute like this for me to cum, and by the time my orgasm subsides, I realize that I hadn’t breathed in over a minute. Just as I feel myself running out of air, a huge load gushes into my mouth. He finally withdraws his cock allowing me to breathe, but not before ordering me to keep my mouth open and not to swallow. The second man pulls himself from my pussy and immediately shoots his load into my mouth. The man that I’m lying on then pulls me to one side and places me on the ground. My mouth is still wide open and he straddles my face and shoots his load on top of the other two. Two more loads are squirted into my open mouth, and by the time they are all done, I can hardly breathe.

“Swallow, cunt,” one of the men says, and I gag as I try mightily to choke down the jizz of all five men. I’m then pulled to my feet and the blindfold is removed. I’m ordered by one man to look at all the other four and thank them. After I thank them all for using my holes, and the clamps are brutally stripped from my throbbing nipples.

They all seem quite happy and satisfied. The man who I gather to be the ringleader takes my chin is his hand and says, “You did amazing tonight, little one.” He then turns his head and gives a slight nod. I watch as four of the other men dress themselves and leave the basement. He then retrieves a collar which he fastens tightly around my neck. He clips a leash onto the collar and begins walking me naked through the basement, up the stairs, through the now-empty bar, and out the front door and into the well-lit parking lot.

“Wait here,” he says, tying the leash around a lamp-post. He goes to lock the front door of the bar and then saunters back my way. He leads me to his car and we both get in. He then unzips his fly and presents me with his cock. I take it deep into my throat and he starts the engine and drives into the darkness of the night.