This submission from Cali Girl is a bit taboo, but turns out very sexy, do enjoy.

I’ve always fantasized about being with two men at one time. I imagine being on a date with my boyfriend. We are sitting at the bar having a drink. There is a little music playing in the background, we are talking about our day, then a guy walks in the door and I glance over and we make eye contact. I quickly look back at my boyfriend. He then says to me “You totally checked him out”. I play stupid at first, and he says “I can’t believe you”. I say “What you’ve never looked at a girl while you were with me?” He says “ok, fair enough”. We continue with our night. Now it’s about 1:15 am, we have had several rounds of shots and we are both very buzzed.

My boyfriend ask me if I want to play pool. I say sure but you know I’m not very good. He laughs and says thats ok. He begins to rack the balls and I see that guy from earlier on the other side of the bar and he’s facing me. We make eye contact again and he gives me a little smile. I blush and smile back. I then look back towards my boyfriend and he is
totally staring at me. I’m busted!

My boyfriend ask me “Is that the same guy from earlier”. I reply “I think so”. My boyfriend ask me if I want to make a bet on this game, I say “sure”. He ask me what I want if I win, I think for a moment and then I tell him “If I win, you have to take me to a nice dinner next weekend”, he says ok. I ask what he wants if he wins and he says “If I win, you have to go up to that guy you have been staring at all night and ask him to fuck
you while I watch”. I say “NO WAY”! He says come on, you know you want to. I say “no, I’m not going to have sex with another guy while you watch”. He says “it’s no different then watching porn”, and he thinks it would be HOT. I say “I don’t know, I think it would be weird”. Then my boyfriend says, “ok well let’s play the game and go from there”. I say ok. So we play, we are actually tied with 3 balls each on the table. It is my shot, just my luck I hit the eight ball in.

I say “That sucks”, and look at my boyfriend. He says “So”? I say “So what”? He says “So are you going to ask him”? I reply “I don’t know, you really want to see that”? My boyfriend says yes. I say what the hell, thinking this guy surely won’t agree. My boyfriend sits down and I walk over to the bar. I stand at the bar and act like I am ordering a round of drinks. The guy from earlier makes eye contact with me again and gets up from his seat. He walks over to me and introduces himself to me. He ask how I’m doing, I tell him not good. He says “why what’s wrong”, I said “I just lost a bet”. He laughs and says “That sucks, what was the bet”? I tell him he doesn’t want to know. He ask “why is that”? I tell him, “my boyfriend saw me checking you out through out the night and wants to see me have sex with you”. He says “Really”! I said yes, then he ask “would you do that”? I say “I’m thinking about it”.

Next thing I know he reaches around me and grabs my butt while he looks back and smiles at my boyfriend. He then leans in and whispers in my ear “Let’s give him a show he’ll regret”. He leads me out the door of the bar with my boyfriend following behind us.

We walk over to the valet attendant, and he says he has an apartment 3 miles away. So I get in the car with my boyfriend and we follow this guy. My boyfriend hasn’t said a word since we left the bar. I ask him if he is sure he wants to do this, he replies “It’s too late to stop now”. We park and both get out. The guy walks over to our car, he grabs my hand and leads me up the stairs to the second floor, again my boyfriend just follows quietly. He unlocks his door and we go in.

As soon as we enter the door, this guy turns toward me and presses me up against the wall and we start making out. He is such a good kisser. He is a little aggressive but not too much. While we are kissing he starts to slide his hand up my shirt. He realizes I’m not wearing a bra and he starts to lightly twist my nipple while we kiss. It drives me crazy, I am so wet, it feels like my panties are dripping.

We stop kissing and I look over and see my boyfriend sitting on the couch just watching us. The guy then leads me to his bedroom and again my boyfriend follows us. I sit on the edge of the bed, the guy gently pushes my shoulders back to have me lay on my back. He then unbuttons my pants and takes my pants off. I look over and see my boyfriend watching us but he won’t make eye contact with me. I then feel my panties come off. Before I can look down I feel this guys tongue circling the top of my clit. It feels so good and I let out a small gasp and look down. My pussy is so wet, I can’t remember the last time I was this wet.

He licks the top of my pussy slowly, still circling my clit. His tongue is firm. He licks my pussy, now sliding one of his fingers gently into my pussy. He does this for 3 to 4 minutes and I have my first orgasm, my hands clinching the cover, my head tilt back, my eyes closed, it feels so amazing and I let out a moan.

Before I can open my eyes I feel his hard cock slide deep into my wet pussy. It feels amazing. I open my eyes, the first thing I see is his arms, his triceps are flexed while he leans above me. I look down and see his tight stomach, with a nicely trimmed happy trail leading down to his cock. I watch his cock thrust in and out of my pussy. He feels so good deep inside of me.

I look over to my boyfriend and realize he is naked. His cock is erect and he is stroking it. He finally makes eye contact with me. Then suddenly I am flipped over onto my stomach. This guy lifts me up to my knees, slaps my ass and slides his hard cock back into my pussy and continues to fuck me. I am now facing my boyfriend. My boyfriend walks over and shoves his cock into my mouth. I start to suck his cock. The guy behind me starts to fuck me faster. My pussy is so wet, it feels so good. I stop sucking my boyfriends dick and start to jack it off because I can’t concentrate. This guy is fucking me so good and I orgasm for the second time.

He starts to slow down, my pussy is throbbing, he then slowly slides his cock out of my pussy. I start to suck my boyfriend’s cock again. The guy behind me starts to rub the tip of his cock against my clit. It feels so good, then I squirt all over his bed. I can’t believe it, I’ve only squirted once before in college.

He then pulls me towards him and turns me around. He lays on his back and I get on top of him. I start to ride his cock. I’m leaned over with my tits in his face. He leans forward and starts to suck my nipple. It feels so good, he’s driving me crazy. I can feel my boyfriend behind me. He starts rubbing his cock around my asshole. My asshole is actually a little wet from when I squirted earlier.

Then I feel my boyfriend’s cock in my ass. I’ve never had a cock in my pussy and my ass at the same time. My boyfriend is going slow as he fucks my ass, while the guy is going faster fucking my pussy. My boyfriend then pulls my hair and my head snaps back and I let out another moan.

My boyfriend then pulls his cock out of my ass and I feel his hot cum shoot on to my lower back, it starts sliding down my back down between my butt cheeks.

He then gets up and walks toward the bathroom. I readjust myself, I am now squatting on my two feet bouncing on this guys cock. He takes both his hand and grabs both my boobs. He then looks up at me and says “I’m about to cum” and I ask him “Where do you want to cum” as I realize he doesn’t have a condom on.

He says “On your pretty face”. So I stop riding his cock, I get off his bed and I kneel on my knees. I open my mouth and look up at him. He starts to jack off and then his cum shoots out the tip of his cock on to my face. A little gets on my left eye some into my hair. I can’t believe how much he cums.

I then open my eyes and he starts to rub the tip of his cock across my lips. I open my mouth slightly and begin to lick the tip of his cock. I smile and he walks toward the bathroom. I thought my boyfriend was in the bathroom but he was actually waiting in the living room.

While the guy is in the bathroom, my boyfriend brings me a towel and I wipe the cum off my face and hand my boyfriend the dirty towel and he walks back toward the living room. I clean up, and get dressed and my boyfriend and I leave before the guy comes out of the bathroom. My boyfriend and I didn’t say a word to each other the entire ride home. When
we got home, my boyfriend just says to me “I’m going to bed”, I say ok, while I am thinking about what just happened, and I realize I have a smile on my face. A night I will never forget.