This slightly incestuous fantasy come to us from across the pond from an author who calls herself Ruby Hair, she tells of the time she traded up lovers from son to father.

At 18 I started dating a guy at Leeds University doing his first year Chemistry degree. He was really funny and sweet, just my type. I fell for him instantly and it didn’t take long for us to connect in the bedroom!

We’d been dating for about 4 months and were smitten with each other; I’d visit him every weekend catching the train to Leeds and staying over with him in his halls of residence. We’d spend the entire weekend in bed, eating Nutella on toast inbetween rampant sex. Having an ensuite bathroom proved to be very handy for shower sex too! It was an amazing whirlwind romance, with a very dirty, seedy undertone of pure sexual lust!

After about 4/5 months of dating he decided to take me to visit his parents; this meant we were becoming more than just a weekend fuck. His mum was nice, timid and polite; the total opposite to his dad! His dad was 43, with gracefully grey hair, loud and hilarious! I was instantly attracted to this older man and spent the dinner swapping stories and laughing along to his funny jokes and tales. His name was Nick, a biker in a local motorbike club with the nickname Rabbi (apparently he looked Jewish) and he showed me his precious motorbike and leathers, trying them on me I felt his hand brush my neckline and I longed for him to touch me more.

The next few weeks we spent more and more time around his parents, watching Rugby and chatting to Nick; I wanted more and I knew it was wrong. I started to fantasise about Nick whilst having sex with his son, imagining his hands were those of a more experienced man. I’d use every excuse to fool around with Nick, play fighting and touching him to feed my urges.

Meanwhile, my relationship with his son had taken a turn for the worse – I’d drifted from him and we were no longer as close as we once were. My secret feeling for his dad were driving us, unknowingly apart. I tried to keep the relationship up just to keep seeing Nick, who I’d grown closer to over the months, but eventually his son called quits. We ended on pretty bad terms and I was devastated to think I might not see his dad again.

On the basis that I was upset about the break-up I text Nick; “I want to get back with William. U know him better than anyone – How do I make this right?” the text read. Nick called from his job as a lorry driver, pulled over on the hard shoulder he asked if I’d like him to meet me at work. I’ve never been so nervous finishing work as I have that day. There in the carpark was this golden fox, waiting with open arms and a cheeky grin. We hugged like old friends and I felt his warm breath on me. We talked about his son and I divulged on the details in the safety of his little red car, it was strange being completely alone with him but I felt so at ease. He brushed my leg reassuringly; I imagined how it would feel for his hand to creep further up my leg and I bit my lip in anticipation. We parted ways on a ‘wait and see’ basis.

I couldn’t wait, so a few days later I sent another text – “are you busy?”

I waited a while, wondering if I’d been too forwarded, over-stepped my mark. But sure enough he called again. His wife was on the night shift in accident and emergency and would I like some company? I longed to be in his company. We agreed to meet away from my house, I couldn’t have my parents seeing – hanging out with your ex-boyfriend’s dad is
hardly normal! This time when Nick arrived he looked so sexy, leather clad and straddling his motorbike! He handed me a helmet and I clumsily mounted the seat behind him; unsure where to put my arms. He swiftly guided them around his waist and I clung tight to his back. It was like a movie ending, where the 2 lovers drive off on a motorbike into the distance.

Only we didn’t go into the distance, we went to their family home. Luckily, my ex-boyfriend was at his halls of residence in Leeds so we had the house free almost to ourselves. The family’s dog hovered around unsure of what to think. Nick and I helped ourselves to drinks and we sat about talking, looking at each other knowingly and smiling
to ourselves. The dog jumped up playfully, licking me and trying to mount my lap – Nick called her down but when she refused I laughed as said “He’s only jealous because he wants to sit on my lap”.

Nick jumped up out of his armchair exclaiming “oh I do do I?” I got up to meet him. “And so what if I do?” he asked teasingly. Nothing more needed to be said. Our eyes said it all. Our lips meant and my tongue was engulfed by his forcefull kiss, holding my head and
exploring my hair with his fingers, his wedding ring entwinned in my mass of red curls.
We pulled away with just enough time for him to gasp, “shall we go upstairs?”. I nodded, without thinking – and was led to his marital bed.

He lay me down and began to undress, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a mass of hidden tattoos I’d never seen before. Pushing himself ontop of me he trailed a hand along the inside of my thigh, gently stoking my clitoris through lace knickers. His head lowered to it and he began to tease with his tongue; flicking back and forth. I gripped the sheets in ecstacy, unable to contain myself I let out a moan. All I had longed for was now coming true.

I unleashed his bulging erection from his jeans and took it in my mouth, his hand guiding my head up and down the shaft as I deep throated, listening to him gasp in pleasure and whimpering my name. In a fury of passion I was pushed back on to the bed and my knickers thrust aside as he took both legs over his shoulder to enter me. I was dripping wet as he pushed deep into me, letting out a scream he pounded again and again. Desperate for him to get his fill of my tight, pink pussy I got on all fours. Ignoring the bedside table
adorned with wedding and baby photos I focused on the pleasure filling my cunt as he reached round to rub my clitoris. Before I knew what was happening my legs gave way beneath me as I collapsed in orgasm, panting and screaming with joy. Nick soon collapsed beside me too, panting in disbelief.

“I waited too long for that” He breathed.

“Me too” I grinned.

Naked, sweaty and breathless we lay motionless on the marital bed, basking in the glory of what had jut occurred. It was then that we heard the front door open.