Despite it being late at night, we decided that it was a good time to go to the park. It’d be snowy and the cops wouldn’t be around to catch us (since it was too cold for them) so we decided that we’d go. After making the decision, I hurriedly reached for my coat.

“Okay, hold on” You said, as I slipped the coat over my shoulders.

“What, what’s wrong?” I asked, wrapping the scarf over my neck and rushing for the door.

“You’re still wearing a skirt.” You said. “We’ve been staying indoors the entire time you’ve been here, but now we’re going outside-”

“Psssh.” I arrogantly waved you off. “I’ll be fine. Besides, it’s not windy or anything.”

You quirked an eye brow. “Well, wind has nothing to do with it…”

I shrugged, looking over back to your room. I rushed in, rummaged through my suit case, and pulled out a pair of wool socks. They were the kind that went over the knee and they landed about two inches below the mini-skirt. The coat reached below the mini skirt, and so no skin was really showing. Stupidly, I felt it was enough coverage.

“See, there. All better.” I smiled at you as I slipped on my snow boots. You shrugged, grabbed your own coat, and we were off.

Like I had said, it hadn’t been windy. The days before, however, had been windy, and the second I got out of the car, I had to stop to and admire how the wind had made the surreal looking icicle formations on the trees, signs, and fences. The snow covered most of the ground and all of the pathways, with only the path lamps marking where we would walk.

“It’s so pretty out.” I murmured mostly to myself, stepping out a little bit to look at the scenery. “I mean, we never get this in Georgia. I think the one time I’ve seen this much snow was when I visited my grandpare-AHPFFFT.”

I stopped mid-sentence as something cold and wet hit my face, and the impact was followed with the sound of your laughter. I took my hand to my eyes and brushed off a good amount of rolled up snow.

“You son of a-!” I bent down and grabbed a hand full of snow as you started to run.

“Hey! NO! YOU GET BACK HERE!” I shouted. Still holding the snow ball I made, I ran after you. You were ahead of me however, and you were able to take a few seconds to collect some snow. I moved to throw my snowball, but you had thrown one at me before it could be released to my hands.

“Noo!” I shouted as the frost hit me in the shoulder and I stumbled. Before I could collect myself, another one had landed at my neck.

“That’s not fair!” I shouted at you, flailing to brush off any snow that made contact with my skin.

“Fair nothing!” You laughed. “This is how snowball fights work. If you don’t like the game, then don’t play!”

I pouted and collected the remaining snow that you had thrown at me. I threw it at you, and it hit you on your face. You sputtered as I laughed. I saw a look of determination in your eyes. Seeing that, I ceased laughing and began to ran more into the park.

“Get back here!” You shouted, running after me.

“You’d have to catch me!” I looked over my shoulder to see you gaining on me, and my legs began to carry me faster. However, I’m still a good foot shorter than you, so my short legs weren’t much of a match for your longer ones.

Further into the park where the shadows in the woods reigned and the road was harder to see, I saw a shed of some sort up a hill. I felt snow hit the back of the snow hat I was wearing, and I turned to my left so I could try to zigzag up a hill. I heard you shift and still run after me. Ahead of me, I was close to the shed, but running up the hill wasn’t as easy as I thought. Suddenly, my foot failed below me and I tripped onto my knees. You quickly fell on top of me, jerking your arm under my abdomen so I’d roll over and face you.

“AH!” I exasperated. You pinned my arms down into the snow, grinning devilishly.

“Well, you weren’t able to get that far.” You teased me.

“Oh geez, what are you doing to do?” I mocked, grinning back.

You pouted your lip a little, your eye brows furrowing. Suddenly, you smirked and moved closer to me. I smiled and moved closer expecting a kiss, but before my lips could touch yours, I felt a cold, wet mass of snow being pushed in-between my legs and under my skirt by your knee.

“Ahh!” I shrieked. “EVIL!” I moved out from underneath you, trying to move away from the snow. I heard you say something about not meaning to do that, that you were trying to move your knee in to tease me, but you had forgotten about the snow.

“Oh, f-fuck you!” I shouted, half-laughing, half-shivering. “You still had evil intent.” I shifted up and tried to close my legs as if bringing them together could warm them. You shifted closer on top of me and kissed me.

“Well, not sure about evil… But I still have something intended…” You answered. I looked up at you, smirking with one eye brow quirked. “Oh, yeah?” I answered. Suddenly, you grabbed my arm and pulled me up with you. You headed straight to the shed that I had made my destination before and you crept inside from the open doorway.

The shed was almost completely bare, save for a few ice crystals in the corners of roof. Strikingly though, a table had been positioned against the corner and out of view from anyone looking inside through the door.

“Damn, that’s kind of perfect.” I heard you murmur. You turned to give smile at me. I smiled back, nodding in agreement. At that, you quickly shrugged off your first coat and spread it over the table. Then, you took your scarf, threw it around my back and lassoed me towards you. From there, you shifted me and pinned my body to the top of the table.

I seized your lips into a kissed as your hands moved towards the buttons of my coat, and then something occurred to me and I stopped.

“Wait, it’s cold out.” I said, looking up at you.

“Well, yeah.” You shrugged, leaning back in for a kiss.

“Would that…”

“The point of this…” You nuzzled my ear and murmured into it. “Is that we’ll be keeping each other warm.” My coat opened up, revealing the flannel shirt of yours I had stolen to wear earlier that day. If I wanted to make another argument, your lips on my neck were all you needed to persuade me. I let out a hum of pleasure as your lips traveled down my collar bone, making me melt with each nip.

You pressed your body into me. My gloved hands made their way to button your shirt as yours moved down to grope my chest. By the time I had made it half-way through unbuttoning, you laughed.

“What?” I asked, looking up at you. You grinned, moving your hand down the snap-buttons. A few came down past my sternum and revealed my chest to be bare, as I hadn’t been wearing a bra under the flannel.

Oh, that’s why you laughed!

“I- I might have gotten excited about the snow and forgotten about that.” I admitted blushing about it.

You grinned. “It’s certainly gotten me excited.” You murmured again, and you lowered your head and pressed your lips to my sternum. The metal nipple piercing had gotten cold in the freezing air and, I gasped as you took it into your mouth.

My hands moved up to the nape of your neck as you left a trail of kisses and bites down my abdomen. You continued unsnapping buttons along the way and my skin made contact with the air. My nipples got harder with the cold, and goose bumps began to prickle my skin as I moaned with each bite. I closed my eyes as your lips traveled down to the top of my mini skirt, and I whimpered in protest you stopped and moved back up to face me.

“That’s not fair.” I whined.

“Oh, it’s about being fair now?” You teased me. I moved my hands to finish opening your shirt, and you hands moved to unzip my skirt and slip it of my hips and down my legs. As it reached my ankles, you reached down to yank it off and let it fall to the floor. As you did, you took a glance at my panties before you looked back at me.

“Getting wet at all?” You chuckled, grinning at me.

“Yeah, but it’s not like I had snow in between my legs earlier or anything,” I retorted, grin on my face. You scowled at me, and I laughed.

“Oh, come on, now…” I said, moving closer to you. I ran my gloved hands along your torso, and then quickly moved them over the fabric that covered your hardness. I heard a sound in the back of your throat, almost like a moan or a hum. I slipped a few fingers under your waistband, not quite touching but teasing enough.

“Aaah, oh, god.” You moaned, closing your eyes. I took my fingers out, took off my gloves, and placed them back, this time firmly taking a hold of you. You let out a gasp of surprise. I placed my hand over the zipper and undid it, then began to stroke you, but only enough to make you beg. Your skin was hot against mine. You trembled as you seem to do whenever I manage to have my way with you.

“I guess this is keeping us warm.” I said, pressing my lips against your neck and biting into it.

“Shii-fu-” You hissed as I grazed my teeth along your collar bone. I felt your gloved hand on my stomach, traveling down a little, but I didn’t make much note of it as I stroked you. Suddenly, your other hand grabbed my shoulder and pushed me down onto the table again.

“Hey!” I nearly barked. You tugged your glove off of your hand with your teeth, locking your eyes with me as you did so. Then, you placed your hand along my stomach again. I took a moment to be relieved that your gloves had kept your hands warm, and then I felt your slip your hand underneath my panties.

“Ah,” I breathed, arching my back a little. I gasped, feeling your two fingers move over my wetness and inside of me.

“What was that I said about you being wet?” You asked. I thought that you almost sounded a little breathless, but I didn’t get a chance to say anything as you stroked your fingers inside of me. I let out a moan as you continued, and eventually I began to beg you not to stop.

“Yeah… I don’t think you’re wet from the snow.” You concluded, slipping your fingers out and sliding them over my clit.

“O-okay, fine!” I moaned, arching my spine and rolling my head back as you rubbed me a little more intensely. “It’s not the snow.”

“Tell me that I’m the one making you wet then.” You murmured, coming close to me. You moved your fingers back inside me, sliding them and rubbing over my clit with your thumb.

“Y-you’re making m-me- Aaha!” I shuddered as your lips grazed my ear and you began to nibble my ear lobe. “Christ.” I moaned. “I-”

“Say it.” You almost commanded it, lowering our lips down onto my neck. I moaned, and took in a deep breath.

“Y-you’re making me we-AUH!” I nearly shouted as you bit into my neck. You slowly slid your fingers out and away from between my legs. Then you moved me, trying to shift me so I was sitting up against the wall. You moved onto the table on your knees and spread my legs. You lifted me up against the wall and taking my legs to wrap around your waist. Without speaking, you took your fingers to move the fabric of my panties to the side and your hardness into me.

“Oh, god.” I moaned out as you moaned too. You had gotten particularly hard, and the anatomy of where our bodies met seemed especially hot in the cold air.

“Fuu- Damn, Dee.” You shuddered, pressing more into me.

“Ah, yes.” I breathed, “God-ah!”

You began to thrust more into me as I was pressed against the wall. It began steady at first, as your buried your face into my neck. I bit my lip, trying to keep from moaning but soon sounds from me escaped.

“Ah, god. M-more!” I moaned. Then you didn’t hold back. As you kept one of your hands kept my shoulders against the wall so I wouldn’t fall, and you gradually but quickly began to move in and out of me.

Eventually, the pleasure began to heighten and I felt euphoria blanket my senses. My eyes were closed, but I could see stars. The park outside the shed had been completely silent, but together, we had been moaning so the sounds of us pierced the air. The cold had previously given us chills and made us shiver, but now things between us were so hot that it was too hot to handle.

“Shi- Ah! I’m getting close.” I managed to say as I could feel myself reach the edge.

“M-me, too.” You managed to reply, continuing on. You captured my mouth into a kiss, and I moaned into your lips.

“A-ah!” I shouted, reaching my climax. My arms tightened and I squeezed my eyes shut, feeling the release. I heard you moan louder and you threw your head back. I knew you had finished as you pressed deeply into me once more, shuddering.

We both slumped into each other’s embraces. You moved out of me and sat on your knees, one arm wrapped around me and the other arm behind me and against the wall as you supported yourself up. I rested my head onto your chest and let my arms sit around your waist, as my heavy and course breathing began to become slow and steady again. I felt a few kisses being pressed onto of my head, and I smiled.

“Damn.” I managed to say. You laughed as I pressed a kiss upon your chest.

“Yeah,” You whispered. “Probably good that you did wear that skirt after all.”

I laughed as well. “Well, considering that it was the only thing that actually came off of any of us…”

You looked back at what were both wearing. Our clothing had been opened and rearranged, but aside from the coat that we sat on top of, the skirt had been the other thing to leave any of our bodies.

“Okay, now it’s actually getting cold.” You admitted.

“You think?” I laughed and shivered, moving my hands to button up my shirt. You pouted as the flannel covered my chest and I smiled, reaching up for a kiss from your chilly lips.