By: FacelessFetish:

He shoved his two fingers into her mouth and pushed downward, hooking
her, and pulled her toward him.  She stumbled over from on her knees, and
landed in his lap.  He grabbed her by the nape of the neck and tugged her
head back so that she was now looking up at him.  Gaining better leverage
by balling his fist up in her hair, he held her head straight and slapped
her across the mouth.  His cock twitched and a smirk spread across his
face. She had cried out involuntarily, and turned red from embarrassment.
Flushed fingerprints began to surface.

“Shut the fuck up, whore; my little cockslut.” She closed her lips
instinctively as he began to undo his zipper.  Her resistance only made him
harder.  “My piggy cum-dumpster is going to please ‘daddy’ tonight, isn’t
she?” She was silent and he slapped her firmly across the lips once more.
“I said, are you going to please your fucking master tonight?”

“Yes.  I promise to please you…  anything for you!  Hurt me
however you’d like.” A tear fell from her eye.

He reached out and gripped her by the front of the neck and pushed her
backwards until she was on her back, slamming her head clumsily on the
carpet.  She winced.  He positioned himself beside her head, pulled his
hard cock from his pants, and shoved it into her mouth going deep with the
first thrust.  She gagged and her body attempted to gasp for breath.  His
cock was rock hard now and he could feel pre cum ooze out of him from within
her throat, and then pulled out.  She took a sharp inhalation of breath and
began to cry.  He slapped her cheek with his cock and splashed in her
tears. “You’re not done, my filthy little bitch!”

She began to breathe faster knowing her airways would soon be blocked
again.  In came his cock, faster and deeper, in and out, tears and mascara
dripping from her eyes and onto the carpet beneath her.

He reached over and pulled her breast from her bra and pinched her
nipple.  She shrieked and winced with pain and her whimpering felt amazing
around his cock.  He began to ease himself in and out of her mouth, still
grabbing at her breast and pawing at her like a rabid beast, cock pulsating
in her sore, tired mouth.  “Touch yourself, bitch!  Touch yourself because
‘daddy’ fucking your mouth makes you wet.  It makes you so fucking horny to
be mouth-raped by me doesn’t it, slut?  You worship my cock, you cunt!”

She reached down with one hand and put it beneath her white cotton

“That’s right, that’s my good little cunt.” He twisted her nipple to
make her cry out and pushed his cock deep within her throat again, gagging
her one, two, three times, and then pulled himself out of her throat and
mouth; a long, thick strand of saliva keeping itself latched onto him.  He
rubbed his spit-covered cock all over her face, smearing her tears and

She continued to rub her clit while he defiled her face, and slapped her
across her tits over and over until they began to turn beat red, all the
while crying out and rubbing herself faster.

“Cum with my cock in your mouth, whore.” And with that he pushed
his fingers between her teeth to open her up, and plunged his cock between
her swollen lips.  Pulling her head all the way back he shoved his cock
into her throat until her lips hit his balls.  She began to writhe and
noises came from inside her neck.  He shoved a finger inside of her pussy
to feel how wet she was, and put his finger into her mouth so she could
taste herself.  She sucked from his finger eagerly, looked up into his
eyes, and smiled.