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By: LilMissTrouble

The day was finally here when Goddess Rikki and I were to meet in person. She had early on decided that she wanted a sissy slave/pet and so she had been feminizing me over the last 6 months. That was also about the time I had been locked in her chastity.

I had arrived at her house as requested and was immediately shown to a spare room that had been turned into a teen-aged girls dream with pink walls, dolls, stuffed animals, a vanity and frilly sheets. The difference was that the door could only be opened and locked from the outside and one wall was covered in various “toys” locked behind a heavy wire mesh door. Goddess then pointed to the clothes on the bed and told me to strip. Naked but for her chastity I was told to dress.

I walked back to the front room dressed in the lingerie Goddess had laid out for me. I wore a tight waist cincher with garters, lace top seamed stockings in taupe, black pumps with 6” heels and gold spandex shoulder-length gloves. Rikki was dressed only in a black one piece outfit composed of straps and small triangles that strained to cover her full C cup breasts and a slightly wider strap that concealed her pussy. My cock strained against its prison spiking itself on the internal spikes that lined the interior. She walked up to me her skin flushed, her eyes gleaming and quickly tied my wrists and elbows tightly behind my back then collaring me with a pink leather collar with the word “SLUT” in jeweled studs in front. Rikki then pushed me hard onto the sofa and tied my collar to a rope fastened behind the sofa so that I couldn’t get up.

Rikki then straddled me and pressed her body to min. Her warm soft skin contrasting with the sharp hard spiked studs that adorned her outfit making me breathe faster. I let out a gasp and she leaned away a bit and slapped me twice across the face hard but not full force, just enough to get my attention. “Quiet sissy,” she said. She then pressed herself against me again whimpering all the hot, nasty things we could do…if I wasn’t locked up.

I squirmed and twisted trying to find some relief for my poor spiked cock, to no avail. Rikki then stood up and told me she was going to slip into something more comfortable. She then tied my ankles to the corners of the sofa and left saying that if I got free before she got back I could cum otherwise I would earn 8 more weeks in chastity.

She returned about 15 minutes later and not one rope or knot was loose. She stood before me the very vision of a racing Goddess. She wore lace top black patterned stockings, black leather ankle boots with 7” heels, black silk boy cut panties that were so tight they looked painted on. She also wore an orange Harley Davidson t-shirt covered by a black leather vest. Her hands were covered in skin tight kid leather driving gloves. The small nylon bag she carried dropped to the floor and she played with the flogger she held in her hands.

“I told you to get loose didn’t I sissy?” she said planting a booted foot on my chest pressing the 7” spiked heel hard and twisting it slightly.

“Yes Goddess, “ I stammered.

“Yet,” she continued moving her foot to a nipple. “Here you are and not a single rope is loose. You didn’t try very hard at all did you” the spike twisting on my nipple.

Yes, Goddess,” I gasped. “I did try, I tried very hard”.

She pulled the boot away and straddled my body. She leaned forward her gloved hand gripping my face hard, she kissed me deeply. Pulling away slightly and nibbling an ear lobe she whispered “You know your failure has earned you 8 more weeks locked up in your belt’.

“Yes, Goddess,” I said.

She then slapped me harder three times in quick succession across my face then she clamped her gloved hand hard over my mouth. “I didn’t ask you to speak!” She caressed my face with her free hand, my mouth still covered by the iron grip of the first. “Still you are a pretty little thing.” Rikki then covered my nose with her hand and had me breathe in the scent of the leather and the scent of her skin as it mingled with the soft leather. “Breathe in the scent of my leather bitch. Now, how long do you thing you should be locked up for speaking out of turn? Remember if it is too short I will punish you and at least triple the time and if it is longer than I have in mind I will simply leave you inside for that period of time. Delicious isn’t it?” she giggled as she enjoyed the power and control she had.

“I think I should be locked up for an extra 4 da…weeks Goddess” I said weakly once her hand was removed.

“Hmmm 4 more weeks plus the eight you earned for being such a pansy and the two you have remaining 14 weeks, that is acceptable”. She smiled broadly at me.

Flush with her control over me she kissed me hard and passionately, my moans of discomfort fueling her desire as I felt her body heat up and as she ground her panty covered pussy on my thigh. She pushed my head to her breasts commanding me to lick and suck her nipples through her t-shirt her hands pressing my head to her breasts.

I gasped and licked and sucked as best I could, my cock sending continuous signals of pain from its, now, very shrunken prison. I could feel her excitement as it seeped through her panties I was beside myself my Goddess the very embodiment of sexuality straddling my body pressing herself to me her excitement oozing from every pore and I was torn in two between the pleasure I received in pleasing her and the agony it cost.

As she shuddered to a small orgasm she pulled back slightly “That was not bad sissy but I will expect much much better in the future from you if you ever want to have any hope of being unlocked. Just look at me my panties are soaked.” Then a crafty smile spread over her face. She wiggled on my lap as she pulled her panties off. Leaning forward her face next to mine she pressed her panties over my mouth and nose “Breathe me in sissy know what your helplessness does to me”. Then she sat up and wadded up the panties and shoved them in my mouth. “Taste your Goddess slut, taste my sweetness”. My mouth was covered by her gloved hand.

Rikki then sat up on my lap and removed her t-shirt and vest her breasts swollen and crowned by hard erect perfect little buds that were her nipples. “Come on sissy kiss and lick my nipples, see they are all naked for you to kiss and worship.” As I tried to lean forward to obey she leaned back and the rope and collar around my neck held me to the sofa. She teased and taunted me to kiss her and I struggled and squirmed to obey muffled sounds coming from my panty filled mouth.

At last she pushed me back and slapped my face just because she enjoyed it. The slaps brought tears to my eyes clamping her hand over my mouth once more Rikki leaned forward to slowly lick the tears from my cheeks as she did so I could feel small shudders run through her as her soft warm tongue glided over my face. It was as if the tears themselves were orgasmic to my Goddess.

Then she reached into her bag and brought out a ball gag and proceeded to buckle it tightly in my mouth the panties helping to muffle any sounds I might make.

Next came nipple clamps which were screwed tightly to my nipples until I literally thought they would fall off. “Now lets have some fun sissy” she said excited and energized.

The next hour was spent being lashed by her flogger, then her riding crop, nipple torture and teasing and she even masturbated with her toy while writhing on me even biting my tender nipples as she reached climax.

As she rested beside me she touched and caressed me tenderly like a lover even fondling my balls and imprisoned cock. “I want you to know I do care for you and it is because I care for you that I keep you locked up. You are mine and this is mine. You will exist to please and amuse me and I will tease and torment you mind, body and soul. I will tempt you with pleasure and deny you because it is what you crave. We cannot be together as equals as you are not my equal but only a pathetic, needy sissy, only a pathetic, needy sissy slut who has to be guided and told what to do. But you will be happy being used like this I know it I see it in your eyes just as you see in my eyes my need to control you all of you.”

With that she removed my gag and pulled the now sodden panties from my mouth. “Now it is time for you to fuck your Goddess” she said. With that she strapped a gag on me with a large dildo in front for her and a large penis shaped plug in my mouth for me. Once she had it strapped tightly in place she smiled and said “Just a taste of what you will never feel again,” and with that she straddled me once more and before my desperate eyes she sucked the dildo as if it were an actual cock. I watched tears streaming down my face as I knew I would never be strong enough or clever enough to ever win free of the steel prison I was in and even as I struggled I wasn’t sure I wanted to.