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Snapshot_20130506_38By: Rihanna143

The first time meeting Tim was one of the most breathtaking moments of my life.

When I see him, I don’t want to waste any time. He is exactly like his picture. When does that ever happen? We’d been sexting and trading pics but had never met. He’s handsome, clean and I just can’t help from thinking about what’s under his clothes. Just at that thought my pussy starts to throb as I walk towards him. He is sitting on a big blanket under a tree in a beautiful private park. We introduce ourselves.

I pull his shirt above his head. I reveal his beautiful body and I cannot stop touching him. He undresses me and pulls me to him. He softly kisses and nibbles on my perky breasts. The touch of his tongue on my skin is amazing. I can instantly feel my pussy get moist and start to swell at the thought of his hardness deep inside me. His tongue travels down past my belly button to my sweet spot. I crumble onto the blanket as he continues to lick and suck on my pussy. I push his face hard into me my fingers touching him everywhere. My hands through his hair as a push up on my hips. He bites my swollen clit and  I almost explode.

I push him off of me and tell him to lay down. I firmly grasp his very big cock in both my hands. I look up at him while I lick from the bottom of his shaft up to the head of his cock and suck hard. He moans in pleasure and thrusts up and down as he fucks my mouth. I love it. It turns me on so good to see him in so much pleasure. I swirl my tongue around the tip and then suck him deep in my throat. He pulls my hair gently and pinching my nipple with his other hand.  I love the powering feeling it gives me and I get wetter. I gently squeeze his balls in one of my hands massaging them while I suck his very nice manhood. He pulls me up and sits me right on his hardness. I moan in goodness as he  gently thrusts his cock deep into my pulsating vagina. Oh it feels so good to have him filling me up with his hardness. Oh Tim! I love your fat dick in me.

As I ride him he cups my breasts, our bodies meeting perfectly with each thrust. I can’t help but moan in pleasure as he thrusts harder and deeper in me.  He rolls me over as he wants me from the back. I lay there wanting him, needing him. He rubs me from the front to the back with his whole hands and gives my pussy a little slap that makes me quiver. Then he slams his hard thick cock deep inside me and I yell out in pleasure. Oh Tim!, fuck me hard! His breathing deepens and he asks me, “you like that baby?.” Yes Tim don’t stop! He grabs my hair with one hand and my ass with the other and he moves his cock in and out with force! I push my ass to him with every thrust.

My breathing becomes heavier … I feel his cock pulsing as he is about to explode. He lays down and pulls me onto him. I sit my wet pussy on his face and bend down to put him in my mouth. As we both touch each other our bodies pulse. I suck him hard and fast, pushing every lovely inch of him into my mouth swirling my tongue around and around. He moans and licks me from the front to back I cant contain myself I feel it building up. My body tenses up as he sucks my clit and pushes his fingers in and out of me. I get a burst of goodness as I overflow onto his face. I moan loud and my body shakes as it feels so good.

I put his cock deep in my mouth moving up and down fast as I tighten my lips around him and gently squeeze his balls. I want him to come in my mouth. He spreads his legs a little and moans as he thrusts deep in my mouth I feel him pulsing again and I suck and massage harder. He moans \ and gushes into my mouth and I don’t stop sucking until he goes limp. As we finish he gives me an incredible smile and we pack up to leave……… Until next time Tim