By: SuneAdura

The moon light spills across the land and the cool spring breeze carries the sweet scent of jasmine and lily through the valley. There she lays by the calm waters edge just taking in the night, her long red hair laid out like a fan of fire around her head and shoulders. She lays there staring up at the night sky dreaming of the one who turned her world upside-down. As she rolls to her side to face the quiet creek, her purple silken tunic falls away to reveal her smooth tan thigh. She reaches for her own reflection in the calm waters hoping to see what everyone else seems to see in her, but all she can see is a girl pretending to be a woman.

She runs her hand gently over the surface of the water, distorting her reflection. She lays back to watch the moonlight dance across the trees, casting shadows everywhere. As she stares into the night, she sees something lingering in the shadows. She sits up slowly pulling her tunic close around her. As her green eyes adjusts to the low light and the shadows, she sees a figure standing there. She knows it’s him, the man she loved, and she can feel his gaze starring back at her. As she watches him, she feels herself being drawn to him, like a moth to the flame. She raises to her feet and stroll towards him. She approaches him with caution and anticipation. He reaches out for her hand and steps out of the shadows. The moonlight reveals his strong jaw line, his hairless face, his raven black curls and his caramel colored skin. She reaches for his now out stretched hand and as their hands meet she feels that yearning in her body that only he can satisfy. She leans in close and looks up into his face, to see eyes as black as night, with a faint blue flame burning in them. The sight takes her breath away and she falls into his arms.

He wraps his arms tightly around her and pulls her in close to him. Her head rests against his bare chest, he breaths in he scent of her and his mind flashes back to the times when they were together, when they were happy, when they were one. She wraps her arms around his neck as he carefully sweeps her off her feet and carries her back over to where she had laid in the moonlight. His eyes blaze bright with fiery passion and lust for this gorgeous woman he holds so closely against him. He lays her down beside the waters edge and gently kisses her forehead as he lays his body beside hers in the soft grass. He slowly kisses his way down her face to her slightly parted lips. She has been waiting for him for so long, she can barely contain herself. She stretches her legs out and her silken tunic falls open to expose more than just her flawless tan thighs, but he doesn’t notice. He is too busy starring into her eyes and trying to read every little expression on her face. He leans in to kiss her and as his lips meet hers, both of their bodies ignite with a yearning that neither of them ever could have expected. She relaxes against the cool grass. Her hands slowly start to slide over his shoulders and then down his chest. He arches his back in pure pleasure at the feel of her hands slide over his upper body. Her body reacts to his every touch as he kisses down her neck and his arms wrap around her body, gently tugging at her tunic. Her fingertip gently caress his abs and then drift down to his pant line, where she finds his man-hood ready and waiting for her to set him free from the prison that holds it captive. His whole body tightens as he feels her finger nails running back and forth along the top of his pants. He rolls himself on top of her as he kisses her deeply, plunging his tongue into her mouth as his hands pull her tunic open.

Her hands feverishly reach for his pants as he sits up to admire her freshly exposed flesh. Her tan skin glowing in the moonlight as the purple silk pools around her naked body. Her breasts gently sway as her breathing quickens and her hands slowly start to unbutton his pants. She fumbles with the button but finally gets it. His hard, long member springs forward as soon as the button is un-snapped. He sits above her exposed and as her gaze travels up his face, she can see his need in his eyes. He slowly lowers his mouth to meet her breasts. He lays a gentle kiss upon her left nipple and as her breathing quickens he ever so softly flicks her hardening nipple with his tongue. Then slides his tongue across her chest to her right breast and does the same to the right nipple. Her hands slide up his arms and over his shoulders, finally settling in his hair, her fingers gently kneading and pulling at his hair, as his mouth and tongue work at her nipples. After he has done his job at her nipples he slowly kisses down the middle of her body, rolling his tongue around her belly button before laying a kiss upon it. As he works his way down her body she begins to shake and twitch with for every little kiss, every little touch. Each one more intense than the last. She feels as if her body my explode now into a million pieces from all the yearning that has built up in her body for him. Her fingers and hands knead and pull at his hair more and more with every passing second. Her lust and passion and yearning are growing beyond her control.

He works his way down her body and finally reaches that sweet spot between her legs. She is shaking with anticipation. He lowers his head between her shaking thighs and gently rolls his tongue across her clit  before he closed his mouth around her and start to suckle at her clit. Her body instantly reacts, her back arches are his mouth works at her. Now she is almost convulsing from the sheer pleasure of his mouth and tongue between her legs. She begins to feel this warming, tingling feeling spreading through her body and she cant even begin to control her self, its as if her body has a mind of its own. She throws her head back and lets out a loud moan as her body rides his face into sheer bliss as her body convulses. Her orgasm shatters everything around her and all she can feel is his mouth working away between her legs and this amazing warm and tingling all over her body. She can see the sheer excitement and satisfaction in his eyes as she looks down to see his face.

Once her body has laid back down on the soft grass he raises his head and carefully crawls up her body. His man-hood is hard and ready and there is only one thing it wants, Her. He lowers his hips to meet that soft, sweet, wetness between her legs. She raises her hips to meet his. He finds her instantly and slides inside. She rolls her hips at the sheer size of him filling her up. He feels so amazing and she cant wait to have more of him. He starts out nice and easy, long strokes sliding in and out. Her body is wriggling under him with every little stroke. She rocks her hips back and forth to meet his hips. He can feel his body ready to go, but he waits for her release. She can feel every inch of him inside her, filling every last bit of her body. She moans as he slides all way inside of her and then slowly works his way back out. Her body convulses around him, and then she starts to feel the tingling, warming sensation she felt earlier. He begins to speed up, and he can feel her body tighten around his penis and he knows what’s about to happen. She starts to rock and roll her hips with every stroke he makes and her hands find their way to his back. As her orgasm rips through her body, her nails and dragged down his back. He feels her nails in his back and begins to go faster and harder. Her sweet release is just want he needs, it sends him into an orgasm all his own. He’s release brings them both satisfaction and bliss. He slides off her and lays his body next to her again in the soft grass. They lay together in the moonlight holding each other close reveling in the bliss and pleasure of their union.