By: Skarlette89

Her eyes flickered between pleasure and pain as he thrust into her. His hand was wrapped tightly around her neck, his fingers forcing red marks into her skin, and she could feel her head becoming lighter in response. Her hands and face scraped against the brick wall, the little pieces of debris flaking off into her skin. Her face was stained with mascara filled tears, but this only made him want her more. She could hear his groans around her, surrounding her and overpowering her cries. Her eyes closed from exhaustion and she kept repeating to herself “He’s almost done. He’s almost done.”

She was almost oblivious as he finished. He didn’t bother pulling out. Why would he? He took his hand from around her neck and her small frame sunk to the ground in a heap. She had blocked out what was happening to cope with the attack. Her tears had dried and her throat was raw from her cries and his forced attentions. He reached down and slapped her hard across her face, bringing her back to reality. Her eyes slowly opened and they were rimmed with red. Once he knew she was focusing back on him, he squatting down beside her and reached out to grab her chin firmly; his fingers forcing her lips into a contorted position.

“You’re mine now.” was all he said.

Amanda woke with a start and audibly moaned.

“That dream again?” she muttered to herself.

She closed her eyes, thinking back to the rather…intense dream she just had. She could feel the wetness pooling between her legs and she couldn’t resist reaching a hand down to it. She slipped her fingers under her panties, her thumb hooking on trim of the bikini cut underwear, and began rubbing at her vulva. She was dripping wet. She tipped her head back and bit her lip as she spread her wetness up and around her clit and began circling it with her finger. She loved teasing herself.

She squeezed her eyes closed tighter and tried to think back to her dream, trying to fill in the blanks.

He had her by the hair, his hand wrapped around it tightly, and he used that grip to control her. Her pantyhose were scraping against the ground holes forming in the thin material and they weren’t much protection for her knees either. She could feel the pieces of rock digging into them, but didn’t pay much attention. His pants were unzipped and pulled halfway down his hips, exposing his thick, veiny penis through the hole of his boxers. Her cheeks ached from the vigorous infiltration of his manhood into her mouth. Saliva splattered down her chin and across her exposed breasts. Her shirt, tattered around her front, didn’t offer her defense from the cold. Tears were beginning to form in her eyes as he forced his penis down her esophagus, the ripples in it grinding against the side of those muscles, causing her discomfort. Her larynx reeled in response, trying to eject this infiltration from it.

He could feel the muscles of her throat pushing against his unyielding erection, making the grip even tighter. He let out a growl, using the grip in her hair to force her head to tip back. He bent her body over a tire lying in the ally way. Her legs were bent at an uncomfortable angle, one of them half folded behind her. Her upper body was arched out and her neck was stretched awkwardly. He scuttled forward and straddled her. His testicles came up against her face and he ground them against her chin, mouth and nose hard. She tried to turn her head away as she felt the sweaty skin rubbing against her face, the wiry pubic hair scratching at her sensitive skin. He made her inhale his essence, the pure heart of his arousal; a few moments longer before pulling back to instead push the head of his thickness back into her mouth.

He didn’t give her a chance to catch her breath, but rather immediately thrust his full length into her, making her gag reflex flare up yet again. He pounded into her little pouty mouth over and over again, ripping apart her face. He groaned as he stabbed in and out without inhibition. He pulled his length all the way out, causing a popping sound as it slipped out from her wet lips. He wrapped his free hand around the base of his shaft and slapped her across the face with it. Her own saliva spread across her face as he whacked her with it several more times. He leaned forward and again rubbed his scrotum across her face, smearing her spit into her hair and across her cheeks and forehead. Finally he pulled back and took a step back. He pulled her hair toward him, causing her to scramble up. His body half bent to meet her and he spit on her face.

“You dirty fucking tease…” he said, trailing off.

Amanda moaned, the wetness now spread down her thighs. She wasn’t circling her clit now, but rather she was rubbing at it furiously. Her back arched off of the mattress, creating a bridge with her body. Her blankets had long before slid down her body. In her frantic rubbing her shirt had pushed up and revealed her lean stomach. Sweat was beginning to form on her smooth skin as her body writhed and arched from her self pleasure. Her hands and feet were tightening and untightening in beat with her masturbation

She moved a finger down to slip inside of her moist cove, and it began clenching at it right away. She bucked her hips up into her own hand, forcing her finger down deeper. She pushed it in and out, wishing it was the man from her dreams thrusting into her. She slipped another finger in and began sliding them in faster. She slipped back into her fantasy world.

Amanda was walking home from a night out with her friends. They had all parted ways at the bar, this being a smaller sized town. Amanda was wearing a shorter black skirt and a pair of new pantyhose. They amazingly didn’t have a run in them yet. Her legs looked long in the black heels she had chosen for the night. She kept walking, her paced slowed a bit by the heels.

Goosebumps rose on her arms as the night chilled. She was wearing a one shouldered green blouse. It didn’t quite drop low enough to cover her stomach and her hip bones were exposed. Her skin was slightly tanned, as she occasionally made visits to the local tanning booth. One of her arms dangled down past her hip, the other wrapped around her exposed midriff, trying to preserve as much heat as possible. Her hair was loose and wisped around her face in the night wind, the occasional piece sticking to her lips and causing her to reach up and free it.

She had worn more make-up than normal and it made her eyes pop. Her lashes were dark, and had been curled for the evening. Her eyes looked almost ‘wide eyed’ from the way she had applied her make-up. Her eye shadow was smoky and it made her green eyes pop, even in the dark night. Her lips, normally full, gleamed with rich color, thanks to her lipstick choice for the evening. Her bottom lip still formed its usual pout appearance. She had a mouth that made all men want to fuck it. Her skin was smooth and almost spotless despite the freckled scattered across her cheeks and over her nose. She had a habit of biting at her bottom lip, which exposed her white teeth; a starching contrast to the darkness that surrounded her. Her cheek bones were high, and her smile from tonight’s activities accented them tonight.

She turned, walking into the alley that would take her toward her street. The streetlights didn’t quite reach to the middle and she would be walking in almost complete darkness for a moment. As she drew closer to the middle she reached down to feel around in her purse for her phone. She planned to use it to guide her path. This alley was known for abandoned tires, bikes and other whatnots. She tipped her head down and bent slightly to bring her face closer to her purse. That’s when she felt a hard body press up behind her and grabbed her by her hair. She went to let a scream, but his other hand shoved something into her mouth. It tasted horrible, like grease that had been festering for months.

She felt the heavy breathing of the man on her neck as he pushed up closer against her. She struggled, trying to break out of his grip, but it was no use. He used his body to back her face first into the wall of the alley. He rubbed against her ass from behind, his erection evident through his jeans. He used his hand to push her skirt up over her hips, exposing her pantyhose clad ass. He thrust into that womanly crevice with his bulging penis.

He spoke into her neck “You fucking tease, you’re going to get what you’re asking for.” before sinking his teeth into it. She cried out around the cloth in her mouth at the pain of his bite. Her wrists scraped against the wall as he ground into her from behind. Suddenly he stopped and used her hair to reel her body around to face him. She hadn’t seen him yet, but it didn’t matter as his face was covered with a dark ski mask. Only his lips, dry and thin, and his eyes, glimmering with evil intent, were visible through the thick material. Those lips formed into a grimace as he watched her looking at him and his eyes twinkled a little more. He yanked her head back and forced her hips up against him. He brought his other hand up and clouted her across the face. This caused her face to turn and the pull on her hair to intensify.

Her face stung from his slap, but he didn’t give her much time to absorb before using her hair to yank her head to the side and down. She was forced to drop to her knees in front of him. He tipped her head back and made her look up at him with those big innocent eyes.

“This is just the beginning, bitch.” he said with a smirk.

Amanda was beyond the need for release now. The whole rape fantasy had played out in her mind, piece by piece. Her hands were shaking slightly and her vagina muscles were clenching at her fingers. Her other hand had long ago dropped down to rub at her clit as she finger fucked herself. Her moans had grown louder and un-abandoned as she neared her release. Her hair stuck to her face, the heat of her arousal spreading up her body. She could feel her release coming and she bit down on her lip hard in anticipation. She felt her vagina begin to clasp around her fingers harder than before, squeezing over and over in bursts. Her fingers continued moving, but not as fast now. The hand that was rubbing her clit abandoned such attentions and instead moved its grip into the sheets of the bed and seized them tightly. Her hips lifted rhythmically with the waves of pleasure that were spreading up and down her body. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her mouth parted as hot fast breathes escaped them.

In the after math of her orgasm she lay still. One hand still pushed up tightly against her mound and the other still fondling the sheets. Her breathing began to slow and her eyes slid closed. Her body sunk into the bed as her mind sunk back into a deep sleep.