By.: TexanGirl

Our bodies sat bare upon wooden chairs facing one another. The room was warm. Our freshly showered skin wore a mingled mist of new perspiration and the last remnants of bathing.We each looked at the other wearing a facade of determination masking deep swallows of longing.Your skin wore its alabaster hue like a gown. Your body carved from marble and coated in milk; painted with visual riddles. I loved looking at you. Your soft summer straw hair clutching your head and shoulders like damp cloth.The feast within your eyes made my mouth water.Your lips were parted and your soft, bright pink tongue slowly licked the outlines of each flushed portion of your delicious mouth. Your narcotic face held my eyes in a thrall of addiction. Your breasts rested upon your form peacefully.

The fruit of your flesh. How they begged for attention. Defiant against the warm, stagnant air your nipples stood taught and firm, pink and ready – whispering to my every desire the teasing taunt of available satisfaction.The smooth and soft promise of your skin enshrouded each breast within a cloak of irresistibly powerful temptation.How did I resist you? But, I had to! I could not give in! Oh, the angelic majesty of your stomach… How could I not gaze upon it with the most hopeless of desires? To feel  its warmth against my cheek… to kiss it… to bury my face in your wonderful stomach – with relish! With abandon! How every portion of you taunted me. How every portion of you tempted me cruelly.Your perfect legs. Thighs that demanded caressing and tasting. Calves that required kissing and stroking. Directing me to your fragile ankles and perfect feet – each tiny toe curled in resistance. Against what? Were you as tempted as I?

But, I could not neglect the passion that ensnared me most of all. That pleasant glimpse of heaven between your divine legs…I was fixated on the fascinating curves of the barest glimpse of your ass – the way you sat upon your chair provided me with irrefutable evidence regarding the fact of your perfection – and your most pleasant of seats gently merged with your sex. Each lip rested glimmering and flush. There existed a hint of bright in between. An ever-so-soft sheen of ever-so-soft fur lightly rested upon the surface. A fruit of remarkable potency and the only satisfaction for the moist desire of my mouth.But, I resisted.I sat bare, too. The muscles within my shoulders and neck, tight with tension and struggle. My hands resting lightly upon my knees. My legs were parted and I sat comfortably.I was aroused.

Rigid.You bit your lip and your eyes narrowed. Slowly, your right hand traced a path up your thigh. You touched yourself. “You lose,” I whispered. “I know,” you mouthed.I arose and approached you. You took my outstretched hand and followed me to the bed. I proceeded to bind you upon it. You rested upon your hands and knees. I am certain you wondered what I was about to do to you. I am also certain you did not anticipate what I did do to you.Your groan was delicious to hear and inspired my performance…I was kneeling directly behind you. The tip of my tongue was teasing your clit while the base of it was pressing against your lips. My nose was inside you. I was rubbing the bridge of my nose across the wall of flesh between your pussy and your asshole. I was fucking you with my nose while licking and sucking your pussy lips and clit. You couldn’t help yourself. You couldn’t help but grind yourself against my nose. You buried your face into the pillow in front of you as you came. Your muffled screams and haphazard writhing just egged me on. I pressed my tongue firmly against your clit, while burying my nose as deep within you as possible.

Then, I pulled your clit into my mouth and sucked. Hard.”G-UNH!”You sobbed once and went limp.Your toes were still curled tight as I entered you.”…th-unnnnhhh…”Your moaning was simultaneously a beg for mercy and a beg for more.I fucked you deep and hard while holding gently to your breasts. The disconnect between each activity pleased you. My gentle touch and my vicious thrusting.My hands cupped your breasts, teased your nipples, stroked your stomach, caressed your ass, scratched your back, gripped your shoulders and – every so often – gave your hair a gentle yank.Right before I came, I slapped your ass. Then, I grabbed both of your thighs and pulled you onto me as deep as I could go.I was vulnerable in my ecstasy as you were vulnerable in your exhaustion.I threw myself onto your back and bit your neck as I came.With each ejaculation, I grabbed handfuls of your muscle and flesh – your ass, your stomach, your breasts…Upon being spent, I arose and untied you.

I turned your raw body over and held your neck tenderly in my left hand.I looked you in the eyes and kissed you softly upon your mouth.I whispered into your ear:”Your sweat is necessary for my pleasure. Your breath is necessary for my pleasure. Your voice is necessary for my pleasure. Your spirit is necessary for my pleasure. Your body is the vessel that holds the source of each of these. This makes your body the vessel for my pleasure. This makes your body necessary to me. This makes you necessary to me.”Your lip quivered.I asked quietly, “May I hold you as we sleep this evening?”You mouthed the word “Yes.”We collapsed and we slept a sleep devoid of dreaming for our minds were content and our spirits devoid of worry or concern.