By.: TuesdayVonD

I spent my entire wedding day waiting for it to be over so that I could rip the suit off of my husband and go to town on his cock. He looked so unbelievably sexy in formalwear that I couldn’t stand it, but I had to make myself wait. He was making the waiting game even harder when he would look at me in my gown’s corset top, with my ample breasts squeezed together and pushed up. With one glance I knew we were both imagining how it would feel to try to stuff his hard cock between them.

We were leaving immediately after the reception for our honeymoon so there would be no time to relax, or worse, no time to fool around for hours still; but changing out of my wedding gown and into something more comfortable for a long sit on an airplane I decided to leave my panties packed in my suitcase with the hopes that we might join the “Mile High Club” on our flight. It had been a long day, and several long days of planning and setting things up before this one and we were both ready for a vacation, relaxing in the sun, and fucking like the world was going to end.

We boarded our flight and after cruising altitude we put a blanket over us. I was so relieved, and already wet at the thought of his fingers reaching down under that blanket and rubbing against my engorged pussy, I looked over at him and started to reach down for his cock only to realize he had fallen asleep. I let out a sigh and put my head on his shoulder to try to fall asleep, myself. This was going to be a very, very long flight.

The resort sent a car to fetch us from the airport and by the time we arrived at the resort I had forgotten all about my lack of panties .. or action on the airplane. I was overwhelmed at the breathtaking beauty we were surrounded by as I stepped out of the car; lush tropical gardens to either side and the ocean barely behind us with the sun starting to set over the crashing waves in a sky of pink and purple. I remembered I wasn’t wearing panties when I felt a cool ocean breeze graze my upper thigh. I looked around as I fixed my skirt to see if anyone else had noticed, when I caught the eye of the hostess whom was about to greet us with drinks and our room key. She was incredibly beautiful; tall, statuesque, bronzed skin, with curled dark hair that fell in perfect spirals around her substantial breasts and then down along her waist. When our eyes met she winked at me, letting me know that she had seen my surprise and I got the feeling it was our little secret. Knowing she had seen my most intimate of places turned me on and I felt my cheeks get hot in a blush when she made eye contact. She licked her lips and smiled as she handed me my drink; and my husband and I started the walk to our room.

Our room was beautiful, but the evening softly turning to night on the beach right outside our door was even more so. My husband took my hand and we decided to take a stroll in the sand to drink in the night and unwind some after our long flight but I couldn’t stop thinking about the sexy concierge hostess. I’d never been with a woman and the idea of her had a wetness accumulating between my thighs while I walked along the beach hand in hand with my husband. After a few minutes of walking we had gotten out of the hotels’ exterior lights and we strolled off the pathway to be closer to the ocean. We stopped walking to enjoy the calm around us. My entire body was throbbing with sexual desire and I couldn’t wait anymore.

I let go of his hand and grabbed his cock over his jeans. He smiled and looked down at me, he bit his lip. I knelt down in the wet sand at his knees and reached up to unbutton his jeans and then looked upward into his eyes while I slowly pulled his zipper down and pulled his penis out of his jeans. I started to lick the head of his cock in slow circles with my tongue, and hearing him sigh with pleasure and feeling him getting harder and harder in my hand, I slipped my lips over its head and my mouth made its way down his thick shaft until my bottom lip was pressing against his balls. He moaned with pleasure and ran his strong hands through my hair, grabbing a handful of it into a ponytail and pulling it gently while I licked up and down the sides of his hard cock and took it into my mouth again and again. Before long it wasn’t enough. We wanted more of each other and he pulled me up off of my knees and pulled my shirt over my head; exposing my braless breasts to the night air. The cool ocean breeze immediately hardened my nipples and he bent down to flick his tongue across them and suck them into an even more aroused state while he hooked his fingers around the top of my ocean kissed skirt and pulled the wet fabric down over my hips and let it slide to the sand in a wet heap. He pulled his shirt over his head in a hurry and tossed it aside while he sat down in the sand and then pulled me into his lap and pulling a handful of my hair hard enough to one side to tilt my head, started to kiss my neck hard. A soft moan escaped my lips and I reached behind me to grab his cock and rub it against my dripping wet pussy before sliding it inside me. I pushed him onto his back in the sand, leaned forward and rocked my hips up and down, riding his thick cock.

Our moans and sounds of pleasure were enough to attract a voyeur, heard even over the sounds of the waves crashing at our feet and legs. It was the beautiful woman from the front desk, off duty for the evening and taking a walk when she heard us from the pathway and followed our sounds down to the beach. She had been watching us for a while, her figure hidden in the darkness of surrounding trees, and had become so enthralled with the show we were seemingly putting on just for her that she had unbuttoned her top, exposing her lithe torso and supple breasts. Her skirt was somewhere behind her on the ground and her hand was eagerly rubbing her swollen clitoris, while her other hand firmly pinched between her slender index finger and thumb, one of her mocha colored nipples. It was a moan escaping her luscious, red lips that caught our attention and we stopped to watch her shyly step forward. This time it was her turn to blush.

I sat up and looked down at him and smiled, and then turned to the other woman and motioned for her to come closer. She walked over to us and dropped to her knees in the sand, eye level with me now, she kissed me. Her kiss was soft at first, gently sucking my bottom lip and then separating my lips with her tongue and kissing me harder while we explored each other’s mouths. She backed away a bit and started to kiss down my neck, across my chest and grabbed my breasts with both of her hands while she kissed them and sucked my nipples hard. My husband’s cock felt so hard inside of me, I started to ride him again while this beautiful woman’s passionate kisses fell all over me. She pushed me forward so that my stomach met his and then she moved behind me and spread my ass cheeks with her hands, giving me a playful spank before moving in closer with her face and running her tongue around the outside of my asshole, flicking it with the tip of her tongue, and then driving her tongue inside and out.

I was in ecstasy, moaning and breathing heavily, I felt no control over anything around me, just pure pleasure. I sat up off of my husband’s cock, turning and backing up until my pussy was by his face and sitting down so that it was in his mouth and then looked to face our new friend. I pushed her head down onto his dick and we took turns sucking him, covered in my juices, and licking up and down the sides of his throbbing cock. She pulled my hair into her hand and pushed my head down so that the length of him filled my throat while she licked and sucked his balls. Now it was his turn to be the one moaning uncontrollably with unbridled pleasure. His mouth still engaged in a fierce tongue fucking with my pussy, his moans all vibrated from his throat straight into me, causing me to moan more too. I leaned back, loving the feeling of his tongue inside of me, and the other woman moved forward, sliding his cock into her tight, wet pussy. She grabbed my face and kissed me hard while I fucked his face and she rode his dick up and down, leaning her head back and moaning while she came all over his hard cock, then leaning forward to me, grabbing my hair and pulling us both off of him, saying “I want it in my ass. I need it in my ass!”

We knelt in the sand on our hands and knees side by side while my husband stood behind her and slowly slid his cock, lubricated with her own juices, into her ass hole while she screamed with delight. While he pumped his hard cock in and out of her ass hole he reached over to mine, sucking his fingers first to wet them and then sliding his middle finger inside of me. I pushed back against it, grinding it deeper into my tight ass. He pulled his dick out of her ass and thrust it into mine, pumping in and out hard and fast and reaching down to rub my clit with one hand and spanking my ass hard with his other. My body felt like I was about to explode. I was overcome with tingling sensations up and down my body, and shook all over as I came harder than I’ve ever come.

When I was finished shaking he pulled his dick out of my ass and she and I turned around to face him. I grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth and she sucked him and licked him clean, loving the taste of my ass on his cock.

He pushed our heads together and held my mouth open with one hand while he jerked his cock with the other, moaning while he exploded his sweet, hot, cream into my mouth, covering my lips and tongue and spilling it over onto her face for me to lick off and swallow it all.

We all sat on the sand together, at the water’s edge, breathing heavily and savoring the moment for a while, the waves lapping against our feet and outstretched legs. Then she got up, smiled at us, collected her clothes and was gone. We sat together on the beach a little longer, my husband and I, listening to the sound of the ocean and enjoying the moon and stars above us in a perfectly clear night sky before we followed suit, collecting our clothing and carrying it, walking naked on the path back to our room, hand in hand.