Picture 311By.: YummyAudrey

I know this probably sounds crazy, but I have always dreamed of being involved in a gang bang.  I know I sound like a whore but it just sounds so sexy to me.  There is something about being controlled by several people at once that makes my pussy so wet. I don’t care if there are just men or if there is a combination of men and women involved, I just want to feel completely controlled and helpless. I mentioned my fantasy to one of my friends a few days ago, we can call him Petey.  Petey is a very handsome man and very confident as well.  He asked me how bad I wanted to be in a gang bang and I told him that I don’t have the courage to ask around but if I were surprised and just gang banged without any questions, that I would absolutely love it! Petey looked intrigued when he heard me basically tell him that I wanted to be raped by a bunch of guys at once and that it would make me very horny.  I never would have thought that mentioning one of my deepest fantasies to my dear friend would make my dream actually come true.  This wasn’t your average gang bang that you see on porn sites, this one had a twist.

A few days later Petey called me up and invited me over for dinner.  We had dinner atleast once a week together and would often cook together and play cards or watch a movie after we ate.  We really were good friends and surprisingly, we had never slept together.  Our friendship of three years was something very special to me and I almost viewed him as a fatherly figure.  Petey is about 15 years older than me and owns his own landscaping business.  He has several sexy men that work under him and several of them happen to be Hispanic.  There is something about Hispanic men that makes me want to rip their clothes off and suck their cocks.

When I arrived to Petey’s house, he answered the door naked!  I was shocked to see him naked but I was also very aroused by the sight of his 9 inch cock standing at attention for me.  He grabbed me with his strong arms and threw me onto his couch, I was shocked!  I didn’t know what to think, my best friend was naked in front of me with a massive hard on and just threw me onto the couch, what was going on here? He yelled at me and told me to sit still and that he would be right back.  When he walked back into the living room, two of his employees were with him and they were all naked!  He also had a roll of duct tape in his hand and a hitachi magic wand.  I have never used one of those because they seem too intense judging by the videos I have seen of women using them.  What was about to happen in the next hour would change my life…

Petey looked at me with a huge grin on his face, along with the sexy, naked Hispanics that were behind them .  There is something about their tan skin and dark hair that just gets me going.  He ripped off a piece of duct tape and taped my hands together behind my back and then sat me on chair in his kitchen.  Petey told me that I wanted to be gang banged and that is what I was going to get!

He clenched my mouth open and told me that I was going to suck his big cock in front of all these horny men.  I nodded and he shoved his cock into my mouth and started to fuck my throat.  I was gagging and my eyes were watering, I had never been controlled like this and I was really liking it.  All of a sudden I felt a cock being slapped against my pussy, my clit was being teased with the tip of a cock and I couldn’t help but moan when my wind pipe wasn’t being clogged! I wanted to touch all five cocks at once, but my hands were tied behind my back.  Once Petey took his cock out of my mouth, I asked him “will you untie my hands that way I can play with every cock in this room?”  He looked at me with an angry face and said  “shut up slut!  you don’t have any say so in this!”  Petey then duct taped my mouth threw me onto the ground.

I have always wanted to experience a cock in my pussy and ass at the same time but was always chicken about doing it.  I had no way of getting out of it now, my ass and pussy were completely exposed in front of 3 horny men.  A man spit on my asshole and then shoved his cock into my ass, it hurt like hell but felt so good!  He began to thrust his cock deeper and deeper into my ass! While my ass was getting pounded, Petey decided to slip underneath me and shove his cock into my dripping, wet pussy…oh my it felt so good!  I couldn’t help but cum all over his cock!  He smiled once he felt my massive wetness and starting to pump his cock into me faster.  I didn’t realize that double penetration was going to be this amazing! One of the sexy employees started stroking his cock over my face while I was getting pounded in both holes and then shot a big load all over my face.  I could hardly see because there was nut all over my hair and eyes and I couldn’t wipe it away with my hands because they were tightly bound behind my back. Once my face was covered in cum, I heard a loud moan and felt a load shot into my ass!  Now my face was covered and my ass was dripping from being pounded and pumped with a massive load!  

I was enjoying this to the fullest extent and wanted nothing more than to ride Petey’s cock. Petey took his cock out of me, sat me upright and said “you like being a slut don’t you?  time for you to ride my big dick you nasty whore!”  He sat on the couch and then positioned me over his cock and shoved his cock deep inside of me.  While I  was riding him, he wrapped his arm around my neck and started to choke me!  Something about him being in complete control made me incredibly attracted to him and just made my pussy so swollen and soaking wet! He ripped the tape off of my mouth, which hurt like hell and then started kissing my lips.  He grabbed onto my hips really hard and then shot his load into my pussy!  I was so happy and felt like such a slut afterwards, I wanted to do it again!  That was the best sexy of my life and I hope that Petey decides to surprise me again, very soon.