By: Countess

Hannah felt excited. She had turned 21 only three days ago, and she was finally able to go to the women’s spa. The spa was a place where hundreds of young ladies went every day to hang out in the pools, tan in the solarium and receive massages and other beauty treatments. The spa was for over 21’s only because it had a saucy reputation. “All the better” Hannah thought to herself as she checked in, proudly presenting her ID to the lady at the counter.

After taking off all of her clothes in the dressing room and wrapping her naked body in a light towel, Hannah decided to go into one of the solariums. There was already another woman inside. Hannah ran a hand through her deep auburn hair and sat, cautiously onto the bench, breathing in the warm sticky air.

The woman opposite her looked her over, as if making a decision, and then, slowly took of the robe she was wearing. “My name is Carmen” she murmured quietly, her dark hair falling sensuously over her creamy breasts. “I’m Hannah” Hannah replied, moistening slightly at the sight of Carmen’s smooth thighs. “You’re a beautiful woman Hannah” said Carmen smoothly. “Why don’t you take off that robe so that I can get a better look at you?” Hannah then surprised herself by doing just what Carmen had asked. For some reason, Carmen’s words made her melt and she would do whatever was necessary to appease her.

Carmen looked her up and down, smiling slightly. “I see you’re turned on” she remarked sensuously “Do you find me attractive?” she purred “y-yes” replied Hannah. “Come over here” the older woman said. Hannah obliged. Carmen ran a hand over Hannah’s left breast, caressing the nipple with two slender fingers. “How nice” she said, and lowered her face to slowly run her tongue over Hannah’s breast. “Tastes good too” she remarked. Hannah had closed her eyes, reveling in the warmth of Carmen’s lips and tongue. “Oh” was the only thing she could say. Carmen smiled and lowered her glance to Hannah’s pussy. Then, slowly, she ran her tongue down the girl’s stomach. “Sit down” she said and Hannah obliged. The older woman spread Hannah’s quivering legs apart and buried her tongue deep into her. Hannah gasped, feeling the soft caress of Carmen’s lips in contrast to the firm, textured feel of her tongue which was pushing its way into her hole. She let the warmth of her tongue roll over her as her orgasm thundered through her body.

Gasping, Hannah reached down and grabbed onto Carmen’s dark hair, pushing her face closer into her. Carmen looked up at her, calmly and moved her lips a little faster along her wet clitoris. Next, Carmen ran her arms up Hannah’s legs and massaged her inner thighs. She moved her thumbs in small circles, feeling Hannah’s tense muscles. Then, she pulled away from Hannah, smiling faintly. “That was amazing” Hannah said breathlessly. “But I need more” Carmen smiled and stood up.

“Then more is what you will get… soon” She said and picked up Hannah’s right hand and put it against the wet lips of her own pussy. Raising her eyebrow, Hannah spread the lips of her pussy apart to show her warm, wet clit. She put two fingers against her clit and moved them around in small circles, watching as Carmen’s eyes fluttered closed and she arched her back. With her other hand, Hannah fingered her slowly. Carmen leaned forwards, engulfing her whole finger inside her pussy and Hannah was surprised at how wet it had become. She slid another two fingers inside of her with ease and then took them out again, then back in again, stimulating her clitoris all the while.

After a few moments, Carmen pulled back and smiled “your good at this” she said, lifting one of her feet onto the bench. “But let’s see if you’re as talented as me”. Hannah eagerly leant forward and buried her mouth into Carmen’s waiting pussy. She used her lips to stimulate the soft flesh around her hole and fingered her with her tongue, moving slowly so Carmen always desired more.

Soon, Carmen pulled away again “you are very good at this” she said, saucily and with that, she straddled Hannah, one leg on either side of her. “Do you want me?” she asked.

“Oh yes” Hannah breathed and pulled Carmen’s body towards her, spreading her legs wider. Their hard clitorises touched together, and all Hannah could do was slide both her arms around Carmen’s waist and tilt her head back, spreading her legs further apart.

Carmen smiled down at her and began to move her body against Hannah’s, their clitorises rubbing slowly together. Hannah moaned, enjoying the electric-hot sensations rolling through her body, and pulled Carmen closer into her. Carmen leaned down and nuzzled Hannah’s neck slowly, sliding one hand down to their two hot pussies and stimulating both clitorises at once. Hannah moaned again, pushing her pelvis upwards and down again, in time with Carmen’s movements. She began to breathe harder and slid a hand around Carmen’s waist pulling her still closer. Their breasts rubbed furiously together as Carmen moved on top of Hannah. Hannah arched her back, her head tilting up to the ceiling and slid the arm around Carmen’s waist downwards. She touched Carmen’s tight bottom, moving her hand inwards toward her crack till she could feel the warmth from their wet pussies below. She then clenched her hand and pushed Carmen closer still to her and away again, rhythmically.

Carmen began to gasp and moan, as Hannah brought her other hand down to Carmen’s buttock. She soon had a cheek in each hand and pulled them further apart to expose even more of her pussy. Hannah then began to be conscious of the smaller sensations. The feel of Carmen’s lips and tongue against her neck, the feel of Carmen’s breasts rubbing against her own, the heat in the sauna and her own warm, wet flesh. She wormed her fingers further together till they came to meet over Carmen’s anus, and she slid a thumb inside and out. Her other hand sliding over her thigh and into her pussy. Carmen fucked both holes with her fingers and soon, Carmen was doing the same to her.

Carmen’s movements began to become faster, harder as both women soared towards an intoxicating climax. It came, thundering through both their bodies, Carmen giving her hands a final movement before sliding off Hannah’s body. “Oh, that was amazing” She said, looking over at Hannah who could only sit up and nod in reply. With that, Carmen leaned over and kissed Hannah deeply on the lips for what Hannah later realized, was the first time. She then stood up, grabbed her towel and left, turning at the doorway “by the way, welcome to the ladies’ spa” she said, hitching up the side of her towel to show her bottom and winking. Hannah smiled and ran a hand through her sweaty hair, making a mental note to sign up for a lifetime membership before she left.