Image634By: MistySinclaire

After waiting for 15 minutes to be picked up from the airport, I almost jump as warm hands suddenly slide around my hips and pull me right into the delicious heat of another individuals body.

“Guess who?” I hear your voice whisper in my ear. Your lips lightly graze the side of my cheek sending a warm jolt deep inside of me.

“Nathan?” I respond with a sly smile. I spin around in your arms and grin up at your smoldering dark eyes. You confirm my guess with a gentle kiss on the tip of my nose and slip your hand into mine and lead me towards the doors to this dusky and new outside world of yours. I like the confidence you have in directing me where to go. I already can’t wait to get back to your place and see where this weekend goes.

Once at your house, you show me to the room I’ll be staying in and leave me to get changed for dinner and settled a bit.

I emerge from my room dressed in hip hugging knee length dress and make my way down the hall towards what i hope is the dining room. You step out of the kitchen and your jaw almost physically drops at the sight of my dress and all it does for my curvaceous body. I pretend like I didn’t notice anything different and ask, “Would you like some help setting the table?”

You takes several strides across the room to come to a stop in front of me. “No, I think I can manage it myself but thank you”.

I take a step so I am standing just a few inches away from you. “Thank you for inviting me here.”

“It’s all my pleasure really” you respond. Your gorgeous dark eyes are now looking down deep into mine. “Happy Valentine’s Day Misty”.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Nathan” I purr back up to you and with that I take that last step that closes the distance between us and wrap my arms around your neck and press my body into yours and let my lips finally find yours. That action is electric in both of us. Suddenly I can feel the desire we both have and the craving we both need to satisfy. The next think I know you are kissing me as we step backwards towards the table. One of your hands is suddenly at the hem of my dress running up my leg. You find my panties and rub through them against my already throbbing clit. I press harder against you as you massage me through my panties. Besides your fingers that I feel working my pussy over, I can feel your cock so hard and wanting to be free from your jeans. I tease you rubbing my hands up and down stroking you and making that bulge in your jeans only swell more.  I know you want me badly. And I am so ready to take you inside of me NOW! Sensing the same thing you fingers tug at my now wet panties. You suddenly grasp my hips and spin me around and force me to bend over onto the table. You yank my panties down around my ankles and instead of sliding them and my shoes off you instead just tear them away. You stand back up and as I hear your zipper come undone I shiver in anticipation. You grab my right leg and hoist it up a bit onto the table and one second later i feel your dick rubbing back and forth against me. you start at my clit and allow it to lightly dip into my pussy but then continue on to rub it against my butt a bit which causes me to moan a little longingly.

“Please!” I whisper. “I want you inside me now.”

Without speaking you follow my wishes and the head of your cock dips back down into my dripping pussy and plunges in! I make a small scream in delight as I feel you fill me and my desires. Your hands find my hips and help in pulling me back and forth against you. you slide in and out and each time I feel you filling me deeper inside. I moan deeply in delight and feel the familiar tightening. But I edge off of Cumming until i can feel you just ready to  burst. Then i reach back and pull you in the deepest yet and we cum together in a hot and passionate explosion. I feel the head of your cock pulsing inside me and hot warmth as your cum fills me. My pussy tightens around the shaft of your still twitching dick and I collapse upon the table in pure exhausted ecstasy.

We decide to let dinner wait and we go shower off. Your lips find mine as the hot water cascades over our bodies. Surprised I feel you hardening against me again. I seize the opportunity and move to leaving kisses that trail to the inside of your neck, down tour collarbone, teasing down your chest until finally I have dropped to my knees. I look up at you to find you looking down at me with pleasure and longing again. I smile sweetly and then take you in my mouth. I run my tongue down the shaft and back up. My tongue gingerly swirls around the tip and I feel you lightly twitch in excitement. I can see you swelling as blood rushes into your penis. I run my tongue back down along you again sweetly licking the underside until coming back up and taking you in my mouth whole. my head bobs as i run you in and out of my mouth. your hands find my short hair and tug playfully at first and then with need. you push me farther onto your cock and force my pretty mouth to take more. Back and forth in and  out of my wet sweet mouth. This time however as I see you swelling almost to the point of no return I have a plan. I remember the confident ways you led me around in public earlier. You seemed so confident, so in charge and so dominant. But then back at the house…you shied away when you caught me by surprise almost completely naked. This makes me wonder….maybe the side that you present to the world, isn’t exactly the side you like to present in the bedroom. I remember my bag that made the baggage check clerks blush and look at me in shock. I smile wickedly to myself and slip your dick back out of my mouth. Your eyes had been shut as you leaned back against the shower wall. Now they blinked open in surprise to see why I had stopped.

“Do you trust me?” I murmured just audible above the running water.

Slightly confused, you nodded down at me. I got back up to my feet and reached behind you to shut the water off. Grabbing a towel for each of us I lead you out of the shower and into the bedroom. You sit on the edge of bed eyeing me curiously and I turn to retrieve a few items from my bag.

“Choose a safe word”, I instruct in a stronger slightly more sultry voice.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me the first time. I don’t like to repeat myself. I do like playthings though. If you want to be my plaything, choose a safe word” I retort back.

“I…Umm…I don’t know”


“Red! My safe word is red!”

“So be it”, I  say turning around. In my hands I hold black silk and soft but very strong cord. “Hold out your wrists. I am going to bind you” You hold them out obediently which pleases me. I wrap the cord around your wrists skillfully. Because this is our first time playing like this i bind them just enough to keep you in my control but not tight enough to cause any discomfort. Your eyes have been on my fingers as the maneuver the cord. They now reach mine and while you smile slightly nervously, there is a satisfied gleam in your eyes that lets me know I read you correctly and this is the right activity for us. Your hands are now bound together in your lap, your cock still hard as a rock. You look pretty helpless but right now I want to make my plaything look just a bit more vulnerable. I take the black silk and cover your hungry eyes, tying it behind your head.

“Can you see anything?”


“When you speak to me while I am using you as my plaything you are to address me as Mistress. Can you see anything?”

“No Mistress”

I climb into your lap, a tight fit with your hands bound, and rub my body against yours. As I rise to my knees, my breasts slide up along your chest until they reach your mouth. My nipples tease the corners of your lips and I can see you hardening more under me. Your lips respond to my nipples and your tongue slides out to take one of my nipples in your mouth. I can see the surprise in your face when I jerk back away from you.

“Are you my plaything?”


“Yes WHAT?”

“Yes Mistress”

“Did I ask you to suck my nipples?”

“No Mistress”

“You are only to do as I command. You are mine to play with”

You jump as you get one small surprising strike from a thin bamboo cane. To prove my point that you are mine to play with however I want, I make you, hands still bound, jack off for me while I sat and watched for a few minutes. The minute I thought you were going to cum though I order you to stop. You are not allowed to cum without me permission. Your cum must only be inside of me. And right now I have other chores for my toy. I order you to lie back. I leave the blind fold but untie you hands. I sit to the side a minute to let the anticipation build within you. Then I quickly rise above you and straddle your face. My sweet wet cunt is dripping wet again at the excitement of using you. Your lips and tongue find my sweet nectar and as you bury your tongue inside me i grind hard against your face. You are mine to use. Your only purpose is to please me right now. I ride your face harder and in a surprise even to myself i cum hard and gush into your mouth. You take it all so obediently and have pleased me so much it is time to reward you. I can see your cock just bulging with need. I gently remove the blind fold and lower myself on to your hard dick and you gasp in pleasure and need. You had to wait so long but now I am all yours and you fuck me as if tomorrow will never come. I rise and fall against you and my breasts bounce up and down as I ride your cock hard and fast and deep. Every time as I rise up and you pull out i moan and come down again hard as you pound in and out inside of me. Your cock feels like a jack hammer as you pound out the last of your needs into my wet pussy. At last I scream with delight as you as my pussy tightens hard against your shaft in turn causing you to gush hot melting lava inside of me. I push one last time harder down to take all of your cum deeper in me.

You have done well. My dazzling blue eyes looks up to find your smoldering brown ones and I whisper tenderly, “Happy Valentines Day Baby”.