135909688762605By: CosmoGirl

“Staring isn’t polite, Macy!”

I turn to Mariah as she’s shaking her head and laughing at me.

I couldn’t help but stare at him. He looked shy, scared even. He was with a friend as well. His friend looked intimidating. Totally Mariah’s type.

Im not usually so forward, I’m rather shy myself, but I’ve had a few drinks and Im feeling a bit bold. “If staring isn’t polite, maybe I should go offer him a drink, to say Im sorry” I say as I get up from the table not giving her a chance to respond.

I grab two shots off our table and walk to the bar. I sit down in the empty bar stool next to him and turn slightly towards him.

He glances at me and bends forward, thinking I wanted to talk to his friend. I bend down too. “Hi, I’m Macy, I just wanted to say hello, see if maybe you wanted to dance?”

He sits straight up as if he thinks Im joking. “What?” is all he says.

“I asked if you would like to dance,” I said again, as I handed him the shot this time.

He stares at my hand and takes the shot. He downs it and than stands up. I think he’s going to walk away, but he holds his hand out to help me out of my seat.

I stand up and smile.

“Lets go!” I say eagerly. As I whisk him away, we walk by an empty table that has a few shots sitting there. We grab them and run to the floor.

Im feeling really good and start to sway with the beat.

As the beat picks up, we move faster and harder.

As he grinds on me and dances with me, I can feel myself warming up to him. Im getting a little turned on, but don’t want to freak him out.

I turn around and dance around him and as I come back around to his face, I wrap my arms around his neck, dance hard, pull his face down and kiss him hard.

He doesn’t seem at all appalled. Almost like he was about to do the same thing. We dance some more. I bite his neck a little and I can feel his jaw clench tight, which makes me want him more. I want to feel his whole body clench.

I pull him off the dance floor, and find an empty table. I push him down into a chair and straddle him. I call over a waitress and ask her for a round of shots.

She’s back in a split second and she’s smiling a broad, wicked smile. Its a little weird, but I ignore her.

We take our shots, down them and than I start to grind on him sitting in the chair.

I can feel his cock becoming aroused under my ass. It feels so good. As Im moving, I maneuver my hand underneath myself and find his zipper.

I’m looking him in the eyes and he looks a little surprised. I don’t stop. I unzip his zipper and reach my hand inside.

I find his thickness start to rub it. I can hear him moaning as he tries not to throw his head back. I pull his cock out from his boxers and jeans and start to rub it against my thigh. His eyes go wide with shock and fear.

I don’t stop.

Im so turned on I can’t help it.

I reach for his hand with my free hand and move my thong to the side and slide his fingers inside my wet pussy.

He groans so loud, Im sure the whole bar heard us.

I look around in a slight panic but no one is paying attention. Mariah has made friends with HIS friend…

As he pulls his fingers out, I moan in pleasure.

I then grab his cock with a nice strong grip and slide it into my pussy.

I than start to ride him. I can’t believe this is happening and I can’t believe how amazing it feels.

He grips my hips and I’m grinding him hard. He doesn’t let me go as I kiss him hard and moan into his mouth. We smother each others groans as we bother each climax.

I feel his cock throbbing and as I releases, I grind harder. He shivers and I climax a second time. As I kiss his hard one more time, I slightly stand up and continue our kiss and he discreetly zips his pants back up.

I stand up and move to the side so he can stand up as well.

“I’m Mike, By the way.”