Picture 28By: CutegirlEmma

She knew he was watching her. Since he started in her office a month ago she could feel his eyes on her all the time. His sexy green eyes always burning into her while she was working. He was tall, dark and tanned and even through his work shirts she could see his toned hard torso. His eyes on her all the time made her feel nervous. She wasn’t used to attention from such an amazing looking man. She always consider herself to be quite plain so why this Adonis kept staring at her she didn’t know.

She was working late and now it was only him and her left in the gloomy office. Still she could feel his eyes on her making her nervous but exciting her at the same time. He stood up and started walking over to her. What does he want, she thought.

He made his way across the room all the while staring at her. Once reaching her he didn’t say a word but took her by the hand and pulled her up to her feet. She went to ask what he was doing but he pressed his finger to her lips. Silencing her. He put his hands on her hips and groped her slowly moving his hands up her sides and untucking her blouse. Sliding a hand up into her shirt he made his way up to her small pert tits and gently cupping them. Moving his fingers up to her erect nipples and rubbing them between his fingers making her gasp. While rubbing her hard nipples he moved his other hand down again. Bringing it back down past her hips and on to her thigh. He then started to stroke the inside of her thigh slowly moving his hand upwards. Making her gasp and breath more heavily. Without even thinking about it she spread her legs a little allowing him access. He brought his fingers further up and started to push her panties to one side. Eager to explore her and feel more of her wetness. Making her cry out as he slide his fingers inside of her. Making her wetter. Then he pulled his hands away and she felt ashamed that she wanted more of him. Was desperate to feel his hands on her body again. He was undoing his belt and then letting his trousers fall down. Exposing himself. She couldn’t believe how big, thick and hard he was. She longed to touch it and feel its thickness in her hands. Before she could reach out to it his hands were on her again. Grabbing her and turning her around he pushed her down on to her desk so she was bent over it. He pushed her panties over to the side and then pushed himself straight into her making her cry out loud as he pushed in his entire length. With one hand on her hip and the other in her hair he thrust himself deep inside her again and again. Pounding at her making her scream with pleasure as his thrusts got more and more urgent. Twitching inside her. Sliding in her faster and harder until he exploded inside her. Filling her up with his creaminess. Without saying a word he pulled out from her and pulled his trousers up. Turns and walks away. Leaving her bent over the desk with her skirt round her waist panting.