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It’s Friday and night and I’m sitting in the library studying for my math midterm on Monday when I notice the very cute guy peeking over the top of his book at me. My thoughts immediately turn to what has been on my mind all day, all month really, because it’s been awhile since I was with anyone. I can feel the heat rising in my chest and between my legs. I sneak another look over my laptop and he is looking in my direction like he could sense my panties getting wetter with every second our eyes were locked.

I quickly returned my eyes to my book but before I know it I was peeking again. His nose was back in his book. I took a sec to look at him: very cute, probably about 5’10’’, light brown hair not to short, enough to fall in to his eyes as his head was tilted down, couldn’t tell what color his eyes were from here. I looked away and felt a surge of lust for this man I haven’t even talked to before. How could he do that with one look?

I glanced around and there didn’t seem to be anyone else in this area of the library. I know there are no cameras. I had been exploring new fetishes with my ex, but that was a while ago and there was always one thing he would never try, anything having to with public sex. Now was the perfect time. I want this guy badly. I am wearing a tight fitting white tee and my black yoga pants, purple bra and matching thong. I slowly reach my hand down between my thighs and start rubbing my little pussy through my tight yoga pants. I can feel the urge rising, the need, the want to cum. I want to be fucked hard and fast. I push my panties aside and slide 2 fingers inside me, so wet, so ready. I close my laptop with my free hand. I chance a look at him, he was staring jaw slack, he was gobbling it up, I call him over with my free hand. He got to his feet and slowly walked over. I could see his cock growing in his shorts, as his eyes took me in hungrily, my hand still working faster on my clit. When he is finally near me, the first thing I do is grab his hard cock through his shorts. He gasps and looks around to make sure no one is here, but it was late and we were probably the only people beside the one person on staff at the front desk.

Getting up and leading him into the shelves in the back, hand never leaving his cock. I only let go to step away and quickly peel off my tee, my perky 34Bs look great in this bra, I see his draw drop a little, and I say “your turn”. He quickly obliges and peels off his shirt and takes a step closer to me. My hands reach up and I rub his chest and pull him in letting my lips reach his, one of his hands reaching down to my ass, groping, as his other hand is wondering up and undoes the clasp on my bra. Our tongues dance in each other’s mouths, his hands reach down my pants, working my yoga pants to the floor. I’m now standing in the middle of the library wearing only a purple thong.

He takes a few steps back to admire me, I let him for about 30 seconds then close the distance and let my hand wander down the front of his shorts, I grab his rock hard throbbing cock in my hand and slowly start stroking it, and a soft moan escapes his lips. I am unbuttoning his shorts and trying to get them down, he pushes my hand away and I drop to my knees and look up, eyes pleading with the want, the hunger. I tug at the bottom of his shorts he helps them off, he has no boxers on, like this was meant to be, I smile and put his hard member in my mouth, I work the head with my tongue, his cock has to be at least 8 inches and really quite fat, the more I suck, the wetter I’m getting, I start to suck and lick his balls, while stroking this strangers shaft. I suddenly could wait any longer the thrill of getting caught was to intoxicating. I suddenly get up and walk over to the desk, I grab a chair and pull it into the corner we were hiding in, getting on the chair with my ass sticking out in a doggie style I move aside my panties, and whisper, “Please put your cock inside of me.” He reaches out and starts rubbing my pussy, seeing how wet I already am, he puts his head against my wet slit and pushes hard, I gasp and he hesitates, but I urge him on, wiggling my ass into his cock, he gets the hint and continues to work it in, before long his whole hard cock was deep inside me, pounding away I was trying to be quiet., but loud moans escape me. But it was very hard his cock felt amazing plowing my tight cunt

Within minutes I feel the tingle deep inside, the urge to explode on his huge cock. He was relentless just pounding away, about 5 minutes later I was coming a bit too loudly, and I could feel the gush of my juices flowing out of me. “Good girl” he whispers, this was the first thing he said the whole time. The next thing he says is “Are you ready for mine?” “Yes I am please give me your hot cum,” he backs up and I return to my knees and plunge it back down my throat, I lick and suck my juices off his cock, a minute later he was exploding, I open my mouth wide and begin jerking his cock off into it, looking up at him the whole time, I close, swallow and suck the tip of his cock to get every last drop.

I smile at him and say “thank you” As I stand and start putting on my clothes, “Your very welcome” he says his shorts are already up and his shirt is in his hands. “Maybe we will meet again” he says as he walks away, I watch as he scoops up his book and walks down the hall. I quickly stand and finish getting dressed, not a minute too soon I’m just settling back in to my chair when my roommate walks in and plops down beside me. She gives me a once over, smiles and pulls out her books, before she could even open it I was telling my story.