PIXECT-20130427033013 - CopyBy:Brunella

They swarmed in their hundreds… Hundreds, that is, rather than thousands, because not everybody (and their potentially jealousy-prone partners) could stand such liberation. But for those who could, it was more deeply intoxicating than any drug ever made. This was for the truly enlightened or truly daring, only.

You felt it before even stepping foot into the place (or was it outside?) It enveloped your body as though you were already stripped nude and all your inner sexual glory exposed to some welcoming, sensual godly entity where no fantasy was too taboo. The atmosphere alone warmed a hard-on out of men, and fingered wetness out of women as though they were roaringly drunk.

“What you rocking there, handsome?” chuckled a blonde with a toothy grin, absolutely dripping with sexuality. Dizzyingly aroused at the sight of such a glorious nude, happy body in front of me, I took a moment to gain my composure.
Grinning with glowing eyes when she caught sight of my throbbing erection, she chanted, “Mmm! You’ll want to step right this way sweetie!” and I was promptly escorted to a small-looking light pink tent, my stiffy bobbing desperately ecstatic as I walked.

Curious about what could possibly be awaiting me in this paradise, this jungle beating with glorious sin, I bent down to unzip the tent as my heart leap into my mouth…

The forbidden contents of mind had been thrown into reality. This… was not a small tent. At all.. I started to laugh as though I were high, and shook my head – this cannot be true! They got me.. They got me so good! Wow..

Redheads. Big, foxy, naked, dancing, kissin’, suckin’, orgy-lovin’ redheads… Redheads everywhere.

Redheads playing with their tits. Redheads play-fighting each other. Redheads belly dancing. Redheads engaged in threesomes. Redheads masturbating. Redheads rubbing oils and lotions on their bodies. Redheads giving oral to other redheads… There was no possible place my wide eyes could dart, that wasn’t covered with these beauties…

I heard pounding, beating, drumming.. very faintly in the distance. Upon looking deeper unto the mass of bodies, there was fast movement from one more taller, more curvaceous woman in a bright red dress among the others. She glowed brighter than anyone else I had ever seen in my life. She was on a stage, which I was happy to push the others out of the way to get to.

She was performing a song for the rest of the ladies who were beside themselves in her presence.

The stage floor was vibrating with every beat; the band must have been playing beneath the stage floor.
I began masturbating feverishly at her movements. The moment she caught sight of me and my big erection, she began to vigorously amp up her performance!

The other girls began to get incredibly jealous of me. I was grappled at and slapped and kicked! Eventually I was heaved above the shoulders and arms of a great swarm of these raging, horny females! The Glorious One on stage started to perform aggressively.. almost stomping instead of dancing, and making huge thrusts with her almighty barbarian hips.

I Wanted That.

And yet I was thrown into the depths of The Musicians Lair – right beneath the stage! There were all kinds of funny men down there in fact, with their great big trumpets and trombones, saxophones, ‘phones of all kinds, a big man on bass, and a scrawny fellow on a huge big drum kit. They continued playing as though I were not there. I still lay with my erection primed; stunned to some degree. I still felt as though hundreds of hands were tickling all over me.

It was at the point where I was just going to reach for my erection to start whacking off once more, when in that very instant, The One With The Barbarian Hips shot right through the stage floor! Her dress had not made it through the wooden stage, and so her big, luminescent body was dangling freely about for all down here to see! No panties, no underwear of any kind. Just pure, unrelenting sex on display! Wow. Her head, arms, hands and dress were still above the stage! Everything else ~ that sweet body of hers was all shown to us below-stage folk!

The big old band continued, almost as though nothing had happened! All except one cheeky sax player had got a torch and shone it right on her body like a makeshift spotlight! We could all see her in great detail now! The band marched on as Barbarian Hips growled with furious frustration. Aware that her body was exposed, she suddenly became filled with exhibitionistic glee.

She continued a forbidden dance for us. Primitive, animal, raw. The dance had became purely raw sexual movements. She took advantage of her position to open her legs right up like a gymnast, and treat these underground musical strangers to a great big eyeful of Pussy.

The man playing his big old trombone laughed at her desperation, and placed his trombone right between her legs so as to position her on his shoulders. The vibration of that huge great instrument against her clit made her rock back and forth involuntarily. Roaring with sexual abandon, she rode that thing like a rodeo bull! The music playing to only compliment every nuance of her sex-dance.

Suddenly hoards of those nasty redheads burst in! Utterly mesmerized by the sight of Barbarian Hips clenching a trombone, they all began to tickle their clits, helplessly aroused. They began to change.. Their breasts began to inflate.. Bigger and bigger. Fuller and fuller. Their hips growing in size. Not too big, mind you, but wow. It was an incredible sight! Barbarian Hips began to slow down.. Her thighs tightened hard around the music-maker as he blew deep, fast notes which made it vibrate harder.

Every redhead began to orgasm along with her. One by one. An Orchestra of Orgasms! As they did, great spunk-loads of milk spurted out of their huge great heaving tits! I was splatted with lovely helpings of lady-spunk!

Just as I felt myself close to spunking myself, Big Old Barbarian Hips had thrown Mister Music out the way, and dived straight atop my cock! Gasping and thrashing, her hips were twerking expertly as she booty-shook me to the biggest Orgasm of my entire life as every redhead started to dive for me…

Gasping, I woke up in my bed, my heart beating like a drum and the radio still on…