Bird song. Sighing winds, the rustle of wild grasses. Her heartbeat, blood pulsing, steady as a drumbeat. She was to meet him here. A special place, full of magic. A place he had shown her long ago. A red wing blackbird called in the distance. She sat waiting by the cattails, her toes nestled into the cool muddy water of the wetland… the anticipation rising from her belly. They had been apart for only a week or two, yet for her it felt like it had been ages. She longed to see him, to feel him beside her. He should be here any moment.

She took comfort just being here, in a place so familiar and so loved by them both. A sanctuary. Well hidden behind chain-link fence, overgrown with wild roses and blackberry vines. A secret for only them and the creatures who lived there. She heard movement behind her… or had she just felt his gaze upon her back? She turned and there he was. The late afternoon sun shone down on them, making everything golden and good. “Hey,” she smiled as he stepped closer. “I’ve missed you.” His voice settled into her… she could almost taste it, almost smell it… like the first berries of summer. “I’ve missed you too,” she said.

Bird wings cut through the air. A dragonfly landed nearby. Their voices floated, light and resonant. He approached her, running his hands through her thick, dark hair. She noticed black beneath his fingernails and smiled to herself, knowing that he had been busy in the dirt. She kissed that earthen palm, tender lips against the rough sturdiness of his hand. “It’s so good to see y-”, she cut him off, tasting his lips. A taste so familiar, and so welcome. She grasped at his back, pulling him closer. There was no resistance. She could feel his longing… for her touch, her kisses, her nurturing strength. He held her then… lips wandering from mouth to ear to neck. The most delicate kisses, like the footsteps of insects… like butterfly wings. Those little kisses inspired the greatest desire in her. Shivers of pleasure danced through her, crept up her spine and into her soul. She laughed then, feeling such immense joy. He smiled, lit up by her laughter… an impish grin. That laugh fed him, moved him.

His fingers found their way to her spine… caressing, snake-like, releasing something within her. A sound escaped her lips, almost a purr, faint but clear… a call, an invitation. Their lips met again in a soft frenzy, trying their best to melt together. She felt him harden, pressing against her through silk and lace – her favorite dress. He reached to lift it, sliding his hand up her thigh, then barely touching… feeling her soft wetness. He teased her, running his fingers along her lips, his breath hot and thick on her neck. She tried to move his fingers inside her, but he pulled his hand away, leaving her aching with desire. “Let’s go,” he whispered with a smile. He took her hand and led them from the damp chill of the wetland to the soft grasses below the nearby oaks. They ran… eager, laughter spilling from their throats. The sun began to set. Another bird called to them, the name of whom she did not know. Its song was like magic… like the purest water trickling over a bed of crystals, echoing amongst the trees.

They stopped beneath a mighty oak. It seemed to cradle them with its huge branches, inviting them to make their nest. He sat with his back against its trunk… looking up at his partner, his lover. She let the straps of her dress fall, shrugging it off and baring her breasts. She stopped to relish the look on his face for a moment, saving it to her memories. A look of wonder, love, lust. Playful and innocent, yet deep and fierce. She descended. Perching upon his lap, she reached down to unbutton his pants. Lightly brushing, barely rubbing… it was her turn to tease him, to kiss his neck, send shivers through his body. She loved hearing those little noises that escaped his mouth. Her heart was racing like a hummingbird’s… heat rising from her chest into her cheeks. Feather-light kisses upon her breasts, the softest bites. She wrapped her fingers around him, his cock hard in her hands. She rubbed the tip against her, teasing both of them before bringing him inside her, ever so slowly. They sighed and moaned, their voices as one, blanketing the grove in their pleasure.

She rode him gently, softly, falling into him, pulling him to her. All boundaries disappeared as the sun finally fell behind the trees. He could see the first stars appearing in the sky… twinkling down at them, echoing their light and their ecstasy. The twilight surrounded them, cocooned them as they made love… her legs wrapped around his body. Her nectar dripping, her hips spiraling, she grabbed onto him as they convulsed with pleasure. With one last movement, he pushed her back into the grass, thrusting and gyrating. Their moans rang into the night, heard only by the night-birds, the ancient trees. Seen only by the moon, the stars and the planets above. They lay there in each other’s arms, glowing and sticky with sweetness… grass stains on their remaining clothes, their faces flushed. They laid there in their nest… their chests rising and falling in unison, their breath and their bodies keeping each other warm. An owl called—once, twice, before leaving them… their heartbeats the only sound that broke the silence.