The smoke was thick. You were trying to get a kiss, the problem with that? You were trying to get it from an 18 year old at the other end of the bar. Don’t get me wrong, I love 18 year olds. I just want THAT 18 year old out of the way so I can have my way with you. I walk over next to you and ask for a drink, the bartender says it’s on the house and I smile my biggest smile. You are no longer trying to kiss her, you pretend to look at the band but I catch your eye. You’re smiling at me. Your green eyes resemble the sea and your brown short hair is messy, like you just got out of bed. The girl goes to the bathroom. You come closer and ask for my name. I return your question with a question of my own “What do you think my name is?” You smirk; the glimmer in your eyes tells me you’re enjoying me.

“I don’t know, Sarah?” You say “Wow, how did you know? Are you some kind of psychic?” I answer as I return your smirk. You put your hand on my lower back forcing me closer, for a dance. I wouldn’t exactly call this a dance; more like dry humping, but it feels so good I don’t care about the dirty looks the 18 year old and her friends give me before they storm out of the place. Your eyes are locked into mine; they have become wild with hunger. I feel my body melting in your hands which explore my curves in a subtle but firm manner. My face rests on your shoulder; I take in your scent which is a mixture of sweat and some sort of perfume. My lips move to your neck, you grunt a bit. I guess you weren’t expecting that, because now I can feel your firm dick throbbing against my thigh. I tell you we should control ourselves; there are other people around us. You don’t care, but you stop, if only to humor me.

You pull me to the bar and buy me another drink. We don’t talk; we only look at each other. Suddenly, a friend of yours comes and says hi. He has a girl on his arm, they just met. He looks me up and down while he shakes my arm. “This is Sarah. And Sarah, this is Dave.” You say while you smile at me. Already, we have an inside joke. Dave’s girl says she has to go and lucky for me because Dave is almost as hot as you are with his jet black hair and glasses. I’m left with both men. They look at me like I’m a piece of meat. I’m truly enjoying this. Dave invites us to his home. “It’s a bit far, but I have beer, pot and entertainment. We could all have a sleepover.” You look like you’re about to kill him. “I’m up for it.” I say while smiling and putting on a fake innocent smile. I give you a peck on the lips while I excuse myself to go to the bathroom.

I come back and it looks like you kissed and made up, so to speak, because you are both smiling and looking bro-ish. We start walking towards your van. You take my hand while Dave puts his arm around me. When we reach the van Dave pins me to it while you start kissing me and grabbing my ass. You start nibbling on my ear, my pussy is too wet. Finally, Dave opens the door for me. We get in, you start driving. Both of you can’t help touching me. Dave pulls me to the back seat. He pulls down my pants and puts his fingers inside me. I’m moaning. You start screaming at him to behave and wait. Dave stops and puts his arm around me again while he kisses me. I move to the front seat. I open your fly, your dick pops out, it’s a good size. I grab it while my tongue tastes your dick’s head. I swallow a drop of your semen. I love how you taste. You send me over the edge.

I take your dick in, my mouth full of it. You groan loudly, losing a bit of control of the car. Dave freaks out as I move back to my seat and you put your dick back in your pants. I take out my cigarettes and pop one in my mouth as we reach Dave’s house. It’s big, I act unimpressed but the place is amazing. You both open my door and each of you pulls one of my arms. Both of you are laughing as you pull me inside and up the stairs. The room we are in has a huge bed with a canopy, red and black sheets. Dave says he’ll come back in a minute. You bend me over the bed, take off my shirt and start kissing my back. I moan lightly and pull down my pants. Your dick finds its way to my clit. You start rubbing me with it. I moan and I try to move enough so I can get it inside me. You pull away. I turn around and start kissing you. I push you to the floor; I want to slowly feel you come inside. But you have other plans and push your dick up violently inside me. The more I try to move you clench my arms, leaving me surprised at your strength. I’m hovering above you as my pussy receives your dick fast and hard. It’s already pulsating. I feel your dick reach the end of it. I’m absorbing it, losing control, trying to trap your dick inside me. Suddenly, I feel a sting of pain on my ass. I look over my shoulder as I’m being fucked by you and Dave is standing over us with a leach. “You dirty whore. You shouldn’t have started without me, now you’re going to get it good!” Dave says as he lifts up the leach to get momentum.

The moment he hits me with it, your dick comes inside me again and the sweet nectar of pain and pleasure runs through my body leaving me in ecstasy. You both continue this until I’m putty and just as I’m about to cum, you stop. It’s very predictable of both of you, but effective because I’m left on the floor begging for more as you go to bed. “Come here” You say in a commanding voice. I follow you to the bed. “You are my slave now. Do you understand?” I nod in agreement as I go on four while my ass goes up and looking back at your face. “I am your master too. You do anything we say…” Dave says as his dick moves into my mouth and hands you the leach. You start hitting me with it as I wrap my tongue around Dave’s penis, my hand takes the rest of it, masturbating it while diligently sucking the head, the tongue leaves no place unexplored. He moans, enjoying this while you enjoy leaving my ass red, the intensity of the pain is so much that I become numb and enjoy it so much, in fact, that my pussy is pulsating in midair asking for your penis. I suppose that much is obvious because in one swift movement I feel it enter me completely, pushing me enough that I take Dave’s whole penis in my mouth and start sucking it more abruptly. Dave’s hands now rest on my head; I can feel his body tremble in anticipation. I know he can’t help himself when he says “Stop”. I can feel his dick melting inside my mouth, every time your dick pushes me forward he pushes in and I am left with a mouthful of semen I allow myself to swallow.

Dave comes down and starts kissing my mouth. That’s when you grab my shoulders and pull me, your dick inside me, my back to you. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were jealous of that kiss. Not that it matters to Dave because he comes to me and keeps on kissing me, my breasts, and my pussy while you enter me. I’m sandwiched between you two and I can feel Dave’s dick growing again, which scares me to be honest. “Now, have your way with her.” Dave says. You nod in agreement which leaves me baffled but I’m so dazed that my body succumbs into Dave’s arms as you pull out of me. I turn my head but Dave stops me with a kiss which is meant as a distraction. Dave lies down; his dick is erect, pulls me down slowly with tenderness and lets me have the reins. I gladly start moving up and down fast. I control my pussy so that every time I move away from him it clenches tight. My pussy’s ripples feel each one of the veins on his dick as I do this. I feel as if my body is sucking the semen out of him. He feels it too because he digs his hand in my hips.

That’s when I feel your hands on my back, your dick dangerously close to my ass. I take in a breath and stop all movement as your dick slowly enters my ass. Every nerve on my body feels pain and tenses as you just go in deeper. My eyes lock into Dave’s eyes as he puts on a big smile. When it’s lose enough you start moving faster. Slowly, the pain fades away. And with both dicks inside me, all I feel is the pressure of the two dicks, basically rubbing against each other, filling me entirely. The sensation is overwhelming because all of us are moaning loudly, as we all move evenly, synchronized, up and down, forward and backward until I can’t do anything but let the wave of pleasure make me lose control. I squirt all over Dave as I scream, my body tenses in pleasure, pain, and ecstasy. I can feel both dicks inside pulsating uncontrollably until I feel the warmth of the semen inside me and slowly dripping out of my pussy and my ass. You take my face in your hand, and shove your tongue in my mouth as your orgasm is reaching its end. You rest your head on my back you whisper into my ear “That’s a good whore”.