It was my first summer in Tucson. I was young and eager to begin my first year at the University of Arizona. I was recently single and ready to get my mind off life. A close friend of mine was throwing a small gathering, so I figured it would be a good way to have some fun and make some summertime mistakes. I couldn’t decide what to wear. It was my first night out since breaking up with my boyfriend so I wanted to look fucking sexy. I wanted to feel fucking sexy. I threw on the shortest pair of jean shorts I could find, no panties of course.

The seam of the crotch rubbed tightly on my clit, swelling it up with every step. “Perfect..” I moaned to myself as my eyes scanned the image in the mirror. Now for a top. The sluttier the better, right? I decided to throw an off-the-shoulder pink crop top on, exposing my tight tummy and bulging cleavage. I wanted to fuck myself after seeing my reflection, so I knew I was in for an interesting night to say the least. We pulled up to an apartment complex off campus with a 30 pack of Natty Light. Cheap beer, good memories. As we walked into apartment 961, a room full of tatted guys looked right at us. I was immediately hugged by a skinny Avril Lavigne looking girl.

“Winter!” She exclaimed! “Do I know you?” I giggled as she stumbled backwards, obviously she got the party started before us. “Come here,” she whispered as she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the hallway. “Those guys in there were just googling you cause your friend told them you were coming.” I immediately started cracking up. I had been back in Arizona for a very short time, so all of my friends were barely finding out about my internet history. I walked back into the living room with a new confidence, almost feeling like fame had bitten me in the neck. I was glowing something fierce, turned on by the fact that these guys were probably imagining my tits at that very moment. A smirk tickled the corners of my lips as I scanned the room. Who would be my victim for the night? I knew I’d be able to fuck any guy I wanted. As my eyes stumbled over to the corner of the living room, they finally fell on a dark and mysterious man. He wore a band shirt with the sleeves cut off, exposing his chiseled arms and interesting tattoos. He stroked his full beard as he intently played a game of Call of Duty on 55″ flat screen.

“The only guy in the room not looking at me,” I thought to myself. My thoughts were disrupted by a sudden cold sensation burning against my exposed shoulder. My friend was offering me a beer. “Eff that shit, I need something stronger!” I laughed as I spotted some whiskey on the table. I walked over and poured some shots. Suddenly my friend started chanting “Shots,” behind me. Several guys stood up from the couch and walked in our direction.

As the line of hot tatted men formed beside me, I passed out shots one by one. My dark mysterious man from the corner was nowhere to be found. I glanced around and he still sat in the corner… All the men circled around me, each one trying to engage me in conversation. I just went along with it. The night went on in the same manner. We drank, they talked… I thought about the one guy who seemed uninterested. I kept glancing in his direction… But no look in return. Wonder what it was… Could he be gay? Just my luck.

I started feeling a nice buzz. My cheeks were burning.. From fake smiling too much or was it the whiskey? I excused myself to the bathroom to cool down a bit. As I touched up my lipgloss in a dirty mirror, I heard a light knock on the door. I cracked it open to peek out, but it was forcefully pushed open. I took a step back as the guy from the corner stood there with a grin stretched across his face.

“Do you need to use the restroom?” I asked, nervously. He didn’t reply, instead he walked inside and gently closed the door behind him. He slowly walked towards me. His black hair swept across his forehead. He towered over my 5’3″ frame by at least a foot, so I had to glance up at him. Made me feel like a prey, and he the lion. He neared closer and closer and my feet remained glued to the sticky tile. Suddenly I felt his warm breath against my neck. His lips parted, the smacking rang in my left ear.

“I saw you eye fucking me all night…” He whispered as his hand raised up to my shoulder. His fingers were cold against my hot flesh, sending shivers down my spine. I closed my eyes and nearly lost myself in a lustful splendor as he slid my blouse further down. I stood there. With my sparkly purple bra exposed, cleavage spilling out unevenly.

“When you walked to the bathroom you asked me to come fuck you with your eyes… Your sexy eyes,” he whispered, more raspy and sultry this time. Each word flicked against my skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their place. He pulled away and we stared at each other for a moment. Our eyes searched one another’s, no words were spoken, pure silence. Almost as if fate had planned it herself, we flung at each other like animals. Our lips touched and a fire ignited in the pit of my stomach. My nipples hardened beneath my bra, pushing against the soft cotton. He placed a hand on my each of my thighs and raised me up off the ground. I suddenly felt the coldness of the sink on my bottom. Our kissing became more passionate. Tongues twirling and dancing with each other. We panted like dogs.

I felt his cock grow harder and harder against my thigh, pushing me over the edge. I shoved him off of me, pulled a towel off a nearby rack and folded it onto the floor. I kneeled down on the towel and pulled him to me by his belt loops. His erection was eye level. The size made my pussy even more wet. I yanked his pants off impatiently. His cock sprung up like a door stopper. It was more beautiful than I imagined. How could something be so soft to the touch.. Yet hard at the same time? I immediately took his balls in my mouth and suckled for a moment. He let out a soft moan. Licking slowly from the base to the tip.. I paused and flicked my sopping tongue underneath the head of his cock. I took his mushroom shaped head in my mouth and suckled hard and long.

Slowly I started to take in more and more of his cock until there was no more to take. The head that I was just suckling now rammed the back of my throat over and over again. My eyes began to water. Suddenly he pulled out, stood me up and bent me over the counter. He pulled my shorts down around my ankles and slid his finger in my tight, wet pussy. I moaned loudly.soon his finger was replaced with his hard, throbbing cock. He took a handful of my hair and pulled until my back was against his chest. His hand came around my my breast and he squeezed gently. Thrust after thrust we became one. “Where can I cum?” He asked in between gasps. “…in my mouth please…” I whispered in response. He pulled out and i turned around and fell to my knees. He started stroking his wet cock. My pussy juices acting as a lubricant. Suddenly a loud moan erupted from his body and warm cum spurted from his cock. I opened my mouth and caught the salty goodness on my tongue. He rammed his cock back in my mouth and I sucked out every last drop.