My true story all began back when I was 18 years old and it was my very first trip to IU Campus. I did not go to school there, was just visiting. It all began when my girlfriend (Kate) and I were dancing at a bar together. This girl came up behind me and slid her baby soft hands up my curvacious thighs, under my dress. I was stunned at first, but I was sort of turned on. My body rushed with warmth as I backed my firm ass against her body.

Kate was busy dancing with a gorgeous man, who was secretly catching a peak at me and the girl. I could see it in his blue eyes how turned on he was. I finally faced the girl who was making my juices flow, and I whispered in her ear as I gently nibbled on the end, “Do you want to have some fun?” Her face lit up like I had just asked her to fuck me. I started kissing her luscious lips, then down to her neck. I grabbed her soft hands and strolled over to that guy and my friend Kate. I immediately shouted out, ” Let’s switch!” Kate knew what I was doing….she instantly threw her sinful body onto the new girl and grabbed her tight ass. I however, ran my hand down his pant leg close enough to feel the tip of his huge dick as I was biting his bottom lip. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me onto him. I one of his manly hands and slid it up my dress, pushing my panties aside. His eyes glistened with wonder while I grew even more wet, almost dripping. His big, middle finger went deep inside my pussy and his mouth opened with excitement as he felt how soaked I was. I grabbed into his dick, which was rock hard now, to let him know I am ready. I glanced over at Kate and motioned her to follow. Luckily, Kate’s apartment was 2 blocks away. The walk home lasted forever, teasing my cunt every single step that we took. Kate and the new girl were kissing and flirting the whole way. We finally arrived to the apartment as Kate invites all of us in. We walk in and Kate & I are ready to please, but yet those two have no idea what is about to happen. I immediately rip off my dress, bending over slowly to remove my panties. I walk up to him and whisper, are you ready? in a playful way. I turn my head and start making out with the new girl. Kate joins in as us 3 girls are rubbing each others breast, sliding our fingers into our pussies. He is just standing there in awe. Kate rips her clothes off and then undresses the new girl slowly. I walk back over to him and shove him down onto the couch behind him. I put my dripping, wet pussy right in front of his face as he is trying to take off his pants. He starts licking and sucking on my throbbing clit. The girls are besides us as I start eating Kate’s pussy from behind. I feel his big hands on my perky ass and then his enormous, thick dick enter my slippery pussy. It slides right in as I moan with pleasure. He is fucking me so hard, I had to stop eating Kate. He bends me over even further so my faced is smashed into Kate’s asshole. I am licking her ass, about to cum from the hugeness of his cock. He is hitting my g-spot making me scream. I hear more moans as the new girl is cumming, loudly. I start to cum from the sound of her orgasmic pleasure, and I can feel his cock throbbing inside of me…we were all cumming simultaneously, 1 by 1. He pulls his huge dick out so I can swallow down the load shooting into the back of my throat, while my cum is dripping from me feeling the new girl sliding under me, slurping my swollen pussy. I swallowed him down and smiled. Best night of my life and my first Orgy of my life. Kate and I had talked about this before, since we would only fuck each other. Never thought it would happen so soon, I instantly wanted more, lots more.