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I was always the shy girl in my college days. I just had the ambition to go to class and do my work, never had time to play. Until one day, the man of my dreams, not the fairy tale man of my dreams, but the one I constructed in my head to perfection walked into my last class of the day.

He had the eyes of a clear mirrored lake, blue in depth sparkling crystals. He had the hair that I would want to run my fingers through when he had his head between my legs, the arms that would wrap themselves around my neck while thrusting himself deep into me while he was on top of me. The plush red lips, the lips you could kiss for hours and the body you would see in a national art museum, the body that I could touch myself to every night.

As the semester went on, I kept my distance. We never spoke unless it was a silly group assignment we had to tell each other our names and etc. As the end of the semester started rolling around I finally had the courage to dress up and do my hair, it was the last class of the day the only class I had with him and so I packed an extra bag of clothes: a cute flowing blouse that barely showed my cleavage but enough where if I had to bend down and get something for you, you could see the slight roundness of my breast, and along with that some very dark colored tight knee length skirt just enough to be classy but so you would call it “trashy”. As soon as I walked into our last class he was already there sitting in the back row, which is his unlikely spot to sit. So I make my way back there with the air rushing past him I could tell he definitely got a whip of my love spell perfume and for the rest of the class he couldn’t stop lingering his eyes towards me and my long legs hanging outside of the desk.

Just like grade school he passed a note to me, I opened it and it read, “Hello, Victoria. You look very beautiful today. Meet me in the hallway after class?” I then replied with a simple, “Yes.” Once class ended he rushed out and I felt like he blew me off so I made my way out at my own pace and sure enough there he was, out in the hallway. He pulls me to the side and we wait for the halls to clear while everyone went off to meetings or home. Once, the halls were clear he pushed me against the wall, but with a gentle touch he leaned in where I couldn’t get away, he asked, “How are you today?” before I could answer he leaned his face into mine, brushed my nose with his then lightly put his lips against mine. Shocked, but so excited I backed away with him feeling confused, I let a slight smile out and wrapped my hand around the side of his neck and pulled him in, kissing his bottom lip, starting out like pecks you would experience as your first kiss but then slowly went for more longer stronger kisses.

Switching from the bottom and top lips to biting his bottom lip to slowly sliding my tongue in his mouth, so excited in the moment he stops me, grabs my hand and takes me to “teacher’s restroom” he closes the door slowly then locks it. Turns around to me puts me on the sink, we start kissing again. Oh this moment, nothing else would make me happier but to kiss him for hours and never stop. He then grabs the back of my head pulls my hair where my head arches back he kisses my chin and then kisses lower towards my neck to my collar bone, he lets a little nibble here and there. While kissing my neck he starts to unbutton my blouse, slowly takes it off and then proceeds to my bra, one strap at a time he slides them down my arm to where he unhooks the back of my bra and takes it off. My perky pink nipples on my voluptuous 36C breasts sitting there he takes one in one hand massages that and takes the other in his mouth.

While I’m moaning in pleasure to his mouth around my nipples I’m running my fingers through his hair down the back of this neck to his back slightly digging my nails into his skin, while doing that I lift my legs to where my skirt falls down my body to my hips I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him closer. He stops kissing my breast and makes his way up my neck to my ears back to my mouth. While kissing him strongly I run my fingers to his hips bones, put enough pressure on them where you can feel his body shutter in satisfaction I then find my way to his belt, lifting the buckle and sliding the belt out of lock, I slowly taking it out, while still kissing him. Our eyes meet each other’s, he asks, “Is this what you want?” I say quickly still caught in his focus, “I wouldn’t want anything else in the world right now…”

He steps away, pulls his shirt off showing his gorgeous body to where he pulled his pants down along with his under garments exposing his hung cock. Shy but also shocked to the size and imagining the damage it could do to me, I pull him close again. He slides his hands up my legs finding my lacey underwear, wrapping his fingers around the ends of them he pulls them off to where you could feel the intensity and passion while he pulled them down. He puts his mouth on my neck again making his way down, past my nipples and breast, to my stomach and bellybutton to my waiting clitoris. Beginning to kiss it, he slides his tongue from my pussy to my clit, back and forth with pressure enough to where I couldn’t stay still from the intensity of pleasure I was getting, he grabs my thighs, I grab his head running my fingers through his hair, he keeps circling, licking up and down, and side to side down my pussy, as I came close to climax he stops leaving me out of breath from moaning so much he brings me closer to the edge of the sink grabs my sides, takes his already hard cock and slides it in…the moment it slid in I grabbed him quickly by the back of the head wrapped my legs around him quickly.

I’m moaning in his ear kissing biting his neck, him anywhere I could get to. As he kept going deeper I kept moaning louder, he then slows down he pulls out slowly, pushes back in slowly, oh man, I love the feel of his dick going in and out of my pussy and oh how he loves the way my pussy is hugging his dick. So tight and wet I’m enjoying myself and he lets a few moans here and there after I came he pulls out pulls me off the sink turns me around to where I’m facing the mirror, bends me over slowly runs his hands down my back to where he grabbed my sides again, with one hand he opens my pussy where he could see where he was going, slowly then he pushes his dick in putting his hand back on my side, this time after me cumming there was not stopping him from going at it. Fast and hard he kept going putting his whole body on me while running his right hand under me going for my clit he rubs it, he rubs it fast like the way he is going at it with my pussy. As soon as I start to climax, he starts to climax. We both climax together. Together we turn to each other and look each other in the eye, I kiss him once, hard and sensual after that, we started laughing in exhaust and pleasure. He says, “My have I been waiting for that all semester” and in response I say, “You have no idea..!” Since then we can’t keep our hands off each other.