It was the first day of school when I saw the most beautiful man I had ever seen. Amongst thousands of freshman running frantically around campus trying to find their classes for the first time he caught my eye. I gave him a look of lust. Entranced by his swagger I studied him from head to toe, and must I say brotha was fly. His crew suddenly joined him and I was disrupted by my girls, cutting my fantasies short, but it was all good. I had dibs on the brotha and I knew that one day I would run into him again.

When school ended my girls asked if I wanted to go and play some pool and of course I was down. I didn’t want to go home as that was boring. Yea, sure I had homework, but nothing that I couldn’t knock out at last minute, so why not? See my friends and I had this little game we played. For each ball called that’s missed, we had to take a shot, and you know… we all sucked at pool, so we were going to get fucked up… pretty much.

Oh but wait, this wasn’t the typical day of us girls playing pool and getting white girl wasted. My friend Tasha had met a brotha at the school and he asked if her girls looked as fine as her, and of course we were, so we were all invited to join along with his crew. So us ladies carpooled over to the local bar, ordered our drinks and tipped the bartender.

“You do know I would have paid for that?” I turned to figure out what lame dude was trying to run game. When I turned around I noticed it was the same brotha that I was checking at the school, but of course I had to play it off.

“So why didn’t you?” I asked looking at him with a sort of look in my eyes that showed him I was hard to get, but of course everyone who knows me, knows I love to tease my prey before I eat them. He had no idea what was in store for him. As I walked away sashaying my hips, I felt his eyes staring into my backside.

Of course I am the social butterfly of the circle, so the party didn’t start without me. I told the guys what we do when we play pool and dared them to join in. Of course they fell for it, men have so much pride, and they always have to do what girls do better than girls. Just like I knew that if it was guys against girls, the girls would lose. I mean the men would let us win for a while, pretending they don’t know how to play, but they will never let us win. So I decided that each girl would team up with a guy of their choice, making the teams even.

Of course I ended up with brotha, and he was the best pool player there. I did my little cutesy thing and flirted just a little bit with all the guys, striving not to show too much interest in him. He played it well not showing any interest in me, which was good for me I guess. So I continued to play the good girl role, hard to get all the while frustrated that this handsome man wasn’t showing me the attention I was used to.

After a couple of rounds of pool, we decided to get a hotel room. We all pitched in and reserved a vacant penthouse in the Hyatt downtown. We sipped on Coronas as the appetizer. Then I had a cranberry vodka drink which I had all night. As we were getting to know one another, someone had mentioned music. The brotha that failed to act like he had interest in me, was intoxicated and comfortable and asked me for a dance. Ooh and boy he could dance.

After a couple of shy no’s I decided why not. When his hands touched my waste and his groin pressed against mine a sudden spark of passion went through my body and touched his as well. I sighed and pulled back as I could not control the feeling I felt.
The night passed and people were ready for bed. He brought me to his bed and we continued to talk to the others. People fell out on the floor, in the chairs, in the next room… it really didn’t matter. When everyone was sleeping, his hands began to rub my body. Touching my skin so gently sent electric waves straight to my goodie box and even though we were not alone, I did not want it to stop. So I closed my eyes and let the alcohol consume my mind and found myself alone with him in a world of ecstasy.

His hands couldn’t help but to touch over my curves, my body going crazy as he teased me. Pearls were dripping from my goodie box silently begging for his cock inside my box, but of course what was understood was left unspoken. His hands met my panties at the waste as he slipped his fingers down over my clit and between my slippery wet lips and began to stroke my insides with just two fingers as he sucked on my nipples. I whispered into his ears begging him to enter me and with no hesitation he smiled and unzipped his pants. He grabbed my hand and placed my hand over his boxers to feel how big it was.

While laying down, side by side he entered me and that passion went soaring through my body. One stroke after another, a cock that fit just right, thick and long. I took him all in as I was craving every bit of pounding. The feeling so great I wanted to scream his name, but all I could do is bite the pillow to refrain from waking anyone up because I was the only one getting fucked that night.

When we were done with round 1, he got up to use the restroom and his friend also awoke who was sleeping on the floor of our room with my home girl. I prayed he hadn’t heard us, let alone been up the whole time, but what would I know? We ended up falling asleep, waking up in the morning to check our facebooks. My home girls all left except one who was my ride back to the campus. The guy she was with was taking her out to breakfast and asked us to join, but we had unfinished business to handle.

I spent 3 days with him in this hotel and between the oohs and ahhs, and the various positions I was in I forgot the rest of the world existed. Between wine and room service, and good laughs, we fucked each other’s brains out. This is how I met my child’s father 2 years ago, and the sex is still the same. He has become my best friend, my lover and my heart all in one.