My parents had signed me up for bible camp. I didn’t really want to go even though all my friends were attending but growing up in a catholic home you don’t say no to your parents. Catholic Bible camps are not what other camps kids go to. The only up-side of our school’s camp is that our nuns wouldn’t be there…THANK GOD. Literally.

I reluctantly threw my 2 hefty bags with all my things. “You’re only going for a week Alessia, not a year,” My dad said looking surprised at how much I packed. He obviously didn’t understand me or the female population in general. I sighed “I know dad, but if i’m going to stay in that crap hole I might as well look good.” “You’re 18!! What could you possible need to look good for?” My mother exclaimed from the front passenger seat.

Neither of them understood…Great. This is going to be one very long road trip. We left our house at 10:00 am and got to the camp at noon. Just as I expected. A cheesy school camp. Why oh why did they have to sign me up? I hadn’t even been inside and I already wanted to go home..until…I saw the most handsome guy my young eyes ever did see.

He looked way older than me and the other kids…Probably early 20s. He must be one of the student’s older siblings. My eyes were glued to his dark sandy hair, his tan very athletic body. He definitely worked out and hard. He had big hands and a white smile. I was in awe of him. Most of the guys in my high school were pathetic boys who were immature. I was not interested in them at all, but was a different story, a different species.

I lost my train of thought as the priest-turn camp concealer opened my door. “Good to see you come this year Alessia, We’re glad to have you.” I look up and put my fakest smile on “Yes, Sir I couldn’t wait”
My parents gave me puzzled looksobviously not catching on. Seems to be a record with them.

I was all packed into my new “room” it was more like a fifthly boxy cabin that dust from 10 years ago. It was disgusting. I found a somewhat clean-ish bed and lay my things on it. I can’t believe they were making me do this. Couldn’t they see how much this was killing me?
Nope. I watched them drive off with huge smiles. They couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Thanks Mom and Dad.

I groaned, already dreading the days activities. I turned around to go the mess hall to do whatever arts & crafts everyone else was doing…I turned..and bumped into a big broad chest. “sorry..I was just going to the mess hall..I”
I slowly look up and I see…him. I felt my heart flutter, maybe even skip a beat.

“It’s alrigh’ little lady, I can escort you to the mess hall if ya’d like” He said in a smooth slow southern accent. Can this guy get any hotter? He was killing me!

“um…ah…yes sir” I stuttered. How embarrassing.

“No need to call him sir, just call me Dalton”

“I’m Alessia” I say sheepishly.

“Well it’s a pleasure meetin’ you miss” He held out his arm and I slipped mine under. This was blissfully amazing. I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

“So..Dalton, what is a guy like you doing here?”

“Well I’m Ashleys step-brother”

“Ashley Benson?”

“Yes ma’m”

“I didnt know she had a brother, you look”



“well I’m from Georgia, and when our father was in the army he met my mother and things happened from there. My mother was young and didn’t want the responsibility so our father did”

“Oh that makes sense” We were nearing the mess hall as we walked along the beaten path. I was trying to be careful not to get my new toms dirty but all I could do was stare at his beautiful face.

“Well here we are miss”

“Oh..Well thank you so much Dalton”

“My pleasure, You have a nice day now”

He left me standing there as he walked away from my heart. I turned around smiling and walked into the wide double doors. Through the whole craft I was making all I could think about was Dalton. I was still high on him touching me that when I went to bed that night. I had my first ever sex dream.

I woke up to the girls laughing at me “Oh Dalton, mmm..Dalton!” they teased. I obviously let it be known outside of dreamland. I was so embarrassed. I hoped word wouldn’t get back to Ashley I feared she’d tell Dalton himself.
God why, did my parents send me here!!

I spent the next few days avoiding Ashley and Dalton. I was afraid of what conversation we might have. The word of my sex dream got around camp pretty quickly and I was getting weird looks from the other male camp students. One of them even stuck his tongue out between his fingers at me. Licking the air.

I was repulsed.

I managed to avoid Ashley and Dalton most of the time. Until our last night there. We were all sitting around the camp fire, singing songs and cooking smore’s. When I saw movement out of the corner of my eyes. I saw Ashley and Dalton step over the wooden bleachers and took a seat to my right. I slightly peeked out of the corner of my eye and saw Dalton staring at me, Surely he knows. I started to feel sick, so I excused myself back to my room. I lay on my dusty smelling bed, wanting to be alone just for a few minutes. I was enjoying my own company very well until I hear the creek of the wooden screen door open and shut. great.

“Alessia?” said a slow and smooth southern voice.
Oh no!

“It’s Dalton I just came to check on you. are you arligh?”
“Yeah I’m fine I’m just really tired”
He walked up to me leaning over with his gorgeous smile.
“Actually…can we talk for a minute”
“Sure, whats up” inside I was dying.
“I don’t mean to put you on the spot miss, but uh I heard about the dream of me that you had”
I wanted to curl up in a ball and hide.
He saw how red my face was and sat down next to me.
He looked down for a moment rubbing the back of his head ruffing his sandy hair “truth is…I had one of you. Ever since I met you I can’t get you of my mind”
I was in shock! I couldn’t say anything. What was happening. Was this real?
Before I could say a word he leaned over to kiss me, it was a soft kiss.
then it grew into a deeper kiss, and before I know it, our hands were going everywhere searching for any part of pleasure. Our breaths grew heavy, our kisses grew stronger. Biting each others lip. He breaks away from me for a moment and starts gently kissing my neck down to my shoulder. I felt such new sensations, I almost had an orgasm instantly.
He felt me quiver, He took me in his strong arms so I was siting atop of him know. as He sat on the bed.
“Alessia, You are so beautiful I want you all to myself”
“Me too”
and we go at it again. This time my pants unzip and I can feel him searching for the wetness in me. I feel his strong big fingers enter me and i muffle a loud moan. He hurt for a minute but then it felt amazing,
“Are you a virgin”
“I’ll be gentle”
“I don’t want you too” I wanted it all..filthy dirty love making. I slide my pants off only wearing my underwear and t-shirt, He just in his khaki shorts. He slid his penis out, I touched it. Shocked at how thick and long it was. It felt amazing in my hand, It was throbbing, begging to have more of me.
He then pushes my underwear aside and enters me deeply. I moan and start rocking back and forth and up and down. We’re trying to be quiet but can’t help ourselves. it was amazing, It hurt for a little but then this rush came over me and I felt like I was flying.
“are you on birth control” He said through a labor breath
“Can I come in you?” I was in such bliss I stupidly said
“Yes cum in me”
We start rocking, so hard that the wooden bed was hitting the cabin wall, creating dust everywhere.
He lay me on the dusty wooden floor. Normally I would care about my hair getting dirty but this time I didn’t We go missionary for a little and then he flips me over entering my pussy from the back, Doggy style. He hits my g-spot instantly and I quiver and squirt a little. We were both surprised but kept going.
“You like that?” He said through a hard thrust
“Yes, Yes!”
We go at it doggy style for a minute and then I’m atop of him again in the seating position. This time we’re rocking harder then before, the bed hitting the wall, dust like falling snow.
“Ohhhh, I’m gonna cum baby”
“Cum in my little pussy, cum in me right now”
Just then he thrust and fucks me so hard and fast. I cum at least 3 more times, quivering every time I squirt. My legs are shaking but his holding onto my thighs. It felt so good!
“I’m cumming, Baby I’m cumming” He yells
“me too!!” I moan
I feel his huge load in my pussy, and I squirt all over him and the bed.
I can feel his hot load dripping out, it felt so good.