She bit her lip as she nervously walked into her first class of the semester. Addysun knew no one here at her new school and didn’t know what to expect. She took a seat towards the front and sat there waiting anxiously for class to start. A few moments later, a tall man walked in. Addysun couldn’t help but feel her pussy get a little wet at the sight of him.

His dark curly hair outlined his strong jaw line perfectly, and his eyes were a mysterious grey-blue. She felt him look at her, she blushed, and quickly turned away. He introduced himself to the class as their Professor. Addysun couldn’t help but stare. He wore a fitted suit that showed off his body perfectly.

The Professor couldn’t help but notice Addysun either. She had beautiful blonde curly hair passed her shoulders and bright green eyes. She wore a tank top and a short skirt and he he couldn’t help but notice when she would adjust her position her little white panties would show. It was hard to concentrate for both of them. After class Addysun hung back a little, hoping that she would get the chance to talk to the Professor. He was hoping the same thing.

As the class shuffled out the room, she got up and began to walk towards the door, hoping he would stop her. As she brushed past him, he got a whiff of her hair and he grabbed her by the arm and asked if she would stay a moment behind. She blushed a little, but inside couldn’t be happier. She sat down on top of a desk and waited for the room to clear.

The Professor approached her, sliding in between her legs, asking “have you been thinking about this the entire time too?” Addysun had. He grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her in for a long, passionate kiss. One hand began to slide up her leg until he reached her panties. He pulled them off and whispered into her ear if this was ok…Addysun responded by unbuttoning his pants. His pants fell around his ankles and Addysun could now feel his huge, rock hard cock. She pulled back for a second as he put his fingers in her mouth to get them nice and wet and began fondling her pussy until finally entering her. At first, just the head, teasing her bit by bit.

Addysun wanted more and the Professor knew that. Finally giving in, he thrust his hard cock deep inside her pussy, buried her face into his neck to muffle screams. She told him how close she was and this made him go even faster until finally she exploded all over him, her juices dripping down their legs and all over the desk. He entered her over and over again until finally telling her to get on her knees. She obeyed. She looked up at him waiting like a good girl for him to give her what she wanted. She put his cock in her mouth and began deepthroating, until finally he grabbed her by the back of her hair and her her down with his cock in the back of her throat, filling her with cum. Once finished, they both got up, got dressed, and the Professor winked at Addysun saying “Until Next Time…”