Fave mgf pic

When I was a senior in high school, I had a major crush on one of my older teachers. He was always fun and very helpful to me in classes. I felt so special knowing that he gave me extra attention. It was something I wasn’t used to at that time. Eventually, he found me online and after school, late at night, he would chat with me.

He was teasing me, asking why I always giggle and smile so much when I’m around him. After lots of pressuring, I finally admitted that I liked him a lot even though I know he’s older and a teacher and nothing would ever happen. He told me he had a feeling I was crushing on him. He told me not to be embarrassed about it because he liked me too! He said I was super cute and always so sweet in class. He also informed me that he secretly watches me when I’m walking down the hallways in my short skirt.

That surprised me! It sent chills and tingles all through my body. I was getting very turned on. He told me he couldn’t wait to see me the next day in school and maybe I should stay after for some one-on-one tutoring with him. I knew I could definitely use the extra help and didn’t mind spending time with him so I agreed.

The next day at school I was wearing my short pink skirt and bra-less pink top. I couldn’t wait until after lunch so I could get to my favorite class of all! After lunch period, I rushed to see the best teacher ever! He gave me a big smile and then he had to begin class as normal. To my surprise, he made an announcement that we were having a free day since we had done well on our last test. On free days we get to go to the snack and drink machines and pull our desks where ever we want to chat with our friends.

I knew that he must have done this on our behalf. He started walking past the groups of students joking a few minutes and moving on to the next. Finally he got to me and told me he decided to have a free day because he couldn’t stop thinking about me and it was beginning to “show”! I was innocent and wasn’t 100% sure what he meant…so I guess I had a dumbfounded look on my face. He moved his hand from over his pants and exposed a slight but noticeable boner. I was amazed and very turned on by this! It was getting so exciting with him!

After class, once all the other students left, I stayed behind for tutoring. He made sure that the hallways were finally empty and then he locked the door behind him. He sat down behind his big desk and I started to sit down at mine. But, he stopped me and told me to come sit with him. I looked around for a chair, confused. He patted his lap and said come on don’t be shy, Heather, I won’t bite! Too much!!

So I followed his order and hopped on his lap. I noticed right away that his bulge had already gotten much bigger. I felt it poking through his thin dress pants against my panties under my skirt! I was getting very horny and wet feeling his package throb between my legs. He started whispering in my ear about all the naughty thoughts he’s had about me during classes. He was making my barely legal kitty so wet!

I started moaning, telling him I wanted him to touch me. He told me it was a huge risk for him since he was way older and he was a teacher. I assured him I would never tell anyone not even my friends. Finally, he slid my panties to the side and began rubbing my girly parts sliding his finger slowly inside. It was very nice and slippery for him, making him even harder! It felt so good and I wanted even more. He began fingering my tight little kitty….I was moaning and feeling amazing!

He stopped for a moment and asked me if I could help him with his throbbing member. I asked him what I should do and he told me to get on my knees under the desk. So I bowed down before him as he unzipped his pants and exposed his big erection!! He asked me if I could lick and suck on it like a lollipop. I happily agreed…

I began licking on his yummy “lollipop”….up and down, all around! He started moaning in pleasure instantly! Then I sucked on his head, while jerking him with one hand, and massaging his balls with the other. Mmm…then I tried taking more of him into my mouth. This really got him going and he tried pushing my head down even more, making me gag on his huge dick. I was dripping wet, sucking his nice package, deep-throating him…giving him the ultimate pleasure. šŸ™‚

He tells me he can’t take it any longer and wants to try my little kitty. He bends me over his desk, pulls my panties down, and starts rubbing his hard penis between my legs. He was giving me chills and making me want him even more. He began to slide his penis into my tight wet hole! Mmm, it was a mix of pleasure and pain as he filled me up, sliding in and out of me nice and slow.

Finally he couldn’t take it any longer and began pounding my tight eighteen year old kitty even harder! You could hear his balls slapping against me as he pounded away at me. I was soaking wet and could take it no longer. I let out a moan of total ecstasy and began cumming all over his huge penis! I was shivering in pleasure as he continued to bang me.

After I came, he was ready to shoot his huge load for me. He told me he was going to cum soon and he slammed me harder and faster. Squeezing on my tits and talking about my beautiful kitty. Then he blew his hot jizz all inside me, giving me a nice cream-pie! After he pulled out, I sucked the remaining cum out of his penis. I pulled up my panties which ended up drenched in cum. šŸ˜‰

Then it was time to get home before either of us got caught. After all, his wife was also a teacher at the school. I even had a class with her, lol. My teacher and I were so naughty but I will never forget the pleasure and fun we had!