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Slumped over in my usual seat in the back of class, I pressed my face against the cold desk. The chatter of my classmates was drowned out by my heavy breathing as I watched eraserhead shavings glide along the table, moved by the power of my breath. The lights flickered as I started to drift to sleep, pulling me back for a moment.

“Um, hello, class.”

My ears perked at the timid sound. Must be the sub. Our chemistry teacher, Mrs. Lark, was out with the flu or the measles, or to cover up her torrid love affair with the principal. Rumors abounded in our small town. I rolled my head between my arms and sighed, eagerly awaiting whatever movie had been planned so I could take a nice cat nap. I was still weary from an all-night Buffy The Vampire Slayer sleepover marathon with my friends that had turned into a gossip session that lasted until four a.m. An 18 year old Senior, my mind had already graduated from school.

“Ms. L-Lark told me to do this movie, Polar Ice for today’s class. It sounds, um, very,” the voice trailed off –“Cool.” A small gasp. “Oh, no. I didn’t mean to do that- it wasn’t a joke.”

I snickered and tiredly squinted up to see what sweet, funny creature was subjecting herself to the judgment of a room full of bored, cynical teens.


I exclaimed, as a rush of air escaped my lips. She nervously giggled and her dark, luscious curls shook and bounced around her small, bird-like frame.

“Okay, well. I’m Miss Mia Joy. If you have any questions or- or something, let me know. I’ll be back there.”

She gestured casually with her perfectly manicured hand but as her fingers swept the air they motioned directly at me. A toothy grin slowly spread across my face. The hairs on the back of my neck prickled and my stomach clenched with excitement. The only open seat at the workbench was next to mine.

I wonder what she smells like.

Her slender legs glided across the floor to the projector and I drank in every movement. The part of her pink, pouty lips, the tilt of her head, the curve of her neck. She bent over and I could almost feel her skin rubbing against her gray, knee-length skirt as her ass shifted as she switched the pressure on her legs.


Darkness enveloped the room and my heart began pounding as I shifted on my stool, adjusting the folds of my new, black skirt. My muscles clenched and I crossed my legs and enjoyed the warm stickiness between my thighs. I gripped my water bottle tight in my hands and took a swig. The ice bounced and hit my teeth as I took a few gulps of cold water.

When I came up for air, I realized she was already there, quietly looking up at me from her seat next to mine. She scooted the stool closer, leaned in, and whispered, “Do you mind?” as she looked at the water bottle and back at me.

“Not at all, Miss Joy,” I purred.

Flashing my most handsome smile as I offered the bottle, I stared directly into her dark eyes dancing in the light of the screen. Her fingers lightly brushed mine as she took the water bottle. Her eyes flickered, her smile shy.

I ran my fingers through my short, wavy hair and smirked. She knew.

As she set the bottle down, she neatly wiped her chin with her fingers where she had dribbled. She nervously look over at me, smiling meekly as if she were a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Shifting my weight closer, I inhaled deeply. She smelled like mint and lavendar, fresh as a spring—I wanted to drink from her.

Her toe began to nervously tap as the movie began. She snuck a glance at me and bit her lip. I held her gaze and put my hand on the small of her back. She leaned into me, tense, cat-like. Wordlessly, I crept behind her. My breath heavy on her neck, I flicked my tongue and tasted her.

I scanned the room, everyone was either napping, staring at the screen, or doodling. Our desire was dangerous and it thrilled me.

I whispered, lips brushing her pearl earrings, “Get down.”

She quivered and let herself melt into my arms. I scooped her small body up and laid her gently down behind the workbench, now our secluded nest.

My fingers struck quickly, delicate but eager. I undid the pearl snaps of her white silk shirt, watched her chest rise and fall like the tides of an ocean I had yet to explore. I trailed my fingers softly from her navel to her lips and then down to her neck and clutched firmly. I felt her pulse between my fingers, pounding, persistent.

My other hand reached to the lip of her skirt and yanked it up to her hips, exposing her black satin thong. One finger gripped the seam and pulled it from her cunt while the other three slid quickly into her—her thighs clenched around me and I tightened my grip around her neck.

Her eyes widened as she moaned, reached for both of my hands and grasped them, begging for more.

I shoved my fingers, wet from her throbbing pussy, into her mouth.


Her tongue probed my fingers, mouth greedily sucking her juice off me.

I quickly pulled my hand out of her gaping mouth and reached for the water bottle. Prying off the cap, I plunged my fingers in and grabbed an ice cube. It burned my fingers with its chill.

Wasting no time, I grabbed at her pussy and pressed the ice firmly to her clit and rubbed in small circles. She shivered and writhed on the floor, her face caught in a pained yet pleasured expression.

Caught in soft, shallow breaths we fell into each other and groped on the classroom floor. My pussy ached for her lips and so I flipped and held my wet cunt over her face and plopped myself on her mouth. I felt her nose and tongue slip in and out of me as I pried her thighs apart and buried my face between her pussy lips.

We licked and sucked and fucked and moaned into the holes of each other’s bodies. Until suddenly warm liquid spurted all over my tongue and–


The movie had ended. Someone had turned the lights on.

I scrambled and sat up, peeking my head over the bench. Students began shuffling, grabbing backpacks and heading for the door.

I raised one finger.


My pet held her hands in her lap, skirt askew, thighs and breasts exposed, round cheeks flushed, curls dampened and clinging to her forehead.

She nodded and licked her lips.

I quickly put myself together, grabbed my backpack and darted out the door for the cafeteria. I heard today’s meal was served with cucumbers– and I had a craving.