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Going back to school for me this year couldn’t be more terrifying. Last night was my 18th birthday and my mother bought me socks and headphones. It’s like she doesn’t know that I stopped wanting those things when I was 5. We barely speak. The last time we spoke was about what cereal I wanted, about two days ago. At this point, I’m getting pretty lonely, no one to talk to, no one to confide in. I was completely alone. School just couldn’t get any more terrifying.

I awoke in the morning naked, like I usually do, except this time, when I looked in the mirror, I felt a warm tingle shoot up my clitoris. I always get horniest in the mornings.

Stepping into the bathroom, the feeling of the hot water and steam. I just can’t take this any longer. I step into the shower, slowly caressing my breasts and clit.. ‘This feels amazing’ I thought to myself. The idea of masturbating while my brother is in the next room and I can possibly get caught. I take the shower head right to my pussy and blast the water, having an intense orgasm, I moan in pleasure, using my two fingers slowly fucking myself, I finish myself off and step out of the shower, my nipples going hard..

I put on my blue jeans and black tank top, a new pair of new socks that I had gotten for my birthday, brushed my hair and went down to eat breakfast. Plain and simple.

“Quite a shower you had up there, huh?” my brother looks at me and laughs.

“Shutup!” I snap back at him. But I secretly loved that he heard me in the process.

My mom comes down the stairs, rushing us out like every weekday last year. The same old routine.

The car ride is a painful 20 minutes. She drops us off at the front and we split up for the day.

Looking at my schedule, English, my first class doesn’t start for another 25 minutes. Just enough time to slip into the change room I had thought. I sat down on the long bench first rubbing my pocket vibe over my jeans on my clit. ‘So many people get dressed here’. The fact that I could be so naughty in such a public place was mind blowing to me, an experience I never really tried or desired. Until today.

The more I thought about being caught or heard, the more turned on I was. My clit was growing larger, throbbing hard in my tight teen jeans. I needed to get these off of me, fast. I unzipped my pants and they fell to my ankles, I took one leg out so I could spread my legs to enjoy the experience.

I was so close to an orgasm, until I heard a man’s voice coming from the opposite door. He sounded like a gentleman not too young and not too old. Maybe in his 30’s.. And with every step he took, he was getting closer..

I didn’t stop. Not a chance.

The door busted open and in front of him was a tiny teenage girl, sliding her little dildo in and out of her tight pussy. Legs spread wide.

This was amazing, for the first time in my life, someone was watching me masturbate… I kept looking up at him, biting my lip, as he was taking slow steps closer to what he couldn’t resist. I was hoping that he would take the toy from my hands and help me out, but he did better..

He stood over top of me and spit right onto my clit, dropping down and then licking all of my juices off. His tongue was so talented, making the best figure 8’s over my pussy, so fast and furiously. He then shoved his tongue into my pussy.. There were no better words to say than “Oh my, fuck!”

I can see his penis growing larger in his pants.. I demand him to let me suck on his cock, and of course, he doesn’t deny.
Grabbing my hair and pushing my head further onto his cock.. my throat was filled. I gagged on his massive package. “Oh you bad little girl, you deserve to be punished for all that you’ve done.”
I’ve never been so deeply aroused and in the moment before.. I continued to suck his dick until he exploded his huge hot load all over my mouth.. I swallow because I’m told to. But I loved it.

“Good girl.” He says, as he pulls his pants back up and leaves the change room, just in time for the bell to ring.

I dress back into my jeans, and pull down my black top that were sitting over my titties.. It feels like I’m getting dressed for the fifth time today.

I grab my schedule, which was now crumpled because it was in my hands for the last 10 minutes.. I look at the room number for my first period class, 204. Simple enough. I head down the hall, fixing my shirt and hair.

I enter the classroom. A bunch of kids and nothing more.. Girls gossiping and boys throwing paper balls into the trash can… I find the last empty seat, directly in the middle of the class.

The teacher comes in, everyone greeting him. As I get my papers sorted out and look up to see, the man that I just spent the last 10 minutes with. We meet eye contact. He instantly stutters. Welcome class, I will be your English teacher this year. ‘This might be a good year.’ I thought to myself.