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The truck’s steady hum and the rocking of the vehicle from the cobblestone road was softly putting me to sleep. I looked out my window and up at the sky to see nothing but sky as blue as the ocean dotted with low, puffy white clouds. So this is what weather was gonna be like in Florida from now on. Warm, with a gentle breeze, and a quick storm in the afternoon at some point. I could live with that. The truck came to a stop at the front office of the school. My eyes quickly scanned the breezeway at the slew of kids I’d be in classes with this year. So far, not a very promising bunch.

I grabbed my bag and told my dad “bye” as I got out the car. I pulled out my schedule and looked over the campus. This new school was so much bigger and spread out than my old high school. It may as well have been a college. I found the arts building and made my way inside as the first bell rang. I grabbed a table at the front of my photography class and looked around excitedly. I already felt a little more at home. The room was covered in Bob Marley, Woodstock, Beatles, and various National Geographic posters. My teacher looked a little like a cross between a member of ZZ Top and someone stuck in the 70’s. I glanced up to see a mess of blonde and brown curls sit across from me. Catching a whiff of lavender and rose petals I smirked a little.

“Hey you’re new.”

I looked up to see blondie looking right at me with a big grin on her face. She had a slight twang to her voice that only someone from the south would notice. It was automatically comforting. I chuckled a little, “Yeah, guess so. Just moved here a month or so ago. Name’s Aly by the way. You?”

“Hunter. Nice to meet you!” She reached her hand out to me and I shook it lightly, noticing how soft and small her hands were in mine.

The rest of the day, and week really, was a blur. I only had three classes for the day, so I normally sat in the library til school was over. As you may have guessed by now, no, I wasn’t one of the popular kids. I wasn’t there to make friends or date anyone. I was there to finish up the hell called high school and get on with my life at 18. Needless to say, Friday was a relief.

The day started normal enough, I was enjoying having Hunter across from me in the mornings. Today was group work, and much to my surprise, she decided I was going to be her partner. Mr. Allen told us to spread out, we raised our hand for the hallway simultaneously. We got settled beside each other and started brainstorming. As I was writing I noticed her staring at me. Being who I am of course, I started to silently freak out. Did my hair look bad? Did I smell? What was she thinking about?! I felt my cheeks flush the more I thought about it.

Finally, I looked up at her, “What?”

She quickly looked down, her face reddening, “Sorry, you’re just really pretty…”

I almost choked. Me? Had she looked in the mirror lately?

We sat in silence a few minutes. I sat there wondering what had just happened. Was she just complimenting me? Was she flirting with me? Was she even into gir-

“So where do you live?”

I snapped out of my daze. “Wait, huh?”

“I said, where do you live?” she repeated slowly, smiling.

“Off of Curry Ford.”

“Let me take you home today.” she winked. “I always see you walking home by yourself.”

“Um, sure, that works..” I stammered.

She giggled. Such a sweet sound to my ears. “Alright. Meet me out front here. I’ll pick you up. Wanna hangout at my place a bit afterwards?”

What?! “Yeah, sure, that’d be cool.” I tried not to sound too excited, but my heart was pounding out of my chest. Get it together Aly.

Finally, with 20 minutes til the bell I decided to make my way up front. I walked slowly, lost in thought and thinking of all the possibilities of what was in store. Why did she want me to come hang out? I wasn’t anything special, that’s for sure. I was a slightly curvy girl with blue eyes, big boobs, and a very sarcastic sense of humor. To my surprise, when I got to the front of the school Hunter was already there, talking on the phone to someone. She looked up and smiled at me, muttering a few last words and snapping her phone shut.

“Nice truck.” I smiled back. A Ford truck. Definitely not from around here.

She giggled, “It was my dad’s. Still runs great and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Now, get in slow poke.”

I hopped in the truck, setting my bag on the floorboard and looking around a bit. She had various band stickers on the back window, some local and some big names, and a few leftover remnants of what looked like a Mossy Oak sticker.

We talked on and off on the way to her house. Friendly banter. She asked me how I was liking school and Orlando in general. I found out she was indeed from the south. North Carolina to be exact, which would explain the sweetness and her twang. We pulled up to a gated community and drove through rows of houses that belonged on magazine covers. Finally arriving at her house, my eyes widened a bit. This house was more than I could ever dream of living in.

“Well, you coming in or what?”

I snapped out of my daydream to see her already standing at the front door. I followed her in and she gave me a tour. Tile floors, like most houses in Florida, and chandeliers for days. We went up to her room and I took a seat on the floor while she put a movie on. She disappeared a few minutes and came back in the tiniest pink shorts I’d ever seen and a tight-fitting white lace tank top, her nipples poking through a little. Settling on her bed she glanced over at me.

“Why’re you sitting down there?” she patted the bed, “Come sit by me. I won’t bite you too hard. I promise…” She trailed off with a mischievous smirk and a twinkle in her eye.

My heart was about to beat through my shirt as I sat by her.

“So, Aly, I’ve noticed you looking at me a lot lately in class…” she looked at me, completely forgetting whatever movie we were watching. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you what it was to this day. She was all I saw.

“Well, I mean I-”

She cut me off, letting out a small “shhh” and leaned closer towards me, kissing me softly. It immediately sent a volt of electricity through me. She had no idea how much I’d wanted this. I kissed back, putting my hands through her curls. She kissed a bit harder, pushing me down on the bed and straddling me. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and my clit hardening with every kiss. Sh started to grind herself on me, kissing down my neck to my collarbones and going back up to bite my neck. A soft moan escaped my lips, egging her on. It was just what she was waiting to hear. She sat up, still straddling me and took her tank top off slowly, smiling. God she had a sexy smile. I put my hand through her hair again and pulled her back down to me, kissing her hungrily now. Our breathing began to get heavier.

“I’ve wanted you since day one.” I panted between kisses.

She giggled, “I know, I was just waiting for the right moment.”

She pushed up my shirt and bra greedily and started kissing my chest. She stopped momentarily on my nipples. Sucking and flicking her tongue over them. I could feel them getting harder beneath her mouth. I started to squirm. I know my pussy was dripping at this point. Apparently she did too because without hesitation she slid her had down and under my panties and started to massage my clit gently while she sucked. I moaned again, she was driving me crazy.

“Oh god…” I murmured, my back arching slightly as her fingers traced my clit.

She started to slowly kiss down my body, looking up at me the whole time. She slid off my pants and thong and sucked on her fingers for a minute. “Mmmm, you taste so good Aly.” I looked down at her with lust in my eyes. I don’t think I’d ever wanted a girl this badly.

She spread my pussy lips with her fingers at flicked her tongue over my clit, starting to lap at it like an ice cream cone. I was moaning uncontrollably at this point. As if that weren’t enough she started to pinch my nipples too. “You like that don’t you babygirl?”

“Yessss, please don’t stop…” I moaned, breathing heavily.

She stuck a finger in me while she licked my clit, causing me to moan softly. “God you’re so tight.” I had my hands through her hair at this point, pulling softly and grinding her against me, moaning louder. It was my turn. I pulled her up to me by her hair and kissed her hard, rolling us over so that I was straddling her. She gasped slightly, not expecting me to be so eager. I kissed her hard, biting her bottom lip and tugging gently. She let out a small moan. I started to suck on her already hard nipples and slipped my hand between her legs. Her pussy was soaked. Taking this as an invitation, I started to finger her slowly. Her body immediately responded, arching slightly. I started to massage her clit with my thumb as her breathing got heavier. I crouched over her for better support and started kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear. She slipped her hand back into my panties and started rubbing my clit hard, making me moan her name. I started fucking her harder, feeling her pussy clench around my fingers. Her moaning was practically screaming at this point, her back arching like crazy under me. It all just drove me to go faster as she gasped for breath. I started sucking her nipple again and moaned with her. She reached up with her free hand and dug her nails into my back, sending shivers down my spine. That was the final thing. I came hard on her fingers, moaning loudly.

I got off the bed and ripped her shorts off, pulling her to the edge of the bed in one motion. I pulled her thong aside and shoved my tongue in her, tasting her sweet pussy. It drove her mad. Her body was convulsing like it never had before. She ground herself against my face and pulled my hair, moaning my name. I went to work on her clit and put a finger back inside her, enjoying the wet sound it made as my finger darted in and out of her. She arched her back hard and let out a loud moan, her whole body shaking, as her pussy tightened around my fingers and she came. I looked up at her and sucked on my fingers before climbing over her and kissing her again. We both struggled for breath as I collapsed on the bed beside her.

She cuddled up to me, her eyes closed and kissed my cheek. “Let’s have study sessions more often okay?”

I laughed, “Sounds good to me hun.”