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Christine moaned as her alarm sounded. It was 7 o’clock which meant it was time for her to get up and begin her day. The sun was shining in from behind the sheer curtains, creating a beautiful luminescence on her soft espresso locks. Her dainty, delicate feet were peeking out from under her comforter. She pulled the covers off of her toned, beautiful body; the silken sheets slid across her curves effortlessly. She loved mornings. Hearing the birds chirping and children laughing and playing outside … it was one of her favorite times of day.

Although she loved lazy mornings at home, she knew that eventually she would be on her way to work. She was as a flight attendant for a big name airline and enjoyed all that it entailed. The traveling, the people, the uniform especially. She loved the way it flattered her womanly figure, hugging her curves just so and exposing her gorgeous, smooth and slightly tanned legs and feet. Her feet were very unique. They were a perfect porcelain shade with longer than normal slender toes. Nails painted in a deep, dark, lusty shade of red. Her right foot had a birthmark just under her ankle which she thought resembled a half heart. She slid her stockings over her toes and then pulled them slowly onto her long legs. She loved the sensation of the soft material on her skin. She then reached for her size 8 heels and brushed them off, making sure they were perfectly presentable.

Christine had a secret, one which she was slightly ashamed and embarrassed by. Although her feet were silken and beautiful, she had developed bunions. The shoes that she was required to wear daily caused her so much pain and discomfort that at times it was like the constant, steady distinct hum of the hummingbird. As she slid on her heels she knew what was to come; she could feel the pressure almost instantly. It radiated through her whole body. She stood to admire herself in the mirror, smoothing her hands along her skirt and primping her hair. Although Christine had a painful secret, she looked fantastic and she knew it.

As she arrived to the safety briefing with the pilot, the lead flight attendant walked in, strutting beautifully in her heels. Christine was jealous. She envied her. She was envious of her grace, the way her heels fit snugly on her feet and how she strolled effortlessly in them. For a moment she wished that she could be her, not having a secret to hide, not having to feel the pain. She found herself daydreaming about Natalia’s feet, how smooth and subtle they must be and how perfect they must look. She then heard the sharp, demanding voice of the pilot. “Christine, are you with us?” She immediately snapped back to reality.

The plane takes off, headed to Los Angeles. Four hours and six minutes. Eternity for Christine. It is now her duty to attend to the passengers, bringing them food and drink as requested. An older gentleman orders a scotch and a cup of ice. Christine smiles though her pain and in her sweetest voice asks, “Anything else, Sir?” The man replies, “No, thank you dear” and returns to his book. Christine’s feet hurt so badly that she wants nothing more than to kick off her heels and give her feet the rubbing they are so desperately longing for.

While performing a routine cabin check Christine sees Natalia reaching high above into the overhead bins. She is very petite, probably 5’3, 115 pounds if soaking wet. She is reaching her body upwards so her feet are exposed as they raise out of her heels. They look soft, flawless and are a creamy beige. It takes everything within her to maintain her composure and keep her jealously at bay. She averts her attention to a passenger asking for some saltines. As she goes to retrieve them she pauses and slips her feet in and out of her heels a few times experiencing waves of relief. It feels amazing as the pressure and pain subside, even if only for a moment.

With two hours and three minutes until landing time, all Christine can think about is getting to her hotel room and relieving herself. Her feet are throbbing and aching now, the pain is excruciating. She excuses herself to the laboratory for a much needed sit. She locks the door behind her and sits on the toilet, gently slides the black, matte heels off of her feet and rubs them. They are red and achy but her touch soothes them beyond belief. She wishes she could stay in here with her bare feet until the plane landed but she knew that wasn’t a possibility. She can’t be in here too long, she wouldn’t want to be found out. She often worries what would happen if a coworker noticed her bunions, would she be able to continue her work? Hopefully not. Would she feel humiliated? Yes. She slides her feet back into her heels and clenches her teeth as pain shoots through her body when she stands.

She returns to the cabin to perform some routine duties. Landing time is approaching and her anticipation is building with every minute. She soon hears the pilot’s voice on the loudspeaker. He thanks the passengers for choosing to fly with them and he adds in some witty comedy. The plane lands smoothly and she, along with her coworkers, escort the passengers off the plane. She notices Natalia smiling and slightly lifting one foot as she flirts with a young, well-dressed business man and her jealously flares once again.

Christine slides the key card into the lock of room 157. The green light flashes and she opens the door. Almost immediately she removes her heels, her feet instantly feel better and she lets out a long, deep sigh of relief. She sits on the edge of the perfectly made bed and fumbles through her purse in search of her body cream. She stands, slides off her stockings and tosses them in the corner. Her feet are swollen and pulsating with pain. She dispenses a generous amount of cream into her hands and bends over to tend to her aching feet. She caresses them with just enough pressure and runs her hands up and down from toes to ankle, ankle to toes then cups her heels and rubs them in her palms. It feels so good that she lets out an involuntary moan as she slides her fingers in and out between each of her toes. She digs her knuckles into the soft delicate skin on the bottom of her feet, it sends a shiver through her body. She is experiencing so much relief that she swears to herself she hasn’t felt this good in ages.

Her feet feel much better but Christine’s whole body is now begging for relief. She reaches between her soft, smooth thighs and rubs herself through her panties. Grabbing onto her fleshy pussy and rubbing it softly. When she can take no more, she pulls her skimpy lace panties to the side. Her pussy is so wet that her panties are too. She slides a finger into her lips and begins rubbing her clit. She begins to moan and warmth floods her whole body. She inserts a finger into her sweet hole and slides it in and out until she can feel her orgasm building. She can tell that she is going to cum like never before. She reaches into her purse to find her travel vibrator and turns it on high. She opens her pussy lips and puts it deep inside of her. She can feel it stretching her hole as she puts in in further and further. She starts pushing it in and pulling it out, faster and harder until she can feel she is ready to cum. She takes one hand and rubs her clit nice and steadily and lets out the loudest moan. Her pussy squirts juices all over the sheets, her legs quiver and her body writhes in ecstasy.

Christine sighs as she puts a fluffy pillow under her tired head and pulls the covers over her exhausted and spent body. She is so warm that she can feel the heat radiating under the covers. She listens to the sound of horns honking and people talking below in the streets. She reaches down and touches her feet one last time, savoring every second that they are bare. She glances over at her heels lying beside the door knowing she will once again have to put them on in the morning and endure the pain once more. But knowing how good she can make them feel when she gets home, makes it all worth it.