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Shannon had always been shy and awkward in high school. At her brother’s persistence, she tried out for the cheerleading squad. As Shannon went through the routine in the packed gymnasium, everything she had practiced and memorized was lost in a moment. To add to her dismay, she started her period. Horrified, she ran to the bathroom. Mrs. Fox was in the bathroom stall next to her sneaking a few sips of her TJ Swan wine. Shannon forgot what had just happened—she was in shock that the pretty petite PE teacher was not so perfect. She had a dark side.

Mrs. Fox could hear Shannon in the next stall. “Shannon, is that you?” Mrs. Fox opened the stall and smiled. “I will take care of you sweetheart.” Her teacher slowly lifted up her skirt and took off her panties. “Uh…what are you doing?” Ignoring Shannon’s questions, Mrs. Fox began wiping off the blood between her legs. Oh no! Shannon didn’t know why her nipples were getting hard and her vagina felt hot. Mrs. Fox began rubbing Shannon’s clitoris. Suddenly, she heard her history teacher walk into the restroom.

Shannon felt dirty, nasty, uninhibited. She liked the sensations she was feeling. As the stall door opened, Mrs. Fox shrieked, threw Shannon aside and ran. Oh my gosh! The rumors were true. These women were lovers. She could hardly wait to tell her best friend, Taryn.

Shannon left school disappointed that she could not find Taryn. Shannon wanted the chance for Taryn to hear what happened. She wanted to see her face! As Shannon arrived home, her mood changed. Her mom and dad were out to dinner. Shannon was relieved and just wanted to forget about what happened at school. But her mind would not let her sleep. All she could think about was that feeling she had experienced that day.

As Shannon became older, she became much become confident. She was consumed with a desire to feel that sensation again. It became her quest. Her obsession. Shannon wanted to feel that way again.

The next day, Shannon spotted Mike sneaking a cigarette behind the gymnasium. She had always wanted to put his cock in her mouth, wondering what it would be like. Shannon had developed a reputation for being a good girl that hung out with the nasty boys. The ones that were looking for trouble.

Mike could sense she was ready for some fun. As he was unbuttoned Shannon’s tight jeans, Mike felt Shannon’s hand slip inside of his pants. She wanted to blurt out “Put your cock inside of me!!” Mike began kissing Shannon. This was turning out better than she could have imagined. As Mike awkwardly started to finger Shannon’s pussy, he stopped suddenly. He really wanted to fuck this “good” girl.

Mike said “I can’t!” Shannon was holding her clothes in her hands. Sad for a split second and in total disbelief. Shannon screamed “You’re a fucking asshole! With a small dick!” Little did she know; but that day would change her life. She would soon spend her days—sometimes weeks search for men to fuck her. It became an obsession. The only thing that Shannon could think about was having a cock between her huge boobs. A random guy shooting warm cum on her pretty face. In her pussy. These thoughts consumed Shannon’s every waking hour.

The following night, Shannon was driving around. She could not fight the fascination with finding someone to satisfy her. The young surfer pretended not to notice her lovely boobs. Was it because Shannon decided to wear a blouse that exposed her expressive nipples? “Oh go ahead and look baby! Would you mind giving me a ride? My car is almost out of gas and I could use a ride home!” Mason said yes. Shannon’s plan had worked. Shannon knew she had to make her move. Mason said “Hey, I thought you wanted me to drive. My Dad would kill me if he knew a girl drove his car.”

As Mason and Shannon traded places, she slowly lifted her long legs over his face. He tried not to smile as he got the scent of Shannon’s moist pussy. As Mason began to drive, Shannon put her head in his lap. Within a few minutes, Mason gasped. Shannon had unbuttoned his jeans and was sucking on his cock. She slowly put a finger in his ass. Oh yes! Shannon had always wanted to shock the boys. In this case it didn’t work. Mason pushed her finger deeper in his ass and grabbed her hair.

“Pull over in that busy mall!” I said. Mason was confused. What game was this girl playing? “Find the busiest place in the mall. I want you to rip off my panties. Tear off my blouse! I need you to do this. Please fuck me!” Realizing he was going to fuck this mystery girl excited him. As Mason began fucking Shannon’s tight ass, he realized a crowd had gathered to watch. The men were getting hard watching Shannon get her taut ass fucked. In their minds it was them bending over the long legged girl. “Slut! You’re a fucking slut” the girls yelled. Shannon didn’t care. She moaned “I’m cumming!! Fuck me harder!” Oh yeah. Mason was going to fuck the homecoming queen.

Later than night, Shannon stepped into the local bar with her fake ID. In anticipation, she had already unbuttoned her dress and slipped on her six inch stilettos. Shannon walked in like she owned the joint. Immediately, a well-dressed businessman raised his glass. Looking at the others gave Shannon an idea. She always liked an audience. The man gave Shannon one look and before he could say a word, she had him in a corner. “I want you to find a girl in this bar and fuck her!”

“I’m Ken by the way.” Shannon smiled and pretended to care. Ken didn’t waste any time. He was already flirting with a tall slender woman. Shannon was intrigued. After all, the bar was full of young hot girls. But, Ken choose the older woman. “Oh he likes cougars!” The thought of this was driving Shannon crazy. Without even finishing her thoughts, Shannon grabbed Ken. The older woman muttered “You can fuck yourself!” The poor loser. She didn’t even put up a fight.

Shannon grabbed Ken and said “I want you to bury your face deep inside of my pussy. I want everyone to watch.” Ken blushed and for a split second, Shannon thought she may have gone too far. As she got onto the bar table, Ken tore off her panties and began burying his face between her legs. Shannon liked this. Several drunk patrons gathered around to watch.

The men were trying to hide the bulges in their pants. Their wives were not so impressed. They watched Shannon and Ken in disbelief. One by one, the men began to unzip their pants. Shannon looked up as she was having her second orgasm to witness a rather quiet man in the corner stroking his cock. The precum was shining under the lights. Oh this was too good to be true.

Shannon moved Ken’s mouth away from her pussy. It was so moist. Felt like a flower ready to open up. Thanks babe. I think that ends our night.” As Ken left the bar, he turned around. What he saw could not have been real.

Shannon realized that this was going to be the night she had dreamed about! By this time, some of the men had left with their wives. Shannon smiled as she pictured them bending over their wives and imagining it was her! The only girls left in the bar were two sorority sisters. They were too preoccupied with their tongues down each other’s mouths. Shannon looked around. Ten. No fifteen guys. Shannon said “Could you guys help me? I want to get fucked. I want you to see how you how much I like it!” A few of the men declined. “Fucking pussy’s!” Shannon thought. It really did not matter. There were still ten men left in the bar.

As Shannon ordered a round of drinks for the guys in the bar, she laid back on the table. “Is this a dream or what?” Shannon wanted all these men. It didn’t matter to her that they were all different ages. Shannon slipped off her bra. The men slowly came up to her. One by one, they walked pass her and gently kissed her. Pretending she was enjoying this was not her style.

“I want all of you to fuck me! I don’t need foreplay! Fuck me hard in the ass! Shoot a creamy load on my face! In my mouth!” Before she could continue her rant, a young guy celebrating his 21st birthday looked at Shannon as if he wanted to say something. Then, without hesitation, he rammed his enormous cock inside of her. He shot a creamy load within two minutes. As Shannon lay there, getting load after load in her pussy, ass and mouth—she smiled. This is what she needed. What she desired. What she craved.

When Shannon woke up the following morning her head felt fuzzy. She jumped in the shower. Maybe it was all the tequila and weed she had smoked the night before. Shannon started imagining she saw the lonely guy she had spotted at the bar. The same one she had wanted. The man that had precum on his cock. She figured it was just her head playing tricks. As Shannon bent over drying off her clean fresh pussy, she saw the shadow again. It was him! He said “I have to fuck that tight pussy! You have teased me long enough.” Shannon said “I can’t! My boyfriend is in the other room!!”

He would not take no for an answer and ripped off Shannon’s towel. He was getting excited rubbing her clean pussy. Shannon was thinking “I like this!” Before she could finish her thoughts, he grabbed her wet hair and pulled her down onto the floor. He had his face buried deep inside of her pussy. He continued to spread Shannon’s long legs further and further apart. “Fuck. I AM liking this. Maybe too much” she whispered. As Shannon began to moan with his face between her legs licking her swollen pussy—he put the towel over her face.

Shannon couldn’t resist! She was enjoying this as she continued to have multiple orgasms. Suddenly, he turned her over and said “Your my fucking slut and I’m going to punish you for teasing me and being a whore!!” At first, Shannon was thinking that he was taking it too far. In an instant, he pulled Shannon’s ass further in the air. She couldn’t help but notice his big cock. No. She didn’t want to resist. He stuck his cock deep up her ass. Shannon was getting fucked so hard. It took everything for her not to faint. She was lost in her own world. His cock deep inside of her. Shannon was thinking out loud “I have to have you!!”

Shannon did not care when her boyfriend began knocking on the bathroom door. “Are you ok?” She said “Oh yeah baby. I’m doing what I love to do. Getting fucked by this random guy!” The stranger continued to ram Shannon. She asked him to stop. “I want to taste the precum! Put your cock inside of my mouth!” Oh, this was almost too good to be true. The taste of the warm precum in her mouth made her want him more. She screamed “Now I want your cum deep inside of my pussy!” As the mystery man gave her one final ram deep inside of her pussy—he was gone.

Shannon realized this is what she needed. Having random guys fuck her. In her ass. In her pussy. To take care of her urges. Her cravings. This was the life she wanted. No. She wasn’t going to slow down. Her quest had just started.