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After spending two hours looking at porn, clicking through various tabs and lightly stroking her clit from her computer chair, Lola finally decided to text her friend with benefits. Her lips were wet with anticipation and the need to burst. Kyle arrived ten minutes later, walking in the door, his cock visibly raised through his jeans.

He ran over to the chair where she sat, and spread her legs. “I can smell how much you need me, baby,” he said. Her panties in his teeth, his hot breath on her pulsing clit, she couldn’t stand the wait. “Tell me how much you want it, baby. And I’ll give you just what you need.” “I need you to lick my clit until I squirt all over your chin.”

He dove into her cunt, lips moving quickly, tongue flicking delicately. His lips trailed down to her little, tight butthole and it made her tingle. The sensation started in her shoulders, and worked its way down into her stomach and through the walls of her vagina. He didn’t stop moving, licking and slurping up every juice she’d release. She began to shake, overwhelmed by the pleasure. “Fuck! Fuck! oh, fuck please don’t stop..”

He added more pressure, held her thighs down to the bed to keep her from shaking too hard. “I’ve got you, baby. I’ll make you scream into me.” And slowly, her orgasm blossomed and she became a flower of warmth. “And now I’m going to fuck into the mess I made.” Out came his stiff cock.

It was so thick, but not so long that it was frightening. She wanted it to fill her up. As he slid into her, she felt her walls tighten on a thick rod of warmth. He moved back and forth, a tango between his width and her tightness. “God, you’re so fucking thick. It’s hard to think about anything else,” she moaned.

Their lips moved closer to one another, embracing in tiny moments between sweat droplets and shaky legs. “Harder, harder, please.” He picked up her legs, and bent forward to pound into her. “I’m going to cum in this hole now, baby. It’s mine, and I’ll make that known.”

She readied herself for his burst, knowing just how much she’d like it hitting her insides, making them drip out of her as she would start to squirt again. As he finished, his moans resonated a feminine touch, and he fell down onto her tits, which had gone almost untouched by the end. Biting, because he knew that was how she liked it. She could feel the sting of bruises growing on her neck from all of his bites. She loved it when he bit into her skin. It was such a strong sensation, that transformed into a clit-throbbing mechanic, meant to prime her like a cumming machine. As he kissed her stomach, and enjoyed her after-sex scent, he asked, “Do you want to do it again?”