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My story starts out up in the mountains. I am with my strong lover who brought along his camera to capture some of my intense natural beauty on film. When we reach the end of the mountain road, he opens the car door for me and I climb out wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of jean shorts and a thin tank- top without a bra underneath. We both descend into the trees, his eyes on my my bottom the whole time. We take a few shots in my sexy outfit. Then I see the look in his eyes. He wants me naked, he wants me now.

His looks arouse me and I start to strip as he keeps the camera rolling for a few topless shots. After that, he makes his way over to me and kisses my neck softly making my nipples erect. He then takes off my shorts gently with ease and kneels down to where his lips are level with my soft shaven pussy. He takes a first lick as my legs shake a little. Oooh, I cry out up in the mountains, so serene, feeling euphoric, feeling my cum start to leak out onto his tongue. He takes me over to a nearby sturdy tree. His chest on my back, he places my palms on the tree as I bend over willingly ready for what is in store for me next. Oooooh Baby I yell out as he slides it in nice and slow. Ohh my pussy, take it baby! Take it!

I start to stimulate my clit with my index finger. Forcing me to shake and tremble,his large thick cock slides in and out, over and over again. I scream : ” harder, faster!’ “Ohh yess, just like that!”

Then I grip the bark on the tree as he shoves faster and faster. I ask for permission. “May I cum baby?” Yes, he replies as I let out a loud moan and squeal. Feeling my hot mess drip out as he keeps plunging in and out until he cums deep inside of me only moments after my wonderous orgasm. Mmmm I say As he pulls it, out our cum mixed dripping on to the ground. He grabs me and kisses me intensely as he grabs on my cold bare ass. We head on further up the mountain for our next adventure.

I look at him as he looks at me with his hazel eyes. I start to cream again thinking about him shooting his thick load so deeply inside of me. I want more of him, I crave his long thick cock. I am his naughty little girl, and when he is inside of me I feel so incredible. The feelings he brings out of me are powerful. I seek more attention so I skip over to the river. I splash some of the freezing cold water on to my small perky breasts, inviting him over to play with me. He is erect. I can see it through his pants.

I kneel down and unbutton him. Opening my mouth wide, I tickle the tip of his cock nicely. I spit onto it and start to deepthroat. He is so long I can feel him gagging me. I love it. I can feel his nice big dick twitch inside of my mouth from excitement, which then leads my hands to his balls massaging them. Next he lifts me up onto his cock as I moan from the stretch and fast penetration. He goes hard and rough, just like I like it, until finally I feel both of our legs shaking out of control and he starts to cum again inside of me until I cum to all over him, both of us catching our breath. We smile at each other and I give him a very soft sexy kiss.

What a wonderful day, I love being an outdoorsy girl mmm..