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It’s raining right now, like liquid relaxation to the earth and my mind. Spring time is here and it is just the beginning. Everyone will be coming out of their houses again to enjoy the weather. The animals come out from hiding, every little critter starts breaking out into the world like, “Hey I’m here!” People start gathering together more because hormones are high. Skirts get a little short, shorts come out, there’s cleavage galore. The best part is it’s almost swim suit weather. Read to give the world a sneak peak of what I look like naked.

I come out of hibernation full speed into summer by putting on less and less clothes, and my eyes open a little bit more to the opposite sex. Winter makes me feel like I bundle up from the joys of my body. I get to show myself off and attract a male little a flower attracts a buzzing bee. Lucky for me flowers always attract more than one bee. Who’s going to pollinate me first? ;]

I can’t wait to jump into the pool and come up to the surface completely soaking wet. Watch the beads of water cascade down my body, and see how many on lookers I catch. The best part of it all is when I get pretty little flowers to stare at. I love watching big breasts bounce up and down out of the water like they are flotation devices, watching their own little beads of water fall into the cleavage of a hot little half-dressed lady. Call it a guilty pleasure, I call it a great eye experience. If they would catch me I have no problem letting them know how much they have brightened up my mood.

I can’t forget the flowers who want to be another color laying out next the pool while the sun beams on their long stems leading up to their cute little plump butts. I think tans always look great on a nice pair of bums. The curve of a lady laying down facing the other way gets me every time. Spring is when beauty unveils itself.

Can never forget the bees. I mean the males. That is where all of the testosterone is. I get to watch men to “man shit” as I refer to it often. Men having their shirts off sweating in the hot sun, fixing a car, mowing the lawn, even taking the trash out is enough to make me drip. Each muscle is being flexed while they go about their days. I wouldn’t bet half the men I’ve noticed doing outdoor activities have thought anything of it. They are just as sexy and mind absorbing as a female. They are actually outside now, not hiding away inside.

Just remember when the clothes fall off and everyone comes out of hiding that it is nature’s way of saying, “Sorry about winter, here’s all the beautiful eye candy that has been hiding.” Remember that next time you see a butterfly, a colorful flower, a bird, a man fixing a vehicle, and a lady tanning her cheeks.