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It was too cold to swim, but it was hot and sunny enough to tan. That was her excuse, anyway, for laying on the pool patio, martini glass in hand. She wasn’t staring at the poolboy, not really. Glancing at him as he paraded around the pool wasn’t staring, was it? Once in a while, he would even make eye contact, even hold her gaze. Was that staring? She didn’t know.

She did know her husband wouldn’t like it. He trusted her, he loved her. He’d bought her this beautiful house, with the beautiful yard, the beautiful pool. And the beautiful poolboy. No, Mr. Husband wouldn’t like it at all.

“Miss?” The poolboy looked up from his work, a puzzled expression on his face.

She looked at him through her sunglasses, surprised he was speaking at all. “What’s that, Manuel?”

“Y-You keep looking over here, miss.” His voice shook a little as he spoke, licked his lips, shifted his weight back and forth. “Is there something you need?”

So she had been staring at him. And he’d noticed. She wanted to kick herself, to deny it. She didn’t want to admit it to herself. So she just opened her mouth and said, in sort of a regal way, “Could you get me another drink?”

Manuel nodded in the affirmative and sauntered away, his toned body seeming to ripple like ocean waves as he moved. It was only a minute before he returned, fresh martini glass in hand. “For you, miss,” He said, simply, and turned to return to work.

But she couldn’t let him go. She grabbed his hand, held it tightly within hers. “Talk to me for a second,” she said, trying not to sound demanding. “Please, just for a second” she added.

He looked perplexed, but didn’t move away. His expression didn’t change when she guided his hand to her breast and released it. Then, he understood, but the surprised face never left him.

She leaned up, as he leaned down, and their lips met. He kissed her deeply and she kissed him back. He pulled her toward him and she leaned in. He grasped at the straps of her bikini and she offered no resistance. Mr. Husband would’ve been very displeased, indeed.

The clothes seemed to come off, seemed to drop to the ground, all by themselves. He layed her back down on the patio chair and mounted her, sliding into her. She threw her head back and enjoyed him, a small gasp escaping her lips.

“Get to work, poolboy,” She quipped, smiling up at him, her breath growing quick.

He smiled back, increasing his pace, placing his hands gently on her hips as he thrust into her. “I’m working as hard as I can.” He winked, that breathtaking wink, and pounded away.

She was just starting to get to that point, that beautiful point right before being sent over the edge of bliss. She closed her eyes and focused, imagined climbing a mountain, desperate to see what was on the other side. But then she noticed Manuel’s expression change, the surprised look returning to his brows.

“Did you hear that?” He gasped, seeming to launch out of her and onto the ground. Terrified, he reached for his swim trunks and dove into them.

She did hear it. Footsteps. Then, her husband’s voice. “Babe?” He was saying, footsteps growing louder. But he couldn’t see her as she lay on the poolchair, facing away from the house. “Where are you, babe?”

Manuel stood tall, now fully dressed, and looked at his boss. “She must have stepped out,” He said quietly, returning to his work around the pool.

“Oh. I’ll call her then,” Mr. Husband said simply, regressing into the house.

So she had a split second to pull on her bikini before her cell phone started to ring. And, when it did, Poolboy flashed her a knowing smile.